Expert Air Conditioner Installation & Repair | Mansfield, TX

Expert Air Conditioner Installation & Repair | Mansfield, TX

Air conditioners are an important part of daily life in Mansfield, TX. Particularly, when the temperatures begin to skyrocket and humidity levels make you sweat. The best time to schedule a professional air conditioner installation is before summer rolls around. Minuteman Heating & Air have certified specialists who understand how to precisely repair and install any make of air conditioning unit.

The friendly Minuteman Heating & Air team provides seasoned advice to help you choose the best unit for your home or business. Our team members are passionate about helping everyone achieve optimal environmental comfort. That is why they are so eager to discuss the EnergyStar program.

The United States government instituted the EnergyStar program to help consumers identify the appliances that offer the best value and benefit for the planet. This rating system helps you budget for the cost of running any new appliance. For example, before you buy a new unit and have a professional air conditioner installation, you can explore what it will cost to run the AC.

Routine Maintenance

Air conditioners are more delicate than you think. An air conditioner uses the warm air from inside your home or business to keep the evaporator coils from freezing over. If the coils repeatedly develop a layer of frost then they can damage the compressor.

There are only so many times you can de-ice the evaporator coils before they stop working completely. It is a good idea to call Minuteman Heating & Air as soon as you notice any frost on your air conditioner because it will take a minimum of 24 hours to defrost them.

A professional air conditioner installation should be followed up by regular, annual service. Responsible ownership can extend the working life of your air conditioner to function for about 15 years.

  • Step 1-During routine maintenance, our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect all components of your AC unit. A visual and physical examination allows Minuteman Heating & Air employees to spot problems before they become costly to repair.
  • Step 2- is to clean or replace your air filters. This task can be tackled by just about anyone but it is easy to forget. Many times people forget about the importance of clean air filters and debris collected on the AC causes it to lose functionality.
  • Step 3- Refuel the refrigerant to the precise level required for your air conditioner.
  • Step 4- Clean the air vents using a portable or truck-mounted negative air machine to suck out the dirt and grime from the air ducts in your home or office. As mentioned previously, layers of dirt dampen the effectiveness of any air conditioner, no matter how well conducted the air conditioner installation.
  • Step 5- Recalibrate the thermostat. For homes with a zoning air conditioner, Minuteman Heating & Air technicians will properly adjust the central control panel. Other units will require careful calibration of the thermostat.

Minuteman Heating & Air takes the hassle out of air conditioner installation, repair, and routine maintenance. We won’t try to sell you services you do not need. It goes strictly against our company’s values. The connection we have with the community is a bond we highly value and we strive to ensure every job is expertly completed at an affordable price.

Do You Need A New Air Conditioner?

Buying a big appliance like an air conditioner can be an overwhelming process. The EnergyStar program and our helpful team members can help you choose the right unit for you and your family’s needs.

The unit and air conditioner installation can be a sizable investment. However, if your AC is getting long in the tooth or runs using the refrigerant Freon, then buying a new unit and hiring Minuteman Heating & Air to complete the air conditioner installation can actually save you money by reducing the amount of energy you consume and changing your coolant to something that is actually produced in the United States.

No air conditioner is going to work forever. On average most units are effective for a decade. Routine, professional maintenance from Minuteman Heating & Air can extend its life. Unfortunately, if your old air conditioner uses Freon to cool your home or office then it can be difficult and expensive to refuel. Freon has stopped being manufactured in the USA due to the high number of CFCs contained in the refrigerant. CFCs damage the Ozone layer causing environmental problems.

Customer Feedback

“Moving to Mansfield for my new job was a stressful experience. It did not help that the central air system was busted. I’ve never been as hot as I was that night I moved in. I’d spent the majority of the day driving with the car’s AC on full blast. After I arrived and started to unload boxes into my new home I tried to turn on the air conditioning without any luck. The next day I called a few repair companies and finally happened upon Minuteman Heating & Air who were running a special offer for new customers. Plus, they provided a free consultation. On the first visit, the friendly technician defrosted the evaporator coils and cleaned the ductwork. The air conditioner turned on and stayed on for about three hours. When I rang Minuteman back they immediately sent out another technician who identified that there was an issue with the condenser, it was irrevocably broken. I needed an air conditioner installation and a new unit to install! The technician helped me choose a new model that would quickly arrive. Less than 5 working days later my new home was blissfully cool and it did not cost a fraction of what I anticipated. Good work, Minuteman Heating & Air!”

Aaron Johnston, Mansfield, TX

“Okay, I admit I thought a few Youtube videos would be enough to teach me how to conduct an air conditioner installation for my daughter’s home. It wasn’t. No matter how carefully I followed the instructions there was still a problem. After trying to complete the new installation for 12 hours, I gave up and called Minuteman Heating & Air who have done a great job caring for my furnace. The Minuteman representative who installed the new unit took less than a couple of hours to fix my mistakes and when he gave me the bill I was honestly surprised by how inexpensive it was. If you have a new HVAC appliance don’t try to install it yourself, call Minuteman Heating & Air right away!”

Betsy Alan, Mansfield, TX

For expert air conditioner installation and all other AC services, call Minuteman Heating & Air today!

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