Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Unit For Your Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Unit For Your Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

Because of the many air conditioning unit options available in the market, choosing the right one isn’t a walk in the park. Today, you can choose portable, smart, geothermal, mini-split, ductless, and central air conditioning systems. Additionally, many other factors determine whether you should choose an air conditioner, such as the size and energy efficiency. Hence, it is advised that you consult an air conditioner installation technician whenever you are choosing an air conditioner.

Without the help of an AC installation professional in Mansfield, TX, you might choose an inefficient air conditioning unit. You might choose a brand that doesn’t produce quality air or even the wrongly-sized air conditioner. In this article, you will learn about the factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult your AC installation professional.


Before purchasing an air conditioning unit or electrical appliance, for that matter, you must factor in the maintenance costs and maintenance. Ask the air conditioner installation how often they’ll have to come for a tune-up, replacing the air filters, or duct cleaning. This information is critical as it helps a homeowner decide on and create an affordable maintenance plan that ensures regular servicing within their budget resources and prevents sudden breakdowns that are avoidable.

This potentially will prolong the service life of the air conditioner. Remember, poor installation will increase the frequency of repairs and maintenance. At worse, you might have to enlist the help of an AC repair technician for a re-installation service. Hence, you must choose an experienced, licensed, and qualified technician to install the air conditioner rather than hire the cheap services of a DIY enthusiast or quack.

Cooling Efficiency

Whenever choosing an air conditioner, you also should consider its cooling speed. The AC’s thermostat collaborates with the unit’s condenser to sufficiently cool your home. The HVAC technician might suggest installing an air conditioner with a programmable or SMART thermostat for higher cooling efficiency and speed.

Additionally, the condenser should be in great condition to respond to various commands issued by the programmable thermostat in achieving and setting low temperatures for maximum comfort. Rather than choose the unit alone and choose wrongly, enlist the help of an air conditioner installation technician. Since they have experience working with ACs, the technician will help you choose a perfect unit with higher cooling efficiency.


The other thing to consider before purchasing an AC is the cost. Though this isn’t a primary determinant, you want to ensure that you purchase a unit that fits your budget. Cost depends on quality, brand, features, size, and the incorporated technology. Your air conditioner installation technician should also inform you of the installation charges so that you can calculate the total costs before purchasing the unit. You don’t want to purchase a unit and be left without an installation budget.

The Cooling Capacity of the Unit

The tonnage of an air conditioner is the first thing you should consider whenever you shop for one. An air conditioner with the right cooling capacity ensures that your indoor space is adequately cooled. The AC installation technician will look at the unit’s BTUs per hour before advising you to purchase one. Several specs determine the air conditioner’s tonnage, such as;

  • The windows: The professional will inspect your windows for holes where air might leak out or create drafts into your house, resulting in higher energy bills.


  • Age of your Home: Older Mansfield, TX homes need an air conditioner with a higher tonnage, while the newer ones will work with one with a lower cooling capacity.


  • The size of the area being cooled: Another vital aspect that the AC installation technician will consider when determining the size of the air conditioner needed is the total area to be cooled.

Multipurpose and Flexibility

When choosing an air conditioner, choose one that is flexible and has other additional features. Your air conditioner installation professional might advise you to consider one with features such as auto-restart, Wi-Fi availability, smart sensors, and a companion smartphone application for more accessibility and convenience. You can enjoy turning on the air conditioner and setting the desired temperatures remotely.

Energy Efficiency

One of the critical aspects to consider when purchasing an air conditioner or any other electricity-powered appliance is energy efficiency. Any air conditioner installation professional recommends choosing an Energy Star Certified unit. These units have higher SEER and EER ratings than the traditional ones. The SEER rating is a unit used for measuring the energy used at your Mansfield, TX home in an entire season. Units with a higher SEER rating are more energy-efficient.


The brand is another factor to remember when purchasing an air conditioning system. This is one of the main reasons to seek advice from an AC installation technician. Since they interact with various brands in their day-to-day work, the technicians are well versed in the pros and cons of most AC brands. They also receive numerous complaints from their clients.

Purchasing an air conditioner from prominent brands such as York, Trane, Rheem, American Standard, or Carrier is critical in purchasing a great air conditioner. Consider factors such as efficiency ratings, energy efficiency, warranty conditions and duration, and the quality of insulation. However, it might sound a cliché to be told that customer service matters; it does. Hence, you must choose an AC installation professional that is friendly, courteous, and respectful.


The other thing to consider before paying for an air conditioner is its condenser. The condenser is the unit that determines how long an air conditioner can last. Your air conditioner installation professional can help you analyze the aluminum and copper condenser. Purchasing the right coils and condenser that can fit an air conditioner is the main way to ensure that your appliance is efficiently operating. Aluminum condenser units last longer compared to copper units. However, if you are the kind of homeowner that isn’t keen on maintenance, then you should go with copper condensers.

Professional Air Conditioner Installation

As you can see, purchasing and installing an air conditioner isn’t just about going to a dealer and paying for one. There are several factors to keep in mind, such as the unit’s energy and cooling efficiency. Consult your reliable air conditioner installation professional to ensure you choose the right unit. For AC installation services, call Minuteman Heating & Air at 817-284-2569 today.

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