Finding An AC Repair Company | Mansfield, TX

Finding An AC Repair Company | Mansfield, TX

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Anybody who lives in Mansfield, TX will know how hot and humid it can get during the summer. Temperatures are often above 90 degrees during the day and can reach over 70 degrees during the night. This is not a good time to have your air conditioner unit break down, and for peace of mind, you need to be able to access a reliable AC Repair company quickly.

If you have not looked after your air conditioner properly then increased use during a hot period will increase the chance of a breakdown. If you have a young family, there is a risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion should there be a problem with your air conditioner in Mansfield, TX.

Those with chronic breathing conditions such as asthma are also at risk in the event of a breakdown. Businesses too need to keep their employees safe, and many will have perishable products that need to be kept at low temperatures.

Not all AC repair companies work late at night, at weekends, or over the holidays. Not many will have highly trained technicians that have dealt with all the major makes of an air conditioner. Few will carry most of the spare parts needed for an AC repair. It is no use promising to arrive quickly for an appointment only to discover that they do not have the parts available, and you must wait longer for them to arrive.

Only one company ticks all these boxes and that is Minuteman Heating & Air. If you want a company that offers a professional AC repair service, and is ready for emergencies 24/7, when you want Minuteman Heating and Air.

Air Conditioner Problems to Lookout For

Despite people’s best efforts, air conditioners are very robust pieces of equipment. Yes, they do break down occasionally, but with some regular love and care in the form of an annual service, it happens less often than you might think. Some components will need periodic cleaning and replacing and there are some things you can do to help with the smooth running of your air conditioner.

Change Dirty Air Filters

The warm air from your room is extracted using a fan and then blown over the evaporator coils. The coils need to have a regular supply of warm air blown over them to work efficiently. Without enough warm air the coils could start to freeze, and you will notice frost and ice starting to form on the coils.

Dirty air filters are often a cause of this problem by restricting the airflow over the coils and need to be replaced periodically. Replacing the air filter has another benefit by allowing less dirt and pollen into your home so improving air quality. Using the unit while the evaporator coils are frozen is going to cause damage needing an AC repair.

Clean the Condenser and Cooling Fins

The condenser is vital to the air conditioner process, together with the cooling fins it radiates the heat extracted from your home to the outside air. The condenser and fins also need a flow of air over them to work properly.

As the condenser and cooling are located outside, they will be covered with dirt and grime. This will act as an insulating layer so reducing the rate at which heat is transferred to the outside air. Moss and weeds can also grow, and these too will need to be removed as they obstruct airflow.

Check if the AC Drain Line Is Blocked

An often-overlooked point of failure is the AC drain line. Excess moisture is collected in a pan inside the air conditioner. This then flows to the outside via the AC drain line. Because of the increased humidity moss and mold can grow inside the drain line and block it.

As the water can no longer escape outside it backs up into your home and the result is puddles forming around your air conditioner. The air conditioner may shut down if the AC drain is blocked. It may be blocked by dirt and leaves and could even freeze on a very cold day. It is worth checking the drain line before you call for an unnecessary AC Repair.

All the suggestions listed above are jobs that you could tackle yourself but are part of a regular service program from Minuteman Heating and Air. Other checks are made during the service such as topping up coolant levels, which are usually beyond the skill set of most people, but there are still warning signs that you can still be on the lookout for.

Frost and Ice Are forming on the Evaporator Coils

We did cover this earlier when dealing with dirty air filters, but another cause can be low coolant levels. Low coolant levels will usually mean a lower cooling effect. Another cause of ice and frost forming is that the fan blowing the warm air over the coil is faulty in some way. The reduced airflow means the evaporator coil is not working efficiently. This causes the other components in the air conditioner to work harder, increasing the risk that they will burn out and need an AC repair. Because the components are working harder, they are using more energy to maintain the cooling levels you set so increasing your energy bills.

Strange Smells Coming from the Air Conditioner

Low coolant levels can mean that there is a leak somewhere and this needs to be found and fixed, and the coolant levels will need topping up. The leaking coolant will have a sweet chloroform smell. Other smells may include moldy smell, which could be from the blocked AC drain line. Burning smells are more serious pointing at problems with the wiring or that some of your air conditioners components are overheating. You need to call Minuteman Heating and Air and book an AC repair.

The Best AC Repair Company in Mansfield, TX.

Many of the problems outlined in this article can be avoided with a regular service from one of Minuteman Heating and Air Is highly skilled technicians. After a service, your AC unit will be running more efficiently and you can have greater peace of mind during those long hot summer months.

Whatever, your AC emergency, please call Minuteman Heating & Air today, we have technicians on standby 24/7.