Four Ways To Prepare For A Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

Four Ways To Prepare For A Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

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Air quality is becoming more of a concern in many TX homes, both in Arlington and further afield. Indoor pollution is a real issue, and a duct cleaning service can not only improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems, but it can go a long way towards improving air quality too! Sufficient preparation will make the task much more manageable for everyone involved. Below, we’ll highlight five essential steps that can help you to prepare for your first duct cleaning.

1. Find Out More About Us

As with any service you’re looking to book that requires a professional’s attention, finding out more about the company serving you is a crucial first step. Minuteman Heating and Air is proud to say that our duct cleaning technicians are all certified specialists. Plus, when we clean your home’s ducts, we’ll be using equipment that’s guaranteed to meet or exceed all health regulations, including NADCA, OSHA, and EPA standards.

We’re upfront about the prices we charge, and we’ve got tons of experience handling not only duct cleaning but all types of heating and AC systems, such as zoned heating and cooling. We’re also upfront about the duct cleaning process that we use, so you know exactly what to expect when we send a Minuteman technician to your door.

First comes the assessment; we’ll take a look at the ducts in your home and the buildup level that’s present before we break out the state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and get on with the task. If we notice any issues, we can also recommend changes to your system to help improve quality further.

Questions to consider asking our technicians when booking a duct cleaning service:

  • What happens during the duct cleaning process?

Sadly, you can’t just reach into a vent and wipe it down to keep your duct system operating efficiently. You’ll need equipment that can go deep into the ductwork to get the best results, which is why you’ll need to use a professional duct cleaning. Usually, once we’ve scoped out the ductwork installed in your home, we’ll connect our HEPA filtered vacuuming equipment to the duct closest to your HVAC system. Using highly pressurized tools, we’ll remove the contaminants in the ducts and your filtration system, taking care of the dust and debris built up over time. If you require, we can also clean out dryer vents using a similar process. In these cases, we’ll use a jet snake to pry loose lint and other debris inside the dryer vent out of your system.

  • How long will it take?

We’ll be as efficient as possible, but the size of your home often plays a big part in how long it will take to complete a duct cleaning service. Four hours is an average length of time for a service of this time, but it will most definitely vary. To get a more accurate timescale, provide us with details surrounding the size and complexity of your system.

  • How noisy is it going to be?

This depends on the equipment used for the job, but knowing the level of noise you can expect will help you prepare for the duct cleaning service. Vacuums and air compressors are moderately noisy, so you may want to plan to have young children and pets susceptible to loud noises away from home and avoid scheduling any home teleconference calls while the service is on-going, just in case!

2. Make Enough Room

Consider removing any clutter in or near the area to be worked on. We’ll need access to your vents, so make sure there’s nothing under the ceiling vent or blocking wall vents when we visit. It will naturally make it easier for us to move around, making us more efficient, and also less likely to accidentally damage any of your property. If you’ve got any items stored near the water tank, furnace, or AC unit, move them at least a few feet away so we’ve got adequate space to work on grilles, fans, registers, and ductwork as needed.

We’ll need space to work uninterrupted, so when possible, plan to keep pets and young children in alternative rooms if they’re staying in the home during the duct cleaning service. We’ll often need to keep doors ajar while cleaning ducts, so putting up gates or closing yourself, your family, and your pets away in separate rooms is often necessary.

3. Plan Ahead

Before you book a service, start to think about where people will go and what you’re going to do during the duct cleaning service. We’re more than happy to let you witness the process and encourage homeowners to give us a walkthrough of the ductwork at the beginning of the service so we can put together a plan of action and methodically work through all of your ductwork’s problem areas. For this, you’ll need to locate all of your vents and ensure we’ve got adequate access. Move furniture as necessary, and make sure no ceiling or wall vents are blocked off. Please give us an estimate of the number of vents we’ll be cleaning before we arrive so we can effectively calculate the cost and timescale. We’ll also need somewhere to park our vehicles, so ensure there will be enough space for us to keep our vehicles with 30 feet of your home’s entrance if possible.

4. Don’t Forget To Explain On The Day!

As previously mentioned, when the technicians arrive, a quick tour to highlight areas to be cleaned is usually necessary. Let us know which areas you want us to focus on, and if you’re not planning to stay at home during the duct cleaning service, we must have contact details for you to let you know when we’re finished with your Arlington, TX home.

You can use the above steps to prepare for a duct cleaning service from Minuteman Heating & Air in Arlington, TX. If you need further assistance before the day arrives, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team. We’ll tell you what to expect on the day and help put you at ease if this is your first duct cleaning service booked with us.