Furnace Repair Questions To Ask A Professional Technician | Mansfield, TX

Furnace Repair Questions To Ask A Professional Technician | Mansfield, TX

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There are many scenarios where a Mansfield, TX homeowner could need a furnace repair service. If you smell burning, have a furnace that’s blowing cold air, or see other performance issues, you’ll likely wonder what’s causing it and how to fix it. Here are some of the common questions you might be asking:

My furnace’s pilot flame is acting oddly. Can I fix it?

A pilot light flame in a gas furnace should be bright blue. Blue is the standard, expected color. Yellow flames indicate an issue with the correct venting of gases or incorrect temperature, and flickering flames mean the gas used to heat your furnace isn’t burning completely. In furnaces, there’s a thermocouple component located near the pilot light. It’s a safety device used to shut off the gas when there’s an issue. If the pilot light is struggling to stay lit, the thermocouple’s sensor could be blocked or faulty. If your pilot light is faint, it’s possible to adjust the strength of the flame. Due to the exposure of potentially hazardous gases, as well as excess heat, it’s recommended that any issues with your pilot light are fully investigated by a professional furnace repair technician with the correct safety equipment.

The air inside my home is dry. Is this caused by the furnace?

Depending on the type of furnace you have in your home, a furnace could cause drier air during the winter. Usually, if the air inside your home is too dry, it’s because too much of the dry winter air is making its way inside. Over-ventilation and leaky ducts can cause this, and so can your furnace. If your furnace is a sealed combustion unit, it is designed to bring in the colder, less humid air from outside. In these cases, when your furnace is on, it will cause the air to get drier. While not always a concern, if you’re using a furnace that is too small for your home, and it’s being overworked to compensate and causing dry air as a result, you may wish to opt for a service. You could either choose a furnace replacement service or wish to book repair services more frequently to cope with the wear and tear of excessive use.

My heating bills are high. How can I lower the cost of heating?

As your furnace ages, more system issues are likely to occur. Efficiency declines naturally and will decrease more rapidly without maintenance. You might not even notice the drop in efficiency at first. That is until the bill comes in! If you notice extraordinarily high heating bills, booking a furnace repair service can locate and fix minor issues that could be causing your heating bills to skyrocket.

Is the noise from my furnace normal?

Furnaces aren’t the quietest of household appliances, but some noises you should be more wary of than others. Normal sounds you might hear are:

  • Rattling as the system cools.
  • Crackling as metal parts cool.
  • Humming when the burner ignites.
  • Pinging as ducts expand and contract.
  • Chirping while the furnace is in operation.

There are sounds to be more wary of, including any screeching, whining, or repetitive clunking sounds. These sounds can indicate major issues, such as faulty motors and cracked fan belts, which require a technician to fix.

Why is there a burning smell? How do I fix it?

A burning smell is an indicator that components of your furnace are overheating. Repeated overheating can cause cracks in the heat exchanger. A broken heat exchanger will not only stop your furnace from functioning as expected, but it can lead to carbon monoxide leaks, soot build-up, water leaks, and other alarming side effects. Sometimes, a clogged air filter can be the culprit of a burning smell, and cleaning or replacing the filter during a furnace repair service may help.

Is my furnace outdated? Could I do with a replacement?

Age is one of the crucial factors determining whether your furnace is outdated and may benefit from replacement. Typically, furnaces may last up to 20 years. More commonly, improvements in efficiency and furnace technology mean that a furnace can be considered outdated even after a decade. Whether it’s time to replace your furnace will often depend on the condition that it’s been kept in over the years.

Questions to Ask During a Furnace Repair Service

Furnace repair is a common service that causes homeowners and business owners in Mansfield, TX, a significant amount of anxiety. The need for repairs can be especially concerning if the service is required during a critical time, such as winter. The cost of a furnace repair service is one factor that often causes people discomfort, and it’s something that should be discussed. Getting an up-front, honest quotation for the work before any repairs commence is an excellent idea. Be sure to ask what the service will cost so that you can budget appropriately. Typically, a professional technician will provide the most accurate quote when on-site after a furnace inspection. If you’re unsure whether your furnace requires an immediate repair, ask a technician how long it can wait before it becomes essential.

It’s a good idea to ask the service provider what the cause of the issue is. If you know what’s gone wrong, you can take measures to avoid a similar repair service in the future. You can avoid some failures that lead to furnace repair through regular preventative maintenance. Discuss with your technician whether frequent maintenance will help. Ask them how frequently they recommend maintenance for your particular furnace and when is the best time to schedule it.

If the issue with your furnace relates to its age, a repair technician may recommend a replacement. If the furnace has reached at least three-quarters of its expected lifespan, it may be worth considering a replacement rather than a repair service. Ask your technician for their advice on when it’s time to replace, and if they can provide an estimate.

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