Furnace Replacement in Arlington | The Signs To Look For

Furnace Replacement in Arlington | The Signs To Look For

It often gets difficult for people to determine whether or not is it time for a furnace replacement, or that a maintenance round would serve it just right for some more time. It is advisable to not fall for the impression that you don’t need one when you have been given clear warning signs. The one already installed may no longer serve its purpose as efficiently, or be in proper order at all for that matter.

What are the signs that say there is a need for furnace replacement?

Often the decision of furnace replacement is based solely on the major factors such as efficiency, heating and the overall costs. However, there are some of the major factors and signs one can just not ignore, which often mean there is a dire need for furnace replacement.

1)   The fuel consumption and cost of it

It is actually the sudden and unexpected rise in the energy bills that must send off alarms in your mind pertaining to the efficiency of your furnace. It is also the time to check if you need furnace replacement or not. If the energy bills spike up suddenly, it could mean that the furnace is wasting energy and for that matter it is better to get its AFUE checked (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). If the rates are below average, it’s sign you need immediate furnace replacement.

2)   Signs of an Old Age

Old age could strike anyone and your furnace is no exception, only that some of them show signs of an early onset as compared to others. If you have been experiencing inefficiency in furnace performance and it is also getting old, it is time to replace it for sure. Proper installation and quality of the furnace plays a vital role in longevity and a good one won’t need frequent repairs. However, a decade old (wear signs start from 15 years onwards mostly) furnace will no more provide the same comfort you have had for years.

3)   The High Repair Costs

The cost incurred on repairs and maintenance can escalate, and if it persists for more than a year, it is time to calculate. The constant need for repairs and costly ones is a sign of a furnace which has lost its adequate strength to support heating systems and that it is time for furnace replacement. For this, it is better to ask for a professional as there might be some issues that can be addressed with maintenance.

4)   A Dry, Dusty House

One of the major signs of a need for replacement is a house which is dry and dusty most of the time. You can easily sense it with the change in atmosphere, the overall dryness, and its effects on indoor plants, walls, etc. This actually means that the furnace isn’t providing adequate moisture and the right temperature. People allergic to dry weather and dust can easily catch on these signs.

5)   Uneven Distribution of Heat

If you have been experiencing an uneven temperature inside your house over a long period of time, it is not your body playing tricks but your furnace. It is time for furnace replacement when your house has uneven temperature. This causes serious health hazards if ignored for a long period of time, thus making it an urgent need to replace the furnace. A constant need to adjust the thermostat is a clear indication that it isn’t working properly and repairs might not do anything of benefit for long.

6)   A Noisy Furnace

Strange noises coming from a furnace are very much a question about your furnace’s efficiency. A furnace making noises such as rattling sounds and sudden squeals or popping sounds, paired with old age is a clear sign it is time for replacement. Along with this, there is a chance of a blower turning on and off requiring you to adjust it all the time.

7)   The Unusual Flame

The flame of a furnace is usually blue in color and if that turns yellow, it could be a sign that the furnace isn’t functioning properly and there is a high chance it doesn’t need a repair but replacement. A yellow and flickering flame of a furnace burner indicates presence of poisonous carbon monoxide created by the furnace itself. It is highly detrimental to the household, hence the need for replacement. This problem could have been caused due to a number of reasons, such as leakage from chimney, rusting on pipes, etc.

What to consider with Furnace Replacement?

Once you have determined it is time for a new furnace, you can go looking for furnace replacement options in Arlington while keeping in mind the essentials of buying a new one and avoiding any pitfalls in the process.

a)   Get as many estimates as you can

It is better to shop around for a new furnace by looking for various options and of course, studying the price range, ideally of the same products. Sticking to one may be taxing on your pocket as furnace isn’t something you shop for every other day, thus it is advisable to look for good deals.

b)   Look for maintenance contracts

Your new furnace might not be in need for as many repair trips as your old one (the reason you had to replace it in the first place) but it is still going to need it. In order to consider a furnace for your house, make sure there is an offer of maintenance contracts so that you get to save on routine maintenance over the course of time.

It is important to look for even the remotest of the warning signs given by the furnace as they might be serious, and potentially dangerous, before getting replacement for the furnace. You can find amazing options when looking for furnace replacement options in Arlington from us. It is important to go for one that is feasible on your pocket and is the best match for your household needs.