Furnace Service

Your home’s Fort Worth furnace assures your comfort during the Texas winters. When your home’s furnace is outdated, inefficient or defective, Minuteman Heating & Air can assist you. Our experienced technicians provide five star furnace service to your existing system and get it running properly, or replace the furnace with a new energy efficient unit that warms your home with a comfort level just right for you.

Minuteman Heating & Air’s certified HVAC technicians provide the expertise to fine tune your furnace to its best potential. Our technicians are experienced with all types of furnaces, and provide the following furnace service including:

Furnace repair for all types of furnaces.
Furnace replacement for aging systems and those that are not repairable.
Furnace maintenance for ensuring peak performance and optimal efficiency.

Furnace Installation for new home builds.

When you need a new Fort Worth furnace, our HVAC technicians begin with a full diagnostic evaluation of the existing system, and your home utilizing the appropriate industry standards in order to properly determine the correct furnace to fit the space and warm your home. Proper sizing of the new unit is important, as a system too large or small creates problems and discomfort. Our technicians will assist you in selecting a system that is appropriate for your home and its unique characteristics, and provide a fast, efficient installation.

Minuteman Heating & Air cares about your safety and privacy. Our professional installation technicians have passed background checks, and are drug and alcohol tested before they are allowed in your home.

Furthermore, our professionals are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in each system, the industry advances and are up-to-date on continuing education classes to ensure they are always on top of today’s technology. You will find our professionals to be equipped with the latest tools and technology for solving and repairing your Fort Worth furnace.

Types of Furnaces

A residential furnace is available in three primary types, natural gas, oil and the electric furnace. Of these, natural gas and electric furnaces are the primary types utilized in Texas.

Natural Gas Furnace

A natural gas furnace, pulls air from the rooms and passes it through a heat exchanger where it is heated above a combustion chamber. The warm air is distributed back to the rooms through the duct system, and vents exhaust outside of the home.

Electric Furnace

The electric furnace utilizes coils to warm air that is blown through the system, and distributed to the home through the ducts. Heat pumps also utilize coils to produce heat.

Our Other Heating Services

  • Heat Pumps
  • Zone Systems
  • Heating Repair

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We offer a number of Fort Worth furnace options for your home or business. Contact us today for a free estimate and further information. We offer furnace repair, furnace service, furnace replacement or installation.

Image of air purifier AC repair Fort Worth, TX
Image of air purifier AC repair Fort Worth, TX

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