Furnace Tune-up Checklist | Heating and Air Conditioner Service in Mansfield, TX

Furnace Tune-up Checklist | Heating and Air Conditioner Service in Mansfield, TX

Just like an air conditioner system, a furnace becomes dirty and less efficient over time. This is a common problem with furnaces that are not inspected or repaired on a regular basis. Any furnace that is not maintained routinely may eventually need the assistance of professionals for repair or replacement.

As per the professionals of heating and air conditioner system in Mansfield, TX, routine service of a furnace should never be neglected. You must take up the complete and thorough inspection of the unit at least once a year and especially before the start of the winter season. After vehicles, your HVAC system is the most important and integral component in your household. It is also one of the most expensive components in your house.

Still,many people take care of their vehicles just by providing preventive maintenance and mistake it with the regular maintenance. When you ensure regular inspection, repair, andmaintenance of your furnace, you increase the longevity of it.

Neglecting the furnace maintenance may often become hazardous. It is also not good from a health’s point of view. In fact,in some cases, it may even become deadly. In case you have a gas furnace and you don’t provide it with annual maintenance, it can possibly start leaking carbon monoxide. As we know carbon monoxide is a deadly gas and it can be really harmful toyou as well as your family. However, when you hire the services of a heating and air conditioner service in Mansfield, TX, you can avoid the problem as they inspect the unit thoroughly. They find out and fix any such severe issues.

Furnace Checklist

Here are some of the major components of the furnace that must be maintained as part of the annual inspection.

Air Filter

The filter of the furnace is its most important component that helps in smooth functioning. This component requires your attention more than once in a year along with regular cleaning. As the professionals of heating and air conditioner service in Mansfield, TX suggest, air filters must be cleaned every month and replaced every three monthsunless recommended otherwise by the manufacturer.

With that,it is also important to use the air filter that worksbest with the furnace. Don’t go with any air filter just because it perfectly fits your furnace model. When you install an improper air filter, it puts additional strain on your HVAC system and may end up causing severe damage. This means that you would need the assistance of heating and air conditioner service in Mansfield, TX to fix the issue. The best way to choose only the best filter for your furnace is to go with the recommendations and specifications of the manufacturer.

The Blower

Another important component of your furnace is its blower.  The most common issue with blowers is usually to deal with the cage that housedthe debris accumulation. By ensuring an annual tune-upof your furnace, the accumulation of debris can easily be cleaned even before it gets out of your hand. Otherwise,this may cause severe and potential problems and you would end up calling the assistance of heating and air conditioner service in Mansfield, TX.

On the other hand, when you ensurethe proper cleaning and tuning of the blower, it not only works efficiently but is also quite safe.  When the debris and dirt areremoved, it significantly reduces the operation cost of your furnace and majorly puts off excessive heat accumulation surrounding the motor area.

The Motor

The type of maintenance required for the motor particularly depends on the specifications of the motor installed in your furnace.  For instance, motors that require lubrication must receive oil about once each year and with a particular oil type. This oil is usually specified for the motor type. Even though it requires only a few drops of oil, it assistsand helpsthe motor to work and last for many more years as the professionals of heating and air conditioner service in Mansfield, TX suggest.


Ventilation system installed in your furnace is crucial for the smooth airflow. The ventilation system must be inspected at least once a year and you must hire the professionals of heating and air conditioner service in Mansfield, TX to check for any indication or signs of leakage or blockage. This includesoutside termination as well as inside connections including the furnace’s internal area.

Combustion Coils and Gases

In case your furnace is gas operated then you must analyze the combustion gases and make sure that they fully meet the furnace’s specifications. As per the heating and air conditioner service in Mansfield, TX you must be very careful in the maintenance of combustion coils and gases. Also, always hire the expertise of professionals to handle the job so that you don’t cause any damage to yourself and your furnace.

Burners and Heat Exchangers

In a gas-powered furnace, the burners and heat exchangers are inspected on an annual basis for signs of corrosion and rust. There could be extensive wear and tear that may result in the release of dangerous and deadly carbon monoxide gases. These gases can instantly spread and leak throughout the house and are very harmful toyour health.  Similarly, burners should also be inspected for continuous and proper ignition, flame sensor and burner flame.

In the Bottom Line

The furnace is one of the integral components of your HVAC system. It comprises many components, just like an air conditioner system, and operates efficiently when all of its components are properly working.

The only best way to keep your furnace well-maintained is to ensure its regular repair and maintenance by hiring only the professionals of the most reputed heating and air conditioner service in Mansfield, TX. To get the most trusted team of professionals, head over to Minuteman Heating and AC. You can contact them by dialing their 24/7 helpline number.