Heat Pump |Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

Heat Pump |Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

A heat pump is an option that can provide your home or business with both heating and air conditioning. It can provide energy efficiency, and cleaner air while maintaining your comfort. As with any mechanical device, the heat pump will require routine heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX to maintain it’s top performance.

While maintenance will help to ensure reliability and performance, eventually age and wear can result in the need for repair. Some common issues that may occur requiring heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX include:

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are a common issue. When refrigerant is low, it can only be due to a leak in the system. Furthermore, topping it off isn’t a solution until the leak is repaired. Ice can form on the coil, and the system can shut down, preventing the compressor from operating. Most systems have a safety feature that will shut down the compressor before damage can occur to it. A refrigerant leak will require your technician to repair the leak and recharge the refrigerant. Our NATE certified technicians can provide the heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX  that you require.

Reversing Valve Failure

The heat pump has a  reversing valve which changes the direction refrigerant flows. It’s this valve that allows a heat pump to change between heating or air conditioning. When the reversing valve fails the system will be stuck in a single mode, either heating or cooling. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC for heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX.   

Failed Compressor  

The compressor pumps the refrigerant through the system and through the process of heat exchange. The compressor will eventually wear out. The potential signs of a failing compressor include unusual noises during operation, and the inability to control the temperature as it once did.

Once age and wear affects the heating and air conditioning system, you may notice it’s no longer able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. This may be especially noticeable during the summer when a worn unit will struggle to reach the set temperature. Humidity may also become a problem, as a weakening unit is unable to extract the humidity from the air as it should. When the compressor fails, you will have the decision of replacing it, or replacing the entire system. Considering the wear of time affects the entire system, most homeowners choose a new installation. Minuteman Heating & AC will provide you with reliable heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX you can trust.

The following guidelines can assist you in the decision:

  • First, consider the age of the heat pump. If the unit is ten years old or older, most experts recommend a new installation. However, if the system in question has received less than recommended heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, and is less than ten years old, replacement is likely to be the wisest option. Biannual maintenance of the heat pump is recommended in the spring and fall. Remember, unlike your separate furnace and central air, a heat pump works year round, and therefore twice as hard.

Some homeowner’s are currently using 20 year old systems with minimal repairs, thanks to routine maintenance.  Your environment and how you use it can also affect its longevity. Factors such as changing the air filter every month also go a long way in extending its life cycle.    

  • Next, consider the cost. If the unit is ten years old or older and the cost is 33% or more of the cost of a new system, consider choosing a new installation. You will gain reliability, greater energy efficiency and improved comfort.
  • Dirty coils are a maintenance issue and not typically a repair. Over time soil will accumulate on the coil eventually affecting its ability to perform its function. When this occurs, contact your HVAC technician to schedule coil cleaning. The coils are one item the air filter protects. The type of filter can affect the effectiveness. Fiberglass blue filters are effective only in removing the largest particles that may harm the coil and other components. Most units can tolerate a pleated filter, while only those designed for it can handle HEPA filters. Your best guide on the recommended air filter for your unit is the manufacturer, owner’s manual or your Minuteman Heating & Air HVAC technician.
  • Eventually, as age and wear take its toll, an increase in repair needs may occur. Homeowners often have the question of when they should draw the line and install a new heat pump. Typically, the experts recommend if your heat pump requires repair twice a year or more, consider replacement. Dependability is a necessity for your home’s heating and cooling, and new unit will provide greater reliability, as well as increased energy efficiency and comfort. Consider investing your money in a new heat pump, rather than an additional repair. If you require heat pump installation, heat pump repair, maintenance or heat pump replacement, call today for answers to your questions, or to schedule a consultation or other heating and air conditioning service in Arlington, TX.

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