Heating and AC in Arlington, TX – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Heating and AC in Arlington, TX – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Heating and AC in Arlington, TX – If you do not do so already, you should consider having your heating and cooling system inspected at least once per year. Not only with this extend the service life of the unit but it will also help you save on costs associated with operating the system, increase performance and it can even ensure your families safety. This is especially important when a home utilizes a gas furnace in order to heat their home.

There are two main reasons for rust forming inside furnaces and those reasons are improper operation and age. How this happens is with the combustion of gas inside the furnace. When gas combusts it will create water vapor and if that water vapor is not exhausted through the flue it will eventually lead to rust on the flue and heat exchanger. When this happens it can place your family in danger to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

With the rust accumulating on the heat exchanger, it will create small cracks and holes that could allow deadly carbon monoxide leaking out into the home. This problem requires immediate attention and repair or replacement from a professional company that specializes in heating and AC in Arlington, TX. The furnace should be shut down and not used until the problem is resolved.

Small cracks and holes that develop in the heat exchanger can create risk to your family. This situation requires immediate repair or replacement. The furnace must be disabled, and cannot be operated until the problem is addressed.

Another issue that can lead to a furnace leaking carbon monoxide is if the air filter is not changed as frequently as it should be. This will lead to dirt and debris building up on the heat exchanger, which will in turn cause it to overhead resulting in damage to heat exchanger and allowing for carbon monoxide to leak into the home. Proper maintenance should be adhered to the system at all times and one of the most important is changing the air filter as specified by the manufacturer.

If you have an attached garage to your home, you should never turn the automobile on while it is parked in the garage and allow it to warm up for example if it is in the middle of winter. The carbon monoxide gases that are leaked from your automobile will inadvertently find its way inside your home seeping through the door leading into your home. Instead, open the garage if you are going to warm up the vehicle or better yet, place the vehicle outside of the garage before you leave it running to warm up in order to prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide gas from leaking into your home.

By taking all of the necessary precautions at home with anything that produces carbon monoxide and by having your furnace attended to yearly by a professional company that handles heating and AC in Arlington, TX, you can rest assured knowing that your home is safer from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious problem that can lead to death and you should always ensure your home is well protected. If you do not already have carbon monoxide detectors in your home, you should have these installed right away for the safety of not only yourself but your loved ones also. Carbon monoxide is not easily detectable as it is odorless and cannot readily be seen.

If you are in need of service for your heating and AC in Arlington, TX then give Minuteman Heating and Air a call and we will be more than happy to assist you with your furnace repair needs, or if you like, installation for carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Our certified and professional HVAC technicians will be able to provide you with a professional inspection and service your heating and AC in Arlington, TX to ensure that it is operating as it should be.

Carbon monoxide poisoning claims the lives of over 430 Americans each year. Do not become a statistic. Ensure that your home has operational carbon monoxide detectors and that you have your furnace inspected annually by a company that specializes in heating and AC in Arlington, TX such as Minuteman Heating and Air.

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