Heating and AC in Arlington, TX – Smart Climate Control

Heating and AC in Arlington, TX – Smart Climate Control

Heating and AC in Arlington, TX – Most work across the nation is done indoors. Within offices and other types of commercial building spaces, the bulk of the country’s economy takes place in these indoor environments. Whether it is in offices, restaurants, big box retail, warehouses, manufacturing or even industrial plants. Recent studies have shown that most people spend around ninety percent of their time in the indoors.  With that figure in mind, most people’s exposure to indoor air particulates can pose a much greater risk to ones’ health than what is typically experienced with outdoor air pollution. Dealing with inadequate indoor air quality hits everyone across the nation, even here in the Arlington, TX area.

Believe it or not the temperature, humidity, air quality, noise and levels of natural and artificial light are factors that are not taken lightly when it comes to the wellbeing, comfort and productivity of employees.  Spun from the advancements in helping curb the trends in carbon and greenhouse gas emissions is new generations of technology, specifically smart climate control.  This technology promises increasing the wellbeing, comfort and overall health of people indoors.

Trending and all over the news today all across the United States is topics on healthcare and more importantly the spending on healthcare.  In 2007, the total healthcare costs amounted to just over $2.4 trillion USD.  Year after year, healthcare costs continue rise.  2016 estimates put the total cost of healthcare at $3.207 trillion USD. A staggering 33% increase in costs since 2007.

Premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance were $5,791 in 1999, $13,375 in 2009, and $18,142 in 2016.  That is over a 300% increase since 1999.  The upward trends seem to be unabated and we could very well see them continue to rise in the immediate future.

Hopefully things will change but we must be ready for the fact they may not and the costs may continue to rise even further. It is no surprise that corporations across the United States are taking notice and implementing their own versions of wellness programs to try and curb the problems facing America.

Over the past few years, innovative measures have been highlighted that can help shape an employee’s health and wellness while in the workplace. One of which being indoor environmental quality or IEQ for short.  There are four factors that define IEQ within the workplace or any other indoor environment for that matter; and they are:

  • Acoustic Comfort
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Visual Comfort

Over the years many scientific studies have concluded that the indoor air quality within residential, commercial and industrial buildings can actually be worse than the air quality found outdoors, even in some of the largest and most industrialized cities across the United States.  The EPA has classified three broad categories that affect the health and wellbeing of employees and they are as follows:

Biological Contaminants – Excessive amounts of bacteria, molds, mites, dander, pollen and even viruses may result from lack of maintenance, cleaning, spillage, condensation, ventilation and even improper humidity control. All of these problems can trigger symptoms in individuals susceptible to these allergens and plays a critical role in triggering asthma attacks for an estimated 15 million or more Americans.

Chemical Pollutants – These types of pollutants can include emissions from items used in the building, such as, equipment, furniture, cleaning materials, chemical spills, and gases like carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide.

Particles – Particles such as dust, dirt, pollen, and other tiny particulates that you cannot see that can likely be harmful to a person’s health. Inadequate indoor air quality equipment and filters within the facilities could led these particulates spread across the workplace whether they are being generated from indoors from activities such as sanding, printing, copying,  or even smoking to being brought in from the outdoors.

Smart HVAC – Climate Control Technology

Heating and AC in Arlington, TX plays a crucial role in cleaning up the workplace indoor environment quality. In larger buildings, heating and AC in Arlington, TX should be designed to not only heat and cool the indoor air, but also to bring in outdoor air and circulate it throughout the premises. If an HVAC system is poorly designed, operated or even maintained then a whole slew of problems can arise that can contribute to the degradation of indoor air problems.

If you suspect that your businesses’ heating and AC in Arlington, TX is suffering from lack of maintenance, or is poorly designed and you look like help in assessing your buildings HVAC system then do not hesitate to give Minuteman Heating and Air a call today.  We will promptly send out one of our highly experienced and professional HVAC technicians to the site to further assess and evaluate the building and see if there are methods we can take to improve the indoor air quality for your business.

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