Heating and AC Repair: 3 Heating Upgrades for a More Comfortable and Productive Home Office Environment | Arlington, TX

Heating and AC Repair: 3 Heating Upgrades for a More Comfortable and Productive Home Office Environment | Arlington, TX

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With COVID-19, many Americans have been forced to work from home in order to contain the viral spread. Many of these Americans have started to adapt to this change, and as many as 24% of those who currently work from home would actually prefer continuing to work from home or spending more time working from home even once quarantine has been lifted. If you’ve been working from home or if you’re someone who plans on continuing to work from home, you’ll notice how important it is to have a good home office environment.

The temperature of your home office can make a huge difference to your productivity and to your mood. It can have a profound impact on how you feel. This is why it’s important to get heating and AC repair and maintenance services whenever it’s necessary. It’s also a good idea to get heating and AC repair and maintenance services now while some of your problems may still be in their infantile stages.

There are many things that you can do; however, not everything needs to revolve around repairs. Some of these things are mere upgrades. Here are 3 heating upgrades that you can make to create a more comfortable home office environment.

#1. Install a Filter to Improve the Air Quality

Here’s a fun fact that many homeowners don’t know: indoor air quality is often anywhere from 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air quality. Shocking, isn’t it?! Indoor air often has a lot of pollen, dust and mites in it. These pollutants circulate throughout the entire home, which is why some people often find that their allergies don’t get better even when they are indoors.

If you want to improve the quality of the air inside your home, install a high-quality filter in the duct. Our heating and AC repair services in Arlington, TX will walk you through the different filters that are available, and the ones that are able to best remove dirt, dust and other pollutants that are commonly found in the home environment. With our heating and AC repair and maintenance services, you’ll also learn more about when you should replace the filters. If your heating system or AC system isn’t running efficiently, there’s a chance that the filters are the problem.

To avoid having to get the filters replaced regularly, clean the ducts and vents as often as possible. Incorporate vacuuming or wiping the vents with a damp cloth to your regular home cleaning routine. Your wallet will thank you!

#2. Insulate the Ducts and Vents

It’s difficult to concentrate on your task at hand if you are in a loud environment. If your heating or AC system is currently making a lot of noise, you might think that something is broken and that you need to call a heating and AC repair service. The truth of the matter is that nothing may be wrong. To get rid of the nuisance, all you need to do is insulate the ducts and the vents. This will not only reduce the noise of your heating and AC system, but it will also help make both of these systems a lot more efficient. You’ll save a lot of money on your energy bills.

If your HVAC system is still really loud even though you’ve had insulation installed, it may be because there are worn or loose parts. Once again, our heating and AC repair services can get that fixed for you!

#3. Install a SMART Thermostat

Last but not least, consider installing a SMART thermostat or any type of programmable thermostat! We highly recommend installing a SMART thermostat because it’ll basically pay for itself at the end of the day. We’ve found that a SMART thermostat, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, will on average save homeowners anywhere from $131 to $145 a year! Most of these thermostats will teach you about the needs of your home. They’ll also notify you if there’s something wrong or out of the ordinary, so you know to call for heating and AC repair services right away. This prevents a small problem from turning into a big one.

A programmable thermostat will also ensure that only the places in your home that are used the most are heated. This way, you can save as much money as possible. After all, there’s no reason that the guest room is heated as well if no one is staying there. A programmable thermostat will also allow you to control and regulate the temperature of your home remotely. If you’ll be home in 5 minutes, you can turn on the heating system remotely, so that the inside of your home feels nice and warm from the moment that you step foot inside. You’ll enjoy staying at home a lot more! A SMART thermostat will also ensure that you need fewer heating and AC repair services down the road.

Give Minuteman Heating and Repair a Call for More Information

There are so many different upgrades that you can do to your home HVAC system, especially if you are considering working from home. If you’re interested in any of these upgrades, have one of our experts in Arlington, TX take a look at your home when you call them in for heating and AC repair or maintenance services. They’ll be able to point out where your HVAC system may be lacking and what you can do to improve your system for a more comfortable home office environment.

In some cases, it might be a better idea to upgrade your unit instead of the features. Our experts can also give you a hand here. They can examine the blueprint of your HVAC system to help you figure out what other system or model may be most compatible with your wallet, needs and home.


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