Heating and AC Repair: 3 Tips for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient | Mansfield, TX

Heating and AC Repair: 3 Tips for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient | Mansfield, TX

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Is your home energy efficient? Are you making the most out of the energy usage of your home to power your heating and AC system?

Before we begin, you’ll need one of our experts to evaluate the efficiency of your HVAC system. A good time to get this done is when you’re also getting some type of heating and AC repair service from us. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

If you already have an appointment for repair with us, just let us know during the appointment or give us a call to let us know that you’d also like us to evaluate the overall energy efficiency of your home. Our experts would be more than happy to help guide you towards a more energy efficient path!

Upgrade to Energy Star Certified HVAC Products

If you’d like to make your home more energy efficient, one of the first things that you must do is have the right type of tools. In this case, you should highly consider switching to Energy Star Certified HVAC products. The Department of Energy’s Energy Star program will certify HVAC products that are energy efficient. Our experts will help you comb through all of the products to figure out which ones may be most compatible with your home’s HVAC system.

There are many different options to choose from. At times, this may mean that you’ll need to switch from one type of system to another. Depending on the type of existing system that you have, our experts in Mansfield, TX can help you determine whether you can make an easy switch without having to replace other parts. For example, according to the Energy Star Program, one of the most energy efficient systems is air-to-water heating pumps. These pumps are able to reduce a household’s energy expenses by up to 47%. Our experts will see whether these pumps are compatible with your existing HVAC system.

The Energy Star Program looks at many other systems as well. For example, they may certify and recommend certain furnaces that can improve overall energy efficiency within the household by approximately 10%. If you already have some of the most energy efficient systems out there, then we recommend that you get regular heating and AC repair services to ensure that your systems are working at optimal levels.

Split Your Home Into Different Heating and Cooling Zones

If you like your home to be warmer in the living area, you don’t always have to heat up your entire home in order to achieve the results that you want. Newer technology makes it a lot easier for homeowners to heat or cool only some parts of their home. This makes their home a lot more energy efficient. It also ensures that homeowners require less heating and AC repair services over the years, as they aren’t using the entire system at all times. They’re only using what they need.

There are many different ways to split your home into different heating and cooling zones. One of our recommendations would be to get a smart thermostat that can turn on and off based on sensors in various rooms. If not, we can also help you install some type of zoned heating and cooling system that will allow you to program the heating and cooling options for various rooms. This will allow you to save some money on energy. You’ll get the results that you want without having to spend as much money or as much energy.

Schedule Regular Heating and AC Repair and Maintenance Services

Many people overlook the importance of regular heating and AC repair and maintenance services. Many homeowners are hesitant to call in the professionals unless it’s absolutely necessary and unless they can no longer get by with how their heating and AC unit are functioning.

In most situations, this is too late. By then, the heating and AC repair that’s needed will be rather costly. And, at times, you might need to replace so many parts that it might not be worth it to repair the units anymore. You’ll save your household a lot of money and also make it a lot more energy efficient if you schedule regular repair and maintenance services. This can include anything from regularly cleaning your heating and AC units or switching out the filters.

Make sure that you know what some of the telltale signs of units that need repairs may be. For example, if your AC unit is leaking water or making an odd sound, it’s time to call in the professionals. These signs may indicate that your units are not only working at inefficient levels, but that there is some damage that will worsen with time.

Minuteman Heating and Air Can Provide You with a Personalized Consultation

If you don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge in this area, it can be difficult to understand the type of heating and AC services that you need. If you’ve found that you need heating and AC repair, now is a good time to ask us at Minuteman Heating and Air for a consultation as well. Not only will we perform the heating and AC repair services that you need but we will also take a good look at your entire heating and air conditioning system to see which areas can be improved. Our experts can help you make your home as energy efficient as possible.

In addition to Mansfield, TX, our experts serve Fort Worth, Arlington, Aledo, Alvarado and other surrounding areas. We offer high quality services that you can rely on. You can book an appointment with us by calling 817-284-2569 or by contacting us online. Before you give us a call, take a peek at our coupons section to see whether we are offering any promotions and deals that you can take advantage of. We offer some of the most affordable heating and AC repair services in all of Texas.