Heating And AC Repair: 5 Common Central Heating And Air Conditioning System Malfunctions | Mansfield, TX

Heating And AC Repair: 5 Common Central Heating And Air Conditioning System Malfunctions | Mansfield, TX

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Heating and air conditioning are evolving. With the evolution of machinery and appliances comes the obsoletion of older ones. A quality HVAC system can last for years. With proper care and maintenance, your HVAC system can last you for decades. HVAC system upgrades can be done little by little over time without having to break the bank. This will help homeowners keep up with modern technology without having to do a major upgrade for some time. Proper maintenance and upgrades will help keep your heating and air conditioning efficient and fully operational. If your air conditioning or heating system begins to malfunction or ceases to operate efficiently, contact a professional HVAC technician for beating and AC repair. If you live in or around the Mansfield, TX, area, contact the professionals at Minuteman Heating and Air to schedule your heating and AC repair services today.

There are many different types of HVAC systems. One of the most commonly used and convenient HVAC systems is central air. Central HVAC systems use some of the same parts to provide heating and air conditioning. If any of these components were to become faulty or fail, you would need to contact a professional heating and air AC repair provider for urgent assistance. The sooner you repair a faulty HVAC system the less damage will occur and the better chance you have at completely restoring your appliance.

The heating system in a central HVAC system is typically powered by a furnace or a boiler. Furnaces are more commonly used, however; boilers are also viable heating options. The cooling system in a central HVAC system is always powered by the same 2 conditioning units. The air conditioning unit has one inside unit and one outside unit. The air conditioning system always functions the same fundamentally.

Furnaces and boilers can be powered by gas or electricity while air conditioning systems must almost always be powered by some form of electricity. The furnace generates heat by pushing hot air out into the home. The boiler generates heat by boiling water and utilizing the steam to heat the home. If your furnace or boiler is not generating heat properly it could be for a variety of reasons. Whatever the cause of this fault is, it is important to have it repaired right away. If you live in or around the area, contact the professionals at Minuteman Heating and Air for all of your heating and AC repair needs.

The air conditioning unit in a central air HVAC system works as any other air conditioning system would. The air conditioning system is slightly more complex than the heating system. All air conditioning systems utilize an inside unit and one for the outside as well. The inside unit pulls in the hot air and also releases the cooled air into the atmosphere. The outside unit cools the hot air and releases the humidity outside. This helps cultivate a cool environment and condition the air to a particular temperature. If any of the components that are essential to the air conditioning function were to malfunction or become faulty it could jeopardize the entire air conditioning operation resulting in humid and hot air returning to the environment. This is extremely troublesome for the future of a central air system. If this is happening in your home, contact the professional heating and AC repair technicians at Minuteman Heating and Air, in Mansfield, TX.

Commonly Needed Heating and AC Repair Services

Thermostat Issues

Your HVAC systems thermostat controls the temperature in your home. A faulty or old thermostat may cause the temperature to be irregular at times. If your thermostat is old or faulty contact a heating and AC repair company to replace it with a newer, more efficient model.

You may opt for a thermostat with smart technology. These thermostats are able to determine the temperature in your home and outside. You can even control some smart thermostats from your phone.

Electronic Malfunction

Electronic malfunctions can happen to the heating system and the air conditioning system. The air conditioning system almost always runs on electricity, the heating system may run on gas or electricity. If your home is electricity-powered, meaning your heating appliances are heated with electrical power, then your heating system can experience electrical system malfunctions. This can be dangerous and detrimental to the integrity of your property. It is important to contact heating and AC repair technicians for problems pertaining to your heating system to prevent further damage and repair any faults.

Gas Leaks

If your heating system is gas-powered it is important to properly maintain and look after your gas plumbing. If you notice a gas smell near your gas-powered heater it is important to contact a professional heating and AC repair service right away. Gas leaks are dangerous and can cause fire or explosion. If you live in or around the Vancouver, WA, area, and believe your heating or air conditioning system has sprung a leak, contact the heating and AC technicians at Minuteman Heating and Air.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is one of the most important components of your air conditioning system. Without refrigerant, your air conditioning system will not be able to cool your environment. This is because refrigerant is the key to the air conditioning cooling process. Refrigerant is typically found in liquid form although it can turn into a vapor. This chemical is recycled throughout your air conditioning system appliance in order to properly cool your home and environment.

If your air conditioning system begins leaking refrigerant fluid, your air conditioning system will become less and less efficient until it just starts blowing hot and humid air out. If you notice this is happening, it could be due to a refrigerant leak. Urgent HVAC repairs are required if your refrigerant has started leaking out of your air conditioning system.

Compressor Failure

Compressor failure can appear similar to a refrigerant leak. When the air conditioning system compressor fails, your air conditioning system will only be able to produce hot, humid air. This is because the compressor is an essential component of the air conditioning appliance. The compressor is responsible for transferring the refrigerant from one unit to the other. If the refrigerant remains stagnant, there is no way to cool it, and therefore no cool air will be released.

When your HVAC system is experiencing a compressor failure, it could cause your air conditioning system to start making a strained machine sound or a ticking sound. This is a clear sign your compressor requires repair. If you notice this, contact a heating and AC repair service provider right away.

The central air HVAC system is complex. Preventive maintenance services can actually reduce the need for emergency or immediate repairs. This can save you money in the long run and increase the lifespan of your home’s heating and air conditioning system. If you live in or around the Mansfield, TX, area and have experienced any of these common heating and air system malfunctions or something similar, contact a Minuteman Heating & Air for urgent and regular heating and AC repair services.