Heating And AC Repair: Common HVAC Issues In Older Homes | Mansfield, TX

Heating And AC Repair: Common HVAC Issues In Older Homes | Mansfield, TX

Some people love old houses because of their beauty and history. However, living in an old house may not be as bliss as many may think. For starters, an old house may need extra cash and time to fix some components. Also, these homes may have old heating and cooling systems, making it difficult to heat and cool them, especially if the unit had some preexisting problems.

Such issues could end up affecting your health and comfort as well as skyrocketing your utility bills. You may also end up with costly heating and AC repairs or even replacement. Below are some of the HVAC issues you should look out for before purchasing or renting that vintage residential building in Mansfield, TX.

Unusual Noises

Most folks want their homes to be quiet with no or little external noise. However, it’s not unusual for houses to make noises, such as floor creaks or refrigerator hums. Some sounds are normal, but some could indicate potential problems that would need to be checked.

For instance, modern ACs are quieter compared to the earlier versions. Today’s ACs are built with variable speed compressors and use a sound-dampening technology to ensure the noise level is below 55 decibels.

Therefore, you should be worried when you hear unfamiliar or exceptionally loud noises coming from the AC. Also, the furnace produces some noises, but if the sounds are unusual and frequent, you should have a heating and AC repair company check it out.

The unusual sound produced by the HVAC unit in old homes is commonly due to worn out, broken components, or lack of regular maintenance. This not only affects your comfort, especially your sleep but also leads to expensive heating and AC repairs or even a complete replacement of the entire unit when ignored for a long time. When you hear such unusual and disturbing sounds, it’s important to contact an HVAC professional immediately.

Leaking Duct System

Many homeowners commonly forget the duct system because it’s hidden behind the walls. Some don’t even bother sealing; hence, the energy efficiency in their house is affected. For starters, ducts distribute air conditioning and heat to the various rooms of your home.

Ducts may allow the conditioned air to leak out before reaching the intended room because of gaps in the connections causing energy loss. If the leaking ducts are located in a dirty place, the pollutants will be absorbed in the system and distributed throughout the house.

To avoid this situation, it’s recommended to ensure the ducts are sealed by seeking professional heating and AC repair services to improve your indoor air quality.

The problem is worse in old houses because they shift due to natural earth movement or weather, resulting in small cracks in tile floors and walls. This movement also causes the ductwork to move, and leaking can occur in warped ducts. The leaking ducts cause the house to lose excess warm air forcing the HVAC to work harder.

Therefore, the chances are that when you are buying an old home, the duct has already aged, and air could be leaking out due to the weakening of the ductwork’s elbows and joints caused by the normal wear and tear.

Without a professional inspection, you’ll not notice this since the air may escape behind walls and ceilings, resulting in high energy bills. To avoid this problem, you can hire a heating and AC repair professional to assess the ductwork and conduct a repair or replacement, depending on the damage.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Unlike modern houses in Mansfield, TX, that comply with efficiency standards, Old homes may have gaps, allowing air contaminants such as pollen and dirt to enter your house. This not only causes discomfort but also affects indoor humidity.

As the cold outdoor air leaks inside your house, the HVAC system will work longer and harder to heat your home, causing higher energy usage and expensive utility bills. Therefore, if you plan to move to an old house, you can have the doors and windows replaced with energy-efficient units to lower the energy bills.

The gaps around doors and windows can be sealed to prevent air leaks in or out of your home and block air pollutants from entering your home. A Heating and AC repair company can also replace the air filters.

High Utility Bills

Did you know that insulating your house can save you an average of 15 percent on heating and cooling costs? Well, adding insulation on your attic, basement, crawl space, and exterior walls not only maintains your house temperatures in the summer and winter but also adds approximately $1,482 value to your residential property.

But still, some homeowners overlook insulation when purchasing a house. With current high building standards, modern homes have higher insulation than houses constructed decades ago when builders didn’t care about the heat loss or gain. Therefore, an HVAC system in an old home will overwork to maintain the indoor temperatures due to less insulation, leading to frequent breakdowns, causing you to spend more on heating and AC repair costs.

Also, in an old home, you’ll incur high utility bills because the systems are old and will require more care and maintenance to ensure they are working correctly. If you are going for an old house, it pays to invest in professional routine maintenance to save money on your utility bills.

In case of any issues, you should have them fixed promptly by a heating and AC repair expert to prevent any extra wear and tear on the different parts of the HVAC system.

Lack of Zoning

Most old homes use a single thermostat to control indoor temperatures. This makes it hard to heat some rooms while leaving others. You can contact a heating and AC repair professional to mount various ductwork dampers to even out cooling and heating.

Outdated Thermostats

Thermostats regulate the temperature in your home. Most thermostats in old homes are outdated and have basic controls affecting the HVAC efficiency due to wear and tear, leading to frequent cycling. To improve the efficiency of your HVAC, a professional can replace the old thermostat with a modern unit that will help you save on energy.

For instance, a programmable thermostat creates heating zones in your home since it understands your preferences. Also, there are smart thermostats that have Wi-Fi capabilities and allow remote access even when you are out of the house.

Your Professional Heating and AC Repair in Mansfield, TX

Are you planning to purchase an older home or do you own one? Not to worry, Minuteman Heating & Air can help you with inspection and resolve all the above HVAC problems.

Our certified heating and AC repair technicians can resolve the above issues by replacing the system for repairing the damaged parts. Call Minuteman Heating and Air today.

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