Heating And AC Repair: Is It Time To Upgrade Your HVAC System? | Arlington, TX

Heating And AC Repair: Is It Time To Upgrade Your HVAC System? | Arlington, TX

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If you want your Arlington, TX, home to remain at a comfortable temperature all the time, you need to make sure you’ve got a good heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, your furnace and AC aren’t designed to last forever, and they might not have been the best options for your home in the first place. If you’re finding yourself spending too much on heating and AC repair or having trouble keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, it might be time to upgrade. Here’s what you should know before you decide whether or not it’s time for an HVAC system upgrade.

Heating and Cooling Costs

A lot of heating and cooling systems get more expensive to run as time goes on and they become less efficient. This isn’t generally a problem if you’re talking about a small difference in price with the same comfort level, but that’s not always the case. If your bill is higher than it should be and a heating and AC repair expert can’t figure it out, it’s probably time for a replacement.

There are a lot of different parts in furnaces and air conditioners that can go bad, and every little problem has the potential to affect efficiency. If one of the simple fixes such as replacing your air filter doesn’t get your HVAC system running as efficiently as it should be, you should ask a repair company about upgrading. While you might not love the idea of spending your hard-earned money on a brand new furnace or AC, the money you’ll save in operating costs is well worth it over time.

Repair Costs

When you crank up the thermostat in your home, you expect your furnace or AC to start right up and get your home to a comfortable temperature. While you need to have maintenance done every once a while, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on repairing your HVAC system all the time.

If you find yourself having to call a heating and AC repair company for repairs every few months, it’s probably because one of the parts of your HVAC system is on its way out. It could be something as simple as replacing the ducts or making sure they’re clean, but frequent HVAC system problems are often a result of a furnace or AC that’s on its last leg.

Another thing you have to consider when it comes to repairing vs. replacing a furnace or AC is how much it’s going to cost. While a new unit is expensive, it can last you a couple decades so you can really get your money’s worth. If you’re spending money on heating and AC repair, you might only get another three or six months out of your unit anyway. At that point, it’s best to simply upgrade to save yourself money and a headache.


As much as heating and air conditioning technology has advanced over the years, there’s no way to prevent your HVAC system from aging over time. The more the metal parts inside your furnace or AC have to work and the more they’re exposed to high temperatures and dirt, the closer they get to failing. At a certain point, there’s no use in spending money on heating and AC repair anymore because your HVAC system is so old.

In general, furnaces and air conditioners are designed to last about 15 to 20 years, with some units lasting upwards of 25 years. The thing is, you can only expect your heating and cooling systems to last that long if you take good care of them. If you have maintenance done twice a year, you should expect to get at least two decades or so out of your HVAC system components.

If you’re not keeping up with maintenance, it’s quite possible that your furnace or AC will be near the end of its life after only a decade or so. Ultimately, it’s best to have a heating and AC repair company take a look at your HVAC system if you think it’s time to replace something.

Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC System

While it might seem like a bit of a drag to invest in a brand new furnace or air conditioner, there are a lot of benefits to upgrading to something new. A heating and AC repair expert can tell you about some of the latest options and help you find the perfect upgrade for your HVAC system.

Efficiency is one of the biggest reasons to upgrade your HVAC system. If you’re spending too much money or you feel like your home isn’t staying at a comfortable temperature consistently, a new furnace or AC can change that.

Upgrading also means you can take advantage of some of the newest technology, such as ductless mini-splits and smart thermostats. Since you’re already upgrading, you can go for the best components to completely overhaul your system.

Having a brand new furnace or AC also means you don’t have to worry about spending money on frequent heating and AC repairs. Even if you’ve got the money to spend on professional repairs, the last thing you want is to be left without AC on a brutally hot summer day while you wait for a professional to arrive.

Get the Help You Need

Your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your home, so you should treat it that way. If your furnace or AC is on the way out, it’s time to upgrade to something newer and more efficient.

If you need help finding the perfect furnace for your Arlington, TX, home, Minuteman Heating and Air can help. Not only do we do heating and AC repair, we can install a brand new system and help you keep up with maintenance. When you need an HVAC expert that makes taking care of your heating and cooling systems easy, call Minuteman Heating and Air at (817) 284-2569.