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Heating And AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

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We all enjoy the rush of cool air we feel when we walk inside our home or office on a hot summer day. Conversely, we also love the cozy warm air that greets us at our doorsteps on a cold night. Our HVAC systems provide comfort throughout all of the seasons of the year. We want nothing less for our Mansfield, TX customers. In fact, we want our customers to entrust the care and maintenance of their HVAC systems to us. We want to be the go-to company for all your HVAC needs when it comes to Heating and AC Repair, new installations, and routine service and maintenance.

Customer Service You Can Count On

Customer service begins the minute you reach out to us. Our customer service representatives take their time and listen to your issue. Then, our representatives set an appointment for one of our licensed and professional technicians to visit your home or office. We believe in providing the best customer service from the moment you make contact with us till the minute our technicians leave your home or office with your issue resolved. We know that issues with an HVAC system compromise comfort. This is why we provide round-the-clock service 365 days a year. We’re committed to being there when you need us most. We understand that you may need us at an inconvenient time or even on a holiday. It makes no difference to us. We’ll be there. We’re here to deliver whatever you need from Heating and AC Repair to new installations and much more.

Service and Maintenance

We encourage our customers to follow the recommended service and maintenance schedule for their HVAC system. This allows us to take a close look at your HVAC system, check parts, and make adjustments as needed. These routine service and maintenance visits allow us to catch issues before they become serious. Often, this is the difference between a small bill and a large costly one. We want to ensure that your HVAC system continues to run well. These routine visits allow us to get an overall snapshot of the health of your HVAC system. If we find a worn part or a malfunctioning one, we’re often able to replace the parts and improve the performance of your HVAC system. Even if we don’t find anything wrong with your system, we give our customers peace of mind in knowing that their systems are in good shape and will continue to run optimally.


Even with the best care, things may go wrong sometimes. Our Mansfield, TX Heating and AC Repair service is designed to address those unexpected issues with your HVAC system. Our technicians will show up, assess the issue, and make recommendations for the solution. We take pride in explaining the issue to our customers and suggesting various solutions for the problem. We want our customers to understand the issue and the solution. Transparency is important to us. When your HVAC system is on the blitz, it will produce signs. You may notice that your AC runs non-stop, yet you’re not cool and comfortable. You may also notice an increase in your utility bills. On the flip side, you may notice that your heater is blowing cold air. All of these symptoms spell trouble. Obviously, something is wrong and one of our experienced technicians can get to the bottom of the issue. Regardless of the issue or symptom, our technicians are committed to diagnosing the problem and finding a solution. When you need our Heating and AC Repair service, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting to the heart of the issue. We take pride in providing Heating and AC Repair service to resolve unexpected HVAC issues. The right Heating and AC service performed by licensed and skilled technicians is a promise we make to our customers time after time.

New Installations

There are times when an HVAC system begins to have chronic issues that make Heating and AC Repair ineffective. If you have an older HVAC system that has stopped performing optimally, it may be time to get a new one. Newer HVAC systems are designed to operate more efficiently than older ones without compromising comfort. Older units begin to deteriorate in terms of performance as they age. As a result, fixing the same issues over and over isn’t cost-effective. In situations like this, continuing to repair an HVAC system that’s on its last legs or simply not running well, is often a waste of money over time. Our technicians work with a wide variety of different brands of HVAC systems. We can make suggestions regarding the benefits of different brands. Our technicians will take into consideration your wants and your needs and help you choose a system that is well suited for your home or office.

New HVAC systems have many different features and benefits. It’s easy to pick and choose from systems and features that will meet your needs and still run efficiently. Features like remote access and zoned cooling may be options that will work well in your home or office. However, there are a wide variety of different features to choose from. Not only are our technicians familiar with a wide variety of different brands, but they also possess the know-how to perform Heating and AC Repair services on these various brands if and when there are issues.

If you have questions about your HVAC system or simply need Heating and AC Repair or routine service and maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team of technicians has seen a little bit of everything and is skilled when it comes to resolving a wide variety of different issues. Our team knows how to efficiently provide Heating and AC Repair at your home or office as well as perform new installations. Our Mansfield, TX technicians are skilled and experienced and are able to resolve your issues regardless of how large or small they are. Give us at Minuteman Heating & Air a call if you need us. We’re standing by.