Heating And AC Repair: Scrub The Air, Squeeze Out The Moisture – Ways Your Heating And Cooling System Improves Comfort | Arlington, TX

Heating And AC Repair: Scrub The Air, Squeeze Out The Moisture – Ways Your Heating And Cooling System Improves Comfort | Arlington, TX

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You’ve probably heard that humidity is an important consideration in keeping the air from your HVAC system comfortable year-round. At Minuteman Heating and Air in Arlington, TX, our heating and AC repair team installs and services a variety of supplemental systems. These units attach to HVAC systems, helping balance the home’s humidity, filter the air to remove contaminants and allergens, and even neutralize germs that may be floating around. We also provide services to keep high-quality air clean, such as filter replacement and the all-important duct cleaning service. With the heating and AC repair team care, you can breathe easy, cool down and get away from humidity in the summer, and avoid the zaps and dry skin issues of indoor winter air. Your basic heating and cooling system provides temperature control and air circulation and has an air filter that should be changed frequently for best results, but there is so much more our heating and AC team has to offer that will surprise you with the difference it makes in how you feel.

Start with Duct Cleaning, a Service Every Home Needs

The dust in your air that settles everywhere and leaves a fine layer of particles on your furniture, shelves, and other surfaces is also in your ducts. It circulates in the air and gradually accumulates on the walls of the ducts. There are some amazing pictures available of ducts that weren’t cleaned for decades, with their air capacity reduced by about half due to the heavy layer of felt-like dust that had grown. Particles also break loose over time and circulate again, ensuring that your ventilation continues to have the contaminants, pathogens, allergens, and other materials that travel in your home’s air even if you install special filters in your rooms. Having our heating and AC repair service perform a duct cleaning service every few years is the foundation of your home’s cleaner air.

Filters That Catch and Clean

Your heating and cooling system has basic filtration that many homeowners don’t realize needs to be replaced fairly often, typically even monthly for best results. This keeps airborne material from not only sitting in your ducts but gathering in the mechanisms of your system and producing nests of pet hair and other materials. This filter, when you look at it, doesn’t have the fine material to remove tiny particles from the air, but it’s a start. When our heating and AC repair team replaces air filters that were unserviced for some time, we see plenty of “dust bunnies” that have been filtered out over time. If you have concerns about respiratory health, you’ve probably purchased some HEPA filter appliances for your rooms, which perform very fine filtration, removing the bulk of contaminants, allergens, and so forth. If those are working for you, but perhaps you’re getting tired of the noise and the frequent hunt for replacement filters, we have a solution: a whole-house HEPA filter on your HVAC system.

HEPA Filtration Units

HEPA filters are the standard for high particle filtration in homes and even medical offices and laboratories. They remove all but the tiniest particles, catching pollen, dust, airborne dirt, and pathogens like bacteria that hitchhike on other material as well as viruses. Instead of scattering small HEPA units around your home, our heating and AC repair crew can install a HEPA filtration unit on your home’s heating and cooling system, providing filtration for the air throughout your house.

Proprietary AirScrubber Technology

Our heating and AC repair team also offers other whole-house, 24-hour air purifying solutions such as the Aerus AirScrubber, that help with tested, effective protection against bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and other airborne concerns both in your air and landing on surfaces in your home. If you want a consistently high level of home air quality, ask us about this option and scrub your air clean.

Just the Right Amount of Moisture

While your air conditioner does pull moisture from the air as it operates, the amount is dependent on AC operation, not the setting that you choose. If your system is working hard to cool your home, it will pull more moisture, but if your home is already cool, the system will run less and moisture will remain. You’d be surprised what a difference it makes when your home’s cool air in summer is also at the right amount of humidity. You’ve heard of “cold, clammy air?” that’s cold with too much moisture. Our heating and AC repair team can install humidifier and dehumidifier units that carefully adjust your home’s humidity to add comfort in the summer and correct dry, staticky air in winter. We’ll also install a thermostat with a humidity sensor so you can select your comfort level. You may also find that, with control over your humidity, you don’t need as much heating and cooling to stay comfortable, saving energy.

Maintenance and Upgrades: Making Sure Your System Has the Power You Need

When your heating and air conditioning systems don’t have enough power, due to a lack of maintenance and reduced performance, or simply aging components, they have to work harder to meet your temperature goals. That means you may have a lot more air blowing around your home as your system tries to adjust the temperature, which makes your living spaces needlessly drafty. Our heating and AC repair team can help you improve or replace your system to provide efficient, effective heating and cooling.

Your Arlington, TX Home Comfort Specialists

At Minuteman Heating & Air in Arlington, TX, our heating and AC repair team focuses on your comfort, both in maintaining and fixing your HVAC systems to keep them operating reliably and efficiently, and in adding features that help them work even harder for you, making your home a place you, your family, and your guests can relax year-round in comfort. Call us to schedule services including essential maintenance today.