Heating And AC Repair: Top 10 Heating and AC Problems Faced by Homeowners | Arlington, TX

Heating And AC Repair: Top 10 Heating and AC Problems Faced by Homeowners | Arlington, TX

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According to the US Department of Energy, residential HVAC systems consume about six percent of the country’s electricity, producing an estimated 117 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide yearly. The department also claims that three-quarters of all American homes have an air conditioning system. In this regard, it’s hard to ignore the role of HVAC systems in maintaining indoor comfort. However, keeping them in good working condition throughout the year can be challenging and sometimes costly.

Heating and AC repairs are inevitable since HVAC units may develop problems due to regular wear and tear resulting from their constant use. That’s why heating and cooling experts advise homeowners to seek regular maintenance services as a way of improving the system’s lifespan. It’s also a great way of reducing the need for constant repairs and enhancing safety within their homes. Without routine HVAC maintenance, below are some of the common heating and AC problems homeowners in Arlington, TX are likely to experience.

Refrigerant Leaks

Continuous leaks within the system can lead to refrigerant levels dropping from their standard level, requiring you to schedule a freon recharge service. If your home’s HVAC has refrigerant leaks, several pointers can help locate the leak and seek the appropriate heating and AC repair solutions in Arlington, TX. If you begin to notice frequent temperature fluctuations and system malfunctions, the air conditioner may be having low refrigerant levels.

Under such circumstances, the system may also struggle to circulate cool air within your home’s indoors. These types of situations often happen when the refrigerant slips out, causing the compressor to get hot. Refrigerant leaks are commonly attributed to poor installation, but if your HVAC system has one, a reliable repair service provider can help.

Frozen Condenser Coils

The condenser coil may freeze up due to various reasons, including a blocked air return duct, low refrigerant levels, or dirty air filters. This action can negatively affect how your home’s AC operates. However, comprehensive repair services from a professional technician can help resolve the issue. 


AC Unit Is Blowing Hot Air

The main role of your home’s AC system is handling your household’s cooling needs. The last thing you need is to feel warmer when you’re already sweating while inside the house. If the air conditioning system starts blowing hot air, your home could be experiencing a serious AC issue that may require immediate heating and AC repair solutions to prevent further damages. Thermostat setting errors and improper maintenance may be the culprits behind this type of malfunction.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wires can trigger house fires, and that’s why heating and AC repair services should be contacted without delay to avoid losing your entire home. Unprofessional wiring often hinders the system from getting power and it can trip the circuit breaker, causing a fire in the process. Luckily, with professional repair, you can reduce the chances of such scenarios happening.

Significant Water Leaks

Water leak problems may develop when the drain pipe that carries the condensate blocks, forcing it to overflow within the drain lines. Sometimes the drain system may be clogged due to fungi growth inside the piping, resulting in water build-up, which eventually finds its way into your home.

Other professional heating and AC repair technicians also attribute water leaks to heat exchanger, collector box, or evaporator drain pan issues. To counter this occurrence, they often recommend the regular cleaning of the AC system since it can help ensure that the drain lines are working appropriately.

Poorly Set Thermostat

Frequently, improperly programming your home’s thermostat can result in furnace malfunctions. To save on cost while preventing the heating and cooling engine from overheating, you should ensure that the thermostat is properly set. If you’re having trouble doing so, your preferred heating and AC repair technician can provide some helpful tips.

Clogged or Dirty Filters

Air filters are vital in trapping dust and allergens that may enter your home’s HVAC system, thereby increasing the unit’s lifespan and reducing the need for constant heating and AC repair. In that context, they can get dirty, which is why homeowners in Arlington, TX, and beyond are always encouraged to clean and replace them routinely.

You can tell when the heating and AC unit has clogged filters since it may be having poor airflow. Moreover, they make the AC system work harder to maintain your preferred indoor conditions, resulting in high monthly energy bills. On the bright side though, an experienced heating and AC repair technician can help clean or replace the dirty filters to remedy the problem.

Faulty Fan

The movement of heat from your house to the outside air happens with the help of the external AC fan. If the fan begins to malfunction, you may be left stuck in a hot room, even with the air conditioning still running. Fan problems can also result in the air conditioner’s compressor overheating. Fortunately, proficient heating and AC repair technicians can help find an effective repair or replacement solution.

Electric Control Failure

The AC system switches on and off frequently as it tries to keep your indoors cool during the summer. This may cause the fans and compressor to deteriorate over time, prompting you to request help repairing the worn-out components.

Unusual Odors

Overheating HVAC parts such as blower motors can result in unusual smells. Your AC technician can replace the air filter to counter the situation. Sometimes, the unusual burning smell may come from the duct, and in such cases, you should immediately contact a technician near you for timely assistance.

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