Heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX – AC Systems

Heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX – AC Systems

Heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX – When you need service for your heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX, Minuteman Heating & Air will provide you with quick, professional service ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.  When you setup annual air conditioning maintenance it will help make sure that your heating and cooling system performs efficiently and optimally and will also help increase the life cycle of the system. However, heating and cooling systems will eventually wear down with age, and with that all systems will in evidently need to be repaired or replaced. Minuteman Heating and Air’s technicians offer some of the highest levels of expert service available in the Arlington metropolitan area, and can provide you with not only professional but exceptional service that you can count on each and every time.

Maintenance and Air Conditioning Repair

During maintenance, our professional heating and cooling technicians will provide a thorough and comprehensive inspection, testing, lubrication, and other essential tasks that will ensure that the HVAC system is operating at peak performance for the highest levels of effectiveness and energy efficiency possible.  The technician will identify and locate any failing components and replace them. Catching a failing component, sometimes helps prevent a chain reaction of other components that can fail due to the initial component failing.  This will ensure your comfort and reduce the costs associated with repairs for heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX.

The Continuously Running AC

Whenever an air conditioning system is operating as intended, it should only run up to the point that the set temperature is met that is assigned on the thermostat. Whenever an air conditioner is running continuously, there is obviously a problem with it. If the air conditioner previously cycled on and off as it is intended to do so, several probable issues may be occurring.  First, inspect the air filter.  Dirty air filters will bring about performance issues, and shorten the systems service life by bringing about unnecessary wear and tear on the system.  The lack of routinely exchanging filters is a common cause for the need of repair for heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX.

A continuously running air conditioning system may be in need of professional repair. Worst case scenarios, the compressor may be worn down, and the system is not able to achieve the desired temperature.  Additionally, refrigerant leaks are also a very common cause of poor performance and lack of conditioned air.  If there is a refrigerant leak it can lead to the failure of other critical components, including the very costly compressor.   Minuteman Heating and Air can provide leak repair and recharge your system.

Whenever a worn out or broken compressor is the issue of the problem, and the system is old, most homeowners will end up replacing the HVAC unit. By doing so, the homeowner gains reliability, higher energy efficiency and improved comfort by installing a newer, more efficient HVAC system. Minuteman Heating and Air can provide you with professional air conditioning installation throughout the Arlington, TX metropolitan area.

Another issue that can cause a continuous running air conditioning system is a faulty thermostat.  If the thermostat operates on batteries, then you should try replacing the batteries and checking the system afterwards.  Thermostats that are not set correctly are also a common reason for heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX service calls.  Inspect the settings and make sure that the setting is on ‘AUTO’.   Additionally, thermostats like all things do experience typical wear and tear as they age and they too will eventually need to be replaced.  If needed, our professional technicians can provide you with a new thermostat. Just give us a call.

Other factors that may affect the air conditioning system’s performance include the quality of insulation, so inspect your attic and / or basement. If you are able to see the ceiling joists then you will need to add insulation. Proper shading is also a critical factor in some cases.  If a recent storm downed a tree that provided shading for your home, this can increase the workload on the HVAC system.  Shade can provide a vast reduction in the need for cooling and it is worth its weight in gold to plant deciduous shade trees on the south and western facing side of your home.  If your air conditioning system is running constantly, contact Minuteman Heating and Air so that one of our professional technicians can inspect the system, and provide the required repair for heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX.

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