Heating and Air Conditioning in Arlington, TX – Time for a New HVAC

Heating and Air Conditioning in Arlington, TX – Time for a New HVAC

Heating and Air Conditioning in Arlington, TX – If your system is breaking down to often and it is more than 10 years old then that usually means it is time to begin looking into replacing your old worn out system with a newer one. Today, there is an immense amount of options to choose from when it comes to looking for a new heating and cooling system. With so many options available it can become frustrating to find out exactly what you should get. You could opt to just get in touch with your local repair company that specializes in heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX and have them assist you or if you would like to go on the trek yourself to finding what you want then follow the tips below.

First, you will need to decide whether you want to go with electric or gas. Electric heat pumps are pretty efficient and also convenient in the way they can heat and cool your home. Heat pump systems today are considerably more energy efficient than systems that were made 5 years ago. Heat pumps also have the additional advantage that the system can be located outside. With that, you never have to worry about the pan overflowing and causing damage to the floors or walls inside of your home. You of course, will still have an air return in the home, but it will only contain the air filter. A heat pump is an excellent choice for both heating and cooling homes in the southern part of the United States.

Natural gas is a great heating source and it is usually priced competively with today’s energy options. If you do not have natural gas already, then you may wish to check with the local natural gas utility supplier to check out the current costs and availability in your area.

If you already use natural gas, and your current gas furnace uses a hot flue pipe, you will benefit by upgrading to a newer condensing furnace. These types of systems have a fuel efficiency rating by up to 98%.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are the most efficient systems available on the market and they will also outlast all others and are becoming a popular choice for heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX. Almost any home that has a current duct system can be converted to it. Geothermal heat pumps take advantage of the stable temperatures found in the ground in order to help increase efficiency and reduce the cost of operating heating and cooling systems. When a geothermal heat pump is combined with solar heating it becomes a geo-solar energy system and is even more energy efficient than its competitors.

One of the downsides with geothermal heat pumps however is with the initial cost. The initial cost to have a geothermal heat pump installed is a good bit higher than having a conventional heating and cooling system installed, but the return on your investment over time is achieved within a reasonable amount of time. This is due to the fact that geothermal heat pumps will have a service life span of around 25 years or more for inside components and more than 50 years for the outdoor components.

Central Air Conditioning

Innovations in heating and cooling are constantly coming to market, and even central air conditioners today are more efficient than their predecessors from 5 years ago. If you decide to go with central air conditioning look for high SEER or EER rating systems and ENERGY STAR qualified ones. However, central air conditioning provides air conditioning only and you will need a separate system for heating such as a furnace.

If you are looking to have an air filtration system installed, a high efficiency fan or a humidifier, then when you have the new heating and cooling system installed, then is the best time to have these upgrades put in place too rather than looking further down the road to have a company specializing in heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX to do it then.

Once you have decided on two or three choices, you should then start looking at customer surveys on these products to see what others are saying about them. Finally, speak with your local technician that deals with heating and air conditioning in Arlington, TX regarding how available the parts will be for the particular brands you are interested in. Also do not forget to ask them about their personal opinion and experience with these systems.

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