Heating and Air Conditioning Repair: How Serious Is That Problem with Your Furnace? | Arlington, TX

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair: How Serious Is That Problem with Your Furnace? | Arlington, TX

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Emergency furnace issues aren’t the routine and on the whole they’re kept running through maintenance by a heating and air conditioning repair service like Minuteman Heating & Air.

They can occur, however, and when the time comes it will serve you well to know when that problem with your furnace is a serious one that requires an emergency call to your local repair professional. Because even in Arlington, TX, the winters can get bitterly cold and you’ll want your heating to be in working order.

So, when is it time to call in the heating and air conditioning repair people as an emergency?

When your electrics are playing up

Electricity is fundamental to so many aspects of your home, including your heating and air conditioning; repair is, therefore, an emergency when the electrics start to cause complications. If you notice flickering lights, for instance, this could signal an overload of power on your electrical system. If you have a basic understanding of electrics in your home, you might be able to identify a serious issue yourself. It is always useful to understand the foundations to your home, however, this does not mean you should tinker about with things you have a rudimentary understanding of, or attempt some electrical DIY. You’re better off calling a professional when electrics are involved as they can be a safety hazard, having been a large cause of home fires across America. These fires have cost lives, caused injuries and resulted in billions of dollars in property damage. An emergency call is warranted if you notice interference with your electrics.

There are audible noises coming from the furnace

If the furnace is acting out in a loud way, that’s common, and it still may be running fine. For instance, audible noises could just be air running through the ducts, which a heating and air conditioning repair professional can address in due course by insulating the duct work. Sometimes, however, loud noises coming from the furnace can be due to a maladjusted pilot light or dry motor lubrication ports. Other internal parts may also need attention. You won’t know unless you call a professional to take a look and don’t feel you have to wait in such circumstances. If you can hear a ping, a pop, rattling, grinding or squealing, there could be a problem in your furnace such as a loose panel, slipped belt or other form of damage. So, you should call your heating and air conditioning repair service immediately. Even if it’s not an emergency now, early action can prevent the problem becoming too serious.

Your HVAC system is turning on and off intermittently

Rapid cycling is an indicator of various issues, including something as innocent as an air filter being worn out or overly dirty. Replacing it is your first step – and incidentally you should set yourself reminders to do this periodically. Old filters can burden the other components in your furnace, such as the compressor. That can lead to mechanical failures in the future. If you leave it too long then replacing your air filter may not be effective enough and that’s when you should call a heating and air conditioning repair professional, to address a potentially more serious problem with your furnace.

You can smell rotten eggs

An unpleasant smell like rotten eggs or sulphur means there could be a gas leak, so as well as calling a heating and air conditioning repair professional, you and your family should exit the property immediately and you should call emergency services. The bad smell is a saving grace, as gas is often odorless, which means detecting it would be challenging. The added sulphuric smell makes it distinctly recognizable, so you know there is a serious issue when you detect it.

Don’t turn on any appliance or other object if you detect a gas leak – not the lights, nor the car or your phone – just leave, as you could inadvertently ignite the gas and cause an explosion if you turn on anything electric. Leave the windows open, if they already are, and don’t shut the door on the way out. If the gas can escape, all the better. Make your phone call when you’re away from the property and stay away until the problem is fixed. Make sure you call for emergency services even before you call for a heating and air conditioning repair professional.

Your furnace won’t start up

Compared to a gas leak, your furnace failing to work is a minor inconvenience, but it’s an inconvenience nonetheless. If you notice the temperature dropping in your home and you start to feel uncomfortably cold, your furnace is not doing its job and there may be a serious problem that cannot wait for routine maintenance. An emergency heating and air conditioning repair professional will be able to detect any wiring issues, faulty thermostats, or if you need to replace your unit altogether. You may on the other hand have set your thermostat too low, so you start to feel cold before your thermostat thinks it is cold. It may also be the case that you need to simply reset the circuit for the furnace.

Minuteman Heating & Air understands all the finer details of your furnace and that’s why our technicians should be your first port of call when things aren’t as they should be with your heating.

If you have any problems with your heating system or air conditioning unit, don’t hesitate to call Minuteman Heating & Air. Servicing Arlington, TX, Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas, our technicians are at the ready for residents and business owners. Call us today or whenever you need heating and air conditioning repair.