Heating and Air in Arlington, TX – Summer Cooling Tips

Heating and Air in Arlington, TX – Summer Cooling Tips

The Arlington and Mansfield area like every other southern city knows all too well just how hot it can get during the summer. The last thing you will want happening to you this summer is for your heating and cooling system to break down requiring you to need quick service for your Heating and Air in Arlington, TX. If you are counting on your air conditioner to be running at full speed on the scorching hot days this summer then you will need to take precautions in order to make sure it is up to the task. The first thing you should do is hire a professional company, such as, Minuteman Heating and Air, and have us perform annual maintenance and tune-up your home’s HVAC system.


Next, we will go over some helpful tips that should help you curb your electrical costs this summer and keep you cool in the process. Whenever you have doors closed in the rooms of your home, this can build up pressure in each of the rooms that have closed doors.  When the HVAC system is distributing cooled conditioned air throughout these rooms, this will of course decrease the temperatures in each of those rooms. Pressurized rooms will eventually force cool air through any crack it can find, such as the cracks below the door and framing. As that cooled air is forced outside of these rooms an equal amount of outside air will also be drawn into the home. So with that in mind, on those days that it is scorching hot, keep the doors open in the home for each room that has vents or trim the doors to leave about an inch gap at the bottom of each door so air can escape the rooms enough without causing a pressure build-up.


The next thing you can do is simple maintenance. Look for areas in the home where indoor conditioned air may be escaping or outside air may be coming in from. Check around unprotected pipes, and insulate them. Look for small holes in the foundation or in the walls and caulk them. Have a look at the doors leading outside and the windows. If need be caulk any gaps found there also. Look at where cables and other wiring enter the home and caulk the holes that they enter from to help seal them tight. If you do not have shades on your windows consider installing some shades and thicker curtains if you use thin curtains to help keep the sunlight at bay.  You could also plant vegetation such as shrubbery near the windows to help absorb the sunlight and / or plant trees near the home to help shade it from direct sunlight. Of course it will take quite a many years for the trees to do their job since they will need to grow.


If you spend a good amount of your time in the kitchen there are quite a bit of tips that will help you save on energy costs. If you do not already have them, replace your old appliances when you can with new ENERGY STAR® or ENERGY GUIDE® labeled appliances.  Appliances with inverters will also drastically cut down on your energy consumption as well.


Other tips for your kitchen would be to make sure your dishwasher is set to economy mode.  Ensure that your refrigerator is set to energy save and wait until your dishwasher is full before you turn it on.  Once the dishwasher has finished the wash cycle allow the dishes to air dry instead of letting the machine dry them for you. Reframe from opening your oven door when you are baking as one quarter or more of the heat will escape every time you open it.

  • Grilling is also another energy conscious alternative rather than using your stove top or your microwave.
  • Make sure that the reflector pans under the stove burns are clean of grime and grease. This will help with the heat being reflected more so when you are cooking.
  • Try using energy efficient pans when cooking on the stove top; such as copper plated pans.
  • Ensure that the pots you are using on the stove top match the same size as the burner that you are using.
  • When boiling or steaming make sure that the lids to the pots fit tightly in place.


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