Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX – Warm Air from the AC

Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX – Warm Air from the AC

Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX – Whenever temperatures outside warrant the need for AC in the indoors, you expect that your system will be up to the task at providing you with cool, crisp conditioned air when you need it the most. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, sometimes when you turn on the air conditioning, it may blow warm air. The following tips in this article will possibly assist you with ascertaining the cause behind the problem and may provide you with a quick fix without the need to get in touch with a professional technician. However, if this article fails to address the problem you are having with your AC then get in touch with Minuteman Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX to schedule for repair.

Thermostat – One of the most common problems is due to user error. Inspect the thermostat and if the setting is set to manual fan, then that will most likely be the problem. If the thermostat setting is set to this then the AC will not run, only the fan. To fix this switch the settings on the thermostat from manual to automatic and make sure the setting is on cool.

Circuit Breaker – Another common issue could very well be at the electric panel. Inspect the panel and check to see if the breaker that controls the home’s heating and cooling is ON, if not flip the breaker back to the on position to see if this fixes the problem. If the breaker trips again then there is an issue either with the breaker or the system and you will need to request for repair services from Minuteman Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX.

Filter – Have you replaced the filter recently? Forgotten? Inspect the air filter for the system and if it is dirty then replace it. An extremely dirty air filter will cause a lack of adequate airflow which can cause the compressor to freeze up. A dirty filter will also result in a dirty system and ducts, which can and will cause damage to the components inside the heating and air system.

Condenser Coil – Inspect the immediate area around the outdoor condenser unit. If there is plants, shrubs, or other objects surrounding the outdoor condenser unit then you will need to clean around it to provide adequate airflow around the unit. If the condenser coil appears to be corroded with dirt and debris then you will need to get in touch with Minuteman Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX to schedule for service to have it professionally cleaned.

Evaporator Coil – In a split system, the interior coil which is often referred to as the evaporator coil could be the problem with your AC producing warm air. The air filter in a split system is located in this area, and it helps protect the evaporator coil from becoming soiled. The evaporator coils will periodically require cleaning to stay efficient. However, if the air filter is routinely exchanged this will reduce the frequency of which evaporator coils need to be cleaned. However, a dirty coil in either location can and will cause a reduction in performance.

Refrigerant Leak – A refrigerant leak is yet again another relatively common problem when an air conditioner is only blowing warm air. If all over problems have been ruled out, then this is most likely the culprit and it will require professional service from a heating and cooling repair company such as Minuteman Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX. If the system is low on refrigerant then that means there is a leak somewhere in the system and simply topping off the refrigerant will not resolve the problem. The leak will need to be located and repaired and once repaired then the system will be topped off with fresh, new refrigerant.

During the process of making the repair, it is possible that the professional technician may have to evacuate the system, which is where the tech will make use of a vacuum pump to extract the moisture and air from the system before new refrigerant can be added. When it comes to a refrigerant leak there are possible signs that will signify that the system may be low on refrigerant, and they are:

  • The refrigerant line is frosted over
  • The sound of bubbling or a hissing noise

Furthermore, low refrigerant levels will not only require new refrigerant but the component that is leaking the refrigerant will need to be repaired or replaced. The AC in a closed system will not leak refrigerant unless there is a leak present. If left unattended, a refrigerant leak can and will lead to costly damage over time. It is to the homeowner’s advantage to have the repair scheduled as soon as possible and to significantly prevent the possibility of issues like this occurring in the future the homeowner should seriously consider having their heating and air system tuned-up on an annual basis at a minimum.

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