Heating and Air Service: 8 Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of Your HVAC System | Arlington, TX

Heating and Air Service: 8 Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of Your HVAC System | Arlington, TX

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Maintaining your heating and air conditioning units is essential as you need them especially during extreme weather conditions. They will keep you warm in the winter months and provide just enough cool air during hot summers.

It could get really hot especially at Arlington, TX. The temperature could go as high as 90 degrees on the hottest summer month! When your HVAC system is well maintained, you do not have to worry about getting emergency replacements or repairs.

You may contact your Heating and Air Service should you need assistance in maintaining your system. These are a few of the things that need to be done to maximize the system’s efficiency:

1. Change the Air Filters

Although you can do this on your own, it’s always best to contact a professional to help you change the filters of your HVAC system. At the minimum, replace or change the filters once every three months. Better yet, change filters once a month. Your Heating and Air Service should be able to assist you with this.

Neglecting to change the air filters could result in a blockage and therefore forces the system to work even faster. When this happens, you get skyrocketing utility bills.

As much as possible, seek help from a professional for a hassle-free replacement of your air filters.

2. Check the Vents

Also called Heat Registers, the vents should also be checked for your own comfort. Make sure that there is free-flowing air and you get proper ventilation in all the rooms. Otherwise, your utility bills will also be affected.

What you can do is have a thorough inspection of your home and make sure that all vents are clear and nothing is accumulated on them.

You may also ask your service provider whether they can assist you with this. These professionals are experts in maintaining HVAC systems. Contacting them is a surefire way to ensure proper maintenance of your system.

3. Schedule a Routine Maintenance Once a Month

HVAC systems could last a long time when routine maintenance is performed once a month. It can lower your utility costs and will make everyone happy.

There are Heating and Air Service in Arlington, TX that can both assist you with everything HVAC related. These professionals have adequate training to perform a thorough routine check for your system.

4. Clean the Condensing Unit and Check the Drain Pipe and Pan

If you have the type of air conditioning unit with a fan sitting outside, check for the metal fins in these units for grime, dirt and pollen. Carefully clean them or seek help with a professional. Every season, make it a point to also clean the outdoor unit with a water hose. However, never ever use a pressure washer for it.

As to the drain pipes, you will need to clear them of molds or any blockages that will disrupt their performance. Check for a clogged drain during summer and spring as it’s when they usually happen. If you’re not sure what to do, you can always contact your Heating and Air Service provider in the neighborhood.

5. Schedule a Tune-Up Annually

Apart from the regular monthly maintenance, you need to also schedule a tune-up once a year to ensure the safety and efficiency of your equipment. Heating and Air Service providers have trained technicians who can check the voltage, motors, furnace, electrical connections and other major issues that may come up in the future. In addition, they can also perform cleaning of the coils and the evaporator to ensure more efficiency of your system.

6. Let your HVAC System Rest

It’s a good practice to give your HVAC system a break apart from performing a regular tune-up and maintenance. Doing this can also improve your utility bills. If possible, upgrade to a good thermostat that you can use to control the temperature from anywhere or even with your smartphone. Opt for a thermostat that will allow you to customize the schedules so you don’t have to waste the air conditioner when no one is using it.

Also, look for ways to keep you comfortable at home like avoiding home appliances that produce heat more, or blocking out heat of the sun with black curtains or drapes. When you’re comfortable, you won’t have to use your HVAC system all the time.

7. Inspect the Wirings Regularly

Inspect the wiring on the condensing unit if it’s still in good condition. However, always turn off the equipment first when performing this check-up. Also, you may need the help of your Heating and Air Service providers with this especially when you notice that something may be wrong with the wirings.

8. Contact Your Heating and Air Service Provider for Other Issues

Safety should be the utmost priority. When you notice that something may not be right with the equipment, do not hesitate to call your service provider. They have trained technicians who can thoroughly inspect your HVAC system. If it’s an electrical issue, try not to do things on your own. Wait for the technician first before you attempt to do anything.

Maintaining your system not only protects it; doing regular maintenance can greatly provide more comfort to your homes and workplaces. To help you with all your Heating and Air Service needs, contact Minuteman Heating & Air for reliable and consistent service. They have NATE certified technicians committed to providing only exceptional service in the Arlington area. Their years of experience have made them an expert in the Heating and Air Service industry. Minuteman Heating & Air services include almost everything from installation, maintenance and repairs. They cater to both residential and commercial customers.

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