Helpful Air Conditioning Service Tips For Homeowners | Mansfield, TX

Helpful Air Conditioning Service Tips For Homeowners | Mansfield, TX

All homeowners want to save money on their heating and cooling. You can do this by properly caring for your air conditioning service and getting a tune-up at least once a year. Read further for more tips on avoiding costly air conditioning service repairs in Mansfield, TX. Get in touch with us if you need further assistance.


1. Don’t Ignore HVAC Problems

While you don’t need to learn everything about your heating and cooling systems, it’s best to at least know the basics. And one of them is to ensure you don’t ignore minor problems with your AC. For example, if you suspect something is wrong with the AC — you hear noises or smell something strange, call for an air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, immediately. Our technicians can thoroughly check your AC for any problems that might affect your unit’s efficiency. It’s crucial to get help right away to avoid even more costly air conditioning service repairs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Minuteman Heating & Air if you need air conditioning service today. Our technicians are certified and highly experienced to repair any type of AC from window-type units to split-type AC units. Simply give us a call and we’ll quickly dispatch a technician to your location ASAP. Don’t worry, our team never cuts corners. We work hard and go the extra mile to ensure the problem is resolved and your unit stays efficient.

2. Get an HVAC Tune-Up

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to periodically check your HVAC system for any wear and tear, or other issues that might affect the efficiency of your unit. You need to also change and replace the filters every two months. Dirty filters affect the efficiency of your unit — your AC will work harder and this can cost you more money down the road. It also reduces the unit’s lifespan and you will likely end up with more costly air conditioning service repairs.

In addition to cleaning some components of your AC, make sure to also contact a technician for an air conditioning service tune-up. You need to do this at least a month before summer to ensure your unit stays in top shape. The last thing you want in the middle of summer is an emergency air conditioning service. You can avoid this by getting a tune-up.

When choosing a technician, go with a licensed one. Professional technicians are equipped with the right tools and equipment to help them properly maintain the unit. Contact Air Conditioning & Heating if you need a professional air conditioning service tune-up today. Our technicians have been helping homeowners and businesses in Mansfield, TX, with tune-ups, repairs and maintenance. We’re also fully equipped so if something comes up during the appointment, there’s no need to schedule another appointment. We’ll make sure to take care of the problem on the same day. Rest assured, we won’t go home until you’re fully satisfied with our services. Also, we offer 100% customer satisfaction for your peace of mind, and also because we’re confident with our skills. Should there be problems after the appointment and it’s our fault, we will repair the unit at no additional cost to you.

3. Don’t Repair the AC On Your Own

Are you having problems with your AC? Please work with a licensed technician for air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX. Don’t attempt to repair the AC on your own especially when you don’t have enough experience with the unit or are not licensed to perform repair jobs.

Some homeowners would resort to using DIY videos and articles to help them repair their units. While you may be successful in doing this, it’s not a guarantee. And if you make a mistake, you could end up even damaging the unit more. In some cases, you might also get injured. You could also lose your warranty if you perform repairs on your own. Contact Air Conditioning & Heating if you need help with air conditioning service repairs in Mansfield, TX. Our technicians are highly skilled with any AC issue, big or small. We also work with commercial property owners and even offer 24/7 emergency services. Contact us anytime if you need urgent service and we’ll be there in your location right away.

4. Know When You Need to Get a Replacement

Air conditioners can last 10 to 15 years. How long exactly depends on the maintenance performed on the unit. It may last longer if you know how to properly care for your unit. However, they do tend to lose their efficiency over time. They may not be able to keep you always comfortable. When you keep having issues with your unit, we suggest getting an air conditioning service inspection. Our technicians can inspect your unit for any problem that might lead to a more costly repair down the road.

Also, if you keep calling an air conditioning service repair in Mansfield, TX, more than once a year, it might be time to get a new replacement. Let us know so we can help you decide if it’s time to get a replacement or keep your current unit.

When you do decide to buy another AC, we suggest getting an energy-efficient unit to save money. But make sure you get the right size. If you buy a small AC to cool a bigger space, your unit will work harder. This can reduce its lifespan and also lead to costly air conditioning service repairs. For installation, make sure to only work with the right HVAC company to ensure the task is properly carried out.

Get in touch with Air Conditioning & Heating today for any issues with your unit. We are highly experienced with all makes and models. Whether it’s a central air conditioning system or window-type AC, we can help.

5. Get the Right AC Filter

Do you have family members suffering from allergies and other respiratory illnesses? Consider replacing your filters with high MERV ratings. These types of filters can remove even the tiniest particles in the air. They may help improve allergy symptoms especially when they’re regularly maintained. If you need help choosing an AC filter, please contact us right away. Our team can help you decide what type of filter to purchase for your home.

6. Have Proper Insulation at Home

Good insulation can help your HVAC system. Without enough insulation, your unit will only work harder to keep you comfortable. This can reduce the unit’s lifespan and also end up in costly repairs. If you live in an old home, you likely will need to check if you have proper insulation. Most old homes don’t have enough insulation, so make sure to contact a professional to inspect your home.

It’s also important to inspect other areas in your home such as the attic, ductwork, exterior walls and crawl spaces. Make sure they also have the proper insulation or your unit will only work harder. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact an air conditioning service technician in the area.

7. Clean the Outdoor Unit

It’s not enough to just clean the filters, you must also clean the outdoor unit and make sure it’s not exposed to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to heat can reduce the unit’s lifespan and affect its efficiency. When cleaning the unit, follow the manufacturer’s instructions or contact an air conditioning service technician for assistance.

Signs You Need to Get the Unit Repaired

Do you know when to contact a technician for repairs? Check the signs below and contact Air Conditioning & Heating to help you repair your unit.

Water leaks – If you see water near the air conditioning unit, contact a technician immediately for an inspection. Don’t wait until the problem progresses into something serious that will cost you more money down the road. Call us right away so we can thoroughly inspect the unit, give you a proper diagnosis and provide you with the most cost-effective solutions.

AC blows warm air – There could be a refrigerant leak or you may need to replace the AC filters. But first, you need to check the thermostat as you might have suddenly changed the temperature. It’s also possible that the thermostat is defective. Check it first and then check the filters. If both are okay, then contact an air conditioning service technician, for assistance.

Strange noises and smell – If you’re hearing strange noises or smell something strange coming from the unit, call us immediately so we can check it for you. Our technicians can help you determine if the issue is nothing to worry about or if there is a problem with the unit that needs to be addressed.

When you notice any of the signs above, please make sure to contact us right away. Don’t repair the unit on your own or you may end up even replacing the unit. Our technicians are available 24/7 to help with emergency repairs.

Tips to improve IAQ:

Your home’s indoor air quality matters. If it’s dirty, household members with allergies and respiratory problems will only suffer. Follow these tips and contact us if you have questions.

  1. Change the filters – The AC’s filters don’t only help your unit, they help get rid of dust and debris that can build up in your indoor air. Make sure to replace them every month or every two months. If you have a specialized filter, check the manufacturer’s manual for instructions or contact a technician if you have further questions.
  2. Inspect the ductwork – You need to know whether it’s time to get the ductwork cleaned. Signs to look out for include mold growth, pest infestation and excessive dust. Also, it’s crucial to work with the right professionals when it comes to cleaning the ductwork. Additionally, if there are leaks in the ductwork, the insulation has to be replaced completely. Otherwise, mold can grow.
  3. Clean your home – Cleaning and vacuuming your home can significantly improve indoor air quality. Do this regularly to get rid of dust and debris that can build up and affect indoor air quality. Also, try to avoid strong cleaners or chemical-based cleaners as they can be harmful.

Why Choose Minuteman Heating & Air

We are a trusted company and are the most reliable company when it comes to heating and cooling. Minuteman Heating & Air has been serving homeowners and businesses for several years. It’s our ultimate goal to ensure your HVAC systems make you comfortable year-round. You can always depend on us because we are never late. Rest assured, we always arrive on time. If we’re ever late, you’ll never have to pay a dime. That’s our promise to you.

Our team of licensed technicians is also certified, highly trained and skilled to tackle any type of AC repair, and we’re quite experienced with all types of cooling systems as well. We can even help with your portable unit, window-type or split-type AC. Just let us know what you need help with and we will quickly dispatch a technician to your location, at the soonest possible time.

Also, we’re available around the clock! No matter the hour, we’ll always be there to help. We guarantee our labor and HVAC materials for up to two years for your peace of mind. And also because we’re quite confident with our skills.

Most importantly, we offer transparent pricing. Rest assured, there are no hidden costs. Want to know how we can help you? Contact us today!

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Call one of our air conditioning service technicians in Mansfield, TX, if you need assistance. We are always ready to help! Our services included any type of repair, installation and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure you’re satisfied with our services and we can achieve this by making sure all issues are permanently resolved. You can trust that we can get the job done the first time for we’re experts at what we do. Call Minuteman Heating & Air today for an appointment.

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