Homeowners’ Guide: Why You Need Regular Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

Homeowners’ Guide: Why You Need Regular Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

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Having a well-functioning HVAC system in your home requires regular maintenance to ensure that all parts are working efficiently. That will also improve your indoor air quality significantly since most people spend a chunk of their time in their homes. One of the crucial parts of the system to clean is the duct. The work of the duct system is the distribution of cool or heated air throughout the house.

The system is made up of sheet metal, fiberglass board, or a flexible plastic-and-wire composite for effective air supply. With time, these channels tend to collect lots of dust and debris that may contaminate the air. It is crucial to seek professional duct cleaning services to ensure you have a supply of clean and fresh air as well as a myriad of other reasons. Below are some of them.

Troubleshoot underlying issues within your HVAC system

Your HVAC unit may look fine on the outside, but the issues that lie on the inside remain unknown until a technician checks it out. During duct cleaning services, the professional is likely to use cameras to probe further into the duct to get a picture of the full extent of the buildup before cleaning. During the process, they will also see any underlying issues that you may not detect with ease. They can also check the ductwork for leaks or other damages that may require replacement.

Your local duct cleaning service technician can prepare a detailed report on the condition of the HVAC system by inspecting other parts, including filters, plenums, evaporator coils, and air handlers. Foreseeing potential mechanical issues on the system helps prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Eliminate musty odor

Every home has its unique smell, but mold contributes to stale odors that can settle in after a while. With time, mold and mildew tend to build up in the ductwork, especially when there is excess water buildup. The ductwork can sustain damages and cause water leakage inside the system, which results in mold accumulation. It is vital to have regular duct cleaning services since an expert can detect any signs of water leakage and contain the mold. Mold can be hazardous to your health and cause serious respiratory problems.

When offering duct cleaning services, professionals use antimicrobial chemicals to clean mold stains and avert future outbreaks. They also incorporate sealer or encapsulant to make the treated areas more resistant to water damage. Your local Arlington, TX, technician can also recommend and deliver air purification services to get rid of the musty odor.

Increase your HVAC lifespan

A quality system is estimated to last at least a decade before needing replacement due to old age. The HVAC system accumulates lots of dirt and debris with time, which tends to reduce its lifespan if you do not handle the issue on time. Pollutants find their way into your system through suction that the heating and cooling system creates when it runs. The particles that accumulate in the ductwork then reduce the airflow rate by increasing the physical resistance.

Consider scheduling regular professional duct cleaning services to prevent airflow resistance. The dust particles can coat your air conditioner’s internal parts, including the evaporator coils, and reduce their efficiency. During the cleaning process, the technician can also clean other internal parts to improve future performance, and that contributes to preventing recontamination. Clear and clean ducts mean the system does not have to work as hard to accomplish its goals.

Reducing irritants in the air

The HVAC system tends to attract lots of irritants from the air, which interfere with its performance. Microorganisms and harmful contaminants, including pollen and bacteria, are some of such substances, and they can negatively impact the air we breathe. Periodic air duct cleaning services ensure your home is clean and free from allergens. Pollutants and dust have the potential to trigger sneezing and coughing, as well as cause sinus problems or bronchial congestion. Professionals combat indoor air pollution with air purification technology such as the use of UVC lights. That technology kills microbes and keeps the equipment free of pathogens.

When seeking duct cleaning services, your local HVAC expert can install UVC lights in the ductwork system to keep bacteria away. They can also use photocatalytic oxidation and bipolar or plasma ionization to rid airborne particles, and that is effective in eliminating bacteria, mold spores, viruses, VOCs, and even odors from the air. Having a trained and certified specialist to clean blocked ducts will not only improve air quality but also help to enhance the HVAC system’s efficiency and avert breakdowns.

Eliminate respiratory problems

A well-maintained air duct translates to a clean air supply. Dirty ducts contain millions of tiny dust and dirt particles that travel through the air and rest on your furniture. For most homeowners specks of dust may not seem harmful on the furniture until you develop an allergy problem. When the dust particles accumulate over a long period, they end up affecting your sinuses, causing you to sneeze and cough now and then.

The dust particles may also find their way into your kitchen and settle in edibles. Although you may not have asthma, some of your family members would, and you probably want them to be as comfortable as possible while at home. A dirty duct may worsen pre-existing conditions and increase the chances of respiratory infections. Therefore, it would be wise to seek regular duct cleaning services and curb the above problems.

Reduced utility bills

A dirty ductwork system loses a lot of energy, and in turn, uses up more electricity than necessary. When the duct is clogged with debris and dust, they block the path of airflow, and the system overworks itself for it to reach the thermostat setting. When the system overworks, it may start producing unusual noises since it is trying to keep up. It also uses up excess energy, which will increase your utility bills.

A well-cleaned duct is energy-efficient and will save you lots of money along with keeping your home comfortable. During summer, your air conditioning system is up and running most of the day, and a well-cleaned unit will not use up a lot of electricity. So, always strive to get duct cleaning services regularly.

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