How An AC Works and Air Conditioning Repair | Arlington, TX

How An AC Works and Air Conditioning Repair | Arlington, TX

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Temperatures can occasionally rise above 100 degrees during a hot summer day in Arlington, TX, and it is not unusual for people to suffer from dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

It is vital to keep the young and the elderly safe, by having a reliable air conditioning repair service in case things go wrong. It is not only families that need such a reliable service, but businesses also need to keep their employees cool too, and many have precious merchandise that needs to be kept at low temperatures.

When lives and jobs are at risk people turn to Minuteman Heating and Air. We are committed to offering the very best air conditioning repair service to the community of Arlington at whatever time of the day or night.

How does an AC unit work?

A fan blows warm air from inside the room across the evaporator coils. The cold liquid refrigerant in the coil is in a volatile state and absorbs the heat from the warm air and it is quickly turned into a warm gas.

The now colder air returns to the room. The gas is now pumped through a compressor and is squeezed into a hotter higher-pressure gas. Later this gas passes through a condenser and after radiating its heat to the outside air turns back into a cold liquid again. And so, this cycle continues.

Air Conditioning Repair

Without regular maintenance, there is a good chance that you suffer a breakdown at some point. Several components in the AC unit need regular cleaning and replacing. You need to watch out for the following:

Frozen evaporator coil

An evaporator coil can freeze for many reasons. It needs to be cleaned regularly as dirt and grime will build up. This build-up acts as an insulator reducing the heat transfer between the warm air and cold coil.

This reduces the cold air coming back into the room and causes the AC unit to overwork to maintain the required temperature. This not only increases wear and tear on the unit but will also increase your energy bills.

To work properly an evaporator coil needs plenty of air to flow over it. Dirty air filters or dirty intake grills will reduce airflow and can cause the coil to freeze. Running the AC unit when the coil is frozen could make the compressor overwork and burnout, you need to switch the unit off and wait for the coil to thaw. You need to call Minuteman for an air conditioning repair.

Blocked Condenser

The condenser which is located outside the building also needs plenty of airflows to work properly. You need to keep the region all around the condenser unit free from plants and weeds or the condenser might be damaged.

Dirt and grime will accumulate on the condenser and cooling fins and reduce the amount of heat transferred from the compressor to the outside air. This too will need to be cleaned off regularly. Failure to do so will probably result in an expensive air conditioning repair.

Refrigerant Is Leaking from Your AC unit

Every AC unit needs an optimum level of refrigerant within it. Even a tiny leak will reduce the operational efficiency of your unit. Less refrigerant means less cold air and low refrigerant levels can cause the evaporator coil to freeze over.

Again, this can result in the compressor and other components overworking and burning out. If you spot a leak you should arrange a visit from one of Minuteman’s highly trained technicians, the longer you wait the more damage will be caused to your AC unit, and the greater the air conditioning repair bill.

Leaking Air Ducts

Your air ducts also need a regular examination. Any damage or any loose connections on the air ducts will result in cold air escaping into the crawl ways. It is estimated that between 20-30 percent of the AC unit’s energy output is lost in this way. So, save on your energy bills called Minuteman today.

Regular Maintenance

We at Minuteman Heating and Air in TX do highly recommend that you have your air conditioner unit frequently serviced and maintained. This will keep your AC unit operating at an optimum level, making it more energy-efficient, and saving you money in the long term.

Most of the problems associated with AC units are due to a lack of maintenance. Regular cleaning of the evaporator coil, condenser, and air duct and grills will reduce the risk of an expensive air conditioning repair.

Regular service from Minuteman will help put your mind at ease. As part of the service, we can check whether your thermostats are calibrated correctly, and even if they are positioned correctly.

You would be surprised how many thermostats are located directly in the sunlight; this will be giving the AC unit the wrong temperature reading and causing it to produce too little or too much cold air.

Minuteman Heating and Air Your Friendly Air Conditioning Repair Company

Minuteman Heating and Air know how vital it is to have dependable air conditioning, during a hot Texas summer and how stressful it can be when it breaks down. We have a dedicated team ready to bring the best air conditioning service to Arlington.

Our highly trained NATE-Certified technicians have considerable experience with all types of air conditioning systems. They carry a comprehensive range of equipment and spares in their vans and can carry out repairs quickly on most brands of AC units. We are one of the most trusted providers of air conditioning repair in Arlington and have spent many years of dedicated service earning that trust.

We offer emergency services twenty-four hours a day at all times of the day or night.

Customer Reviews

“Just used Minuteman Heating and Air, they came by and fixed my broken AC unit later the same day. Would use them again without hesitation.”

Sally Ward, Arlington, TX, October 2020

“Thanks to Minuteman we now have a working AC unit that keeps us nice and cool. The guys were politeness itself. We are very grateful to the Minutemen!”

Ray Adel, Arlington, TX, September 2020

The team at Minuteman Heating & Air is here for you!