How Can Certified Technicians Lead to Better Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington and Fort Worth Area?

How Can Certified Technicians Lead to Better Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington and Fort Worth Area?

It can be such a pain when the Texas summers are approaching and your AC affairs aren’t in order. The rising humidity makes you sweat all over the place. You decide to go home early one afternoon and take a nap in the comfort of your home. But what’s this? The AC is not cooling well enough or at all. There are leaks in the out-door unit of your AC, and the condenser is clogged. Oh dear! It’s time to contact a contractor for air conditioner repair in Arlington and Fort Worth Area.

What could have gone wrong with my AC?

There are a number of things that can go wrong with ACs. Let’s examine each one.

  1. Low Refrigerant: Refrigerant is the chemical that allows the AC to cool the air that comes out of the AC for your comfort. The level of refrigerant in the AC is known as the refrigerant charge. If this charge is too low it may indicate a leak or some other problem with the refrigerant system. Suppose, for instance, that you called for air conditioner repair in Arlington and Fort Worth Area for a problem. If the AC technician just adds more refrigerant, it is not the solution. He should check the pipes and other areas for any leaks and repair them, and then charge the system with the manufacturer recommended charge of refrigerant.
  2. Outside Fan or Unit Problems: This usually means that the outside unit of your Split AC is not receiving enough power to function properly or is affected by adverse weather conditions or the elements, such as dust or vegetation. It may also be due to a faulty thermostat or contactor problems. The outside-unit fan’s main purpose is to expel the heat out of your house so it is nice and cool inside. Problems with the fan of the outside-unit means that the heat from inside your house is not being transferred outside. This inefficient transfer can lead to the AC compressor to trip due to overheating. In some cases it can also damage the compressor badly. A company that offers air conditioner repair in Arlington and Fort Worth Area can help in discovering these problems before hand, during regular maintenance check-ups.
  3. Faulty Wiring or sensor problems: Haphazardly done or uncertified wiring can cause electrical damage and is risky for people who come into contact with them. You may get shocked if you come into contact with a wire that is exposed and not properly insulated. Uncertified and bad wires can trip circuit breakers and your AC may not get the power it needs resulting in poor performance. Also, your AC’s fan and compressor controls can wear out over time if it is turned on and off frequently. If you think your AC’s wiring is not proper, or there is a problem with your sensor, ask for and get air conditioner repair in Arlington and Forth Worth Area, from certified technicians, before your AC is permanently damaged.
  4. The Evaporator coil may be frozen: This is caused due to an irregular flow of air through the coil. The causes for this improper flow of air may be:
    1. Dirt clogging up the evaporator or low refrigerant charge
    2. A dirty air filter which prevents the heated air from flowing outside also increases energy usage causing higher utility bills
    3. A blocked air return grill which prevents fresh air from flowing into the system
    4. The thermostat senor, which is located behind the coil to measure temperature of incoming air into the coil, is knocked out of place or touches the coil evaporator. It can make the AC behave in an erratic fashion or cycle again and again.
  5. Clogged condensate drain: High humidity clogs the condensate drain. Check it periodically to avoid clogging and ensure it is draining properly. Room ACs may not drain properly if not mounted correctly.

Advantages of having NATE-certified technicians for air conditioner repair in Arlington and Fort Worth Area.

NATE stands for “North American Technical Excellence” which is a technical certification that allows technicians to be able to deliver quality service that the HVAC industry recognizes. Experts in HVAC, selected from throughout the country, oversee the whole certification process. So, when choosing a contractor for air conditioner repair in Arlington and Fort Worth Area, choose contractors and companies that have NATE-certified technicians as this holds significant advantages:

  1. The technician, with his superior skills and experience, will correctly pinpoint the exact problems with your AC and repair them as per high quality standards of the NATE technicians’ community. For air conditioner repair in Arlington and Fort Worth Area, please get NATE-certified certified professional technicians.
  2. NATE-certification is proof that the technician fully understands the technical as well as the hands-on aspects of the HVAC business, and will not treat your case like an amateur. The website of the contractor will list if their technicians are NATE certified, and you can ask for proof of certification when the technician is at your property.
  3. The technician you selected for air conditioner repair in Arlington and Forth Worth Area will ensure that your air conditioner is up-to-date and in good working condition. He will also advise you on how to perform routine tasks that will prevent any future problems, like clean your air filters and removing debris from the compressor/condenser. Also he would advise you to have regular maintenance checkups to prevent any big problems before they have a chance to happen.
  4. The technician will give you good advice on what size AC equipment would be suitable for your house so you can save on utility bills in the long run. The saying “bigger is better” doesn’t always hold true.

This enlightening article was for you to be vigilant the next time you have to get your AC fixed.

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