How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Repair Needs Down In The Off-Season | Mansfield, TX

How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Repair Needs Down In The Off-Season | Mansfield, TX

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Air conditioning repairs keep us very busy during the hottest days of the summer. We do all we can to help our customers get cool as soon as possible. One of the things we can do to help is off-season repairs and maintenance. Many of our summer calls are for problems that we actually have ways to test or inspect for and can take care of with air conditioning repair visits at our customers’ convenience before the summer starts to heat up. At Minuteman Heating and Air, our experts arrive with vehicles full of the tools and parts we need to serve our Mansfield, TX customers because we know what the most common air conditioning repairs tend to be. That means we also know what to look for when we do pre-season inspections, helping to increase the longevity, reliability, and efficiency of your home air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Repair Needs Can Often Be Identified During Maintenance

Many of the problems that result in underperformance or failure of your air conditioning system can be identified during maintenance through observation and testing, along with the experience our expert air conditioning repair technicians bring to every job. Since they have worked on hundreds or even thousands of systems, between their knowledge and manufacturer servicing and maintenance schedules, problems that are likely to be identified during the high demand of summer operation can be prevented by part replacement, adjustments, or cleaning of critical components. It’s one of many good reasons to schedule annual maintenance for your heating and cooling systems, as a preventive measure as well as a way to increase the efficiency and longevity of your unit.

Compressor Failure, Motor Failure, and Electrical Issues Can Often Be Detected by Testing

Many moving parts that are common air conditioners repair points such as your compressor, the motor that drives it, and other functions, and the electrical equipment that engages and disengages these components, can be tested for trouble by our air conditioning repair team. As these parts age, they may still operate but they will draw more current as they struggle to do their jobs, or provide other indications that the time to replace them is probably near. Our experts can often identify key components that typically fail under the challenges of summer operation, and make the needed air conditioning repairs before the heat of the summer sun makes downtime of your AC for repairs undesirable. Maintenance schedules and years of experience help guide our testing, as the age and model of your unit can help identify at-risk components. Understanding what repairs are likely to be needed now and in the near future can also guide your decision about upgrading to a new unit, taking advantage of possible off-season savings as well as avoiding tough midsummer choices when your system fails.

Basic Maintenance Items That Become Big Trouble Later On

Hoses, belts, filters, and other components that age and need replacement from time to time can be the cause of air conditioning failure during the summer, even though they may be simple for our team to identify and replace as part of a maintenance visit. A belt driving a fan, for example, usually shows signs of wear, cracking, or fraying long before it breaks, but when it does your system will no longer circulate the cool air it’s generating. Hoses are similar, showing clear signs of aging or wear in most cases, giving us a chance to replace them during maintenance and make another off-season air conditioning repair that would have shut down your system at an inconvenient time in the summer otherwise. Filters that are becoming blocked affect the performance of your system, and also increase the wear on related components such as pumps and fan motors that are moving the fluids or air through the filters.

Refrigerant, Condenser Maintenance, and Other Key Cooling Issues

Your air conditioning system can be working perfectly in almost all ways, but if the condenser is in bad shape or the coolant is insufficient, there will be poor cooling, or no cooling at all. As part of our cleaning and maintenance services, we make sure your condenser is in good shape and hasn’t been damaged by its time outdoors exposed to the weather, lawnmower clippings, and other factors. We’ll straighten the fins and check the condition of the tubes, making sure everything is ready to deliver maximum efficiency and effectiveness when your system is working hard for the summer. We’ll also make sure that the refrigerant pressure is ok since that is the secret to this kind of most air conditioners’ operation.

Electrical and Control Systems

The relays, wiring, sensors, and other control components of your air conditioning system also require attention and preventive maintenance. A technician may notice that a relay is making an unusual noise when it is activated, or that wires are burned or melted indicating a problem with the circuits. If you’ve had to reset the circuit breakers for your AC system in the past, that’s good to mention as it helps guide our maintenance and diagnostic process. We might also measure voltage and current in your system to identify marginal components or other signs that years of frequent operation have taken their toll. There’s one component, in particular, that may need replacing: your thermostat, which should probably be upgraded to an energy-saving model anyway.

Your Mansfield, TX Source for Preventive Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

We’re Minuteman Heating & Air, serving Mansfield, TX and the surrounding air with expert AC service from technicians who help keep you cool in the summer by noticing service needs in the off-season. An essential part of our care for your system is preventive maintenance, during which we identify and take care of problems while they’re not yet the cause of downtime, and perform cleaning and servicing to help your system last longer with higher efficiency. Call us to schedule your maintenance today.