How to Optimize Your Air Conditioning Efficiency | Tips from Your Trusted Mansfield, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Your air conditioning might seem to be in good working condition, but there are always innovative drills to get the best out of it. Some of these ways come in handy to significantly cut your expenditure on your energy bills. Furthermore, with the hot season just around the corner in Mansfield, TX, it is only wise to have your air condition system in at its best condition possible. The temperatures levels can get pretty overboard, and you do not want your home to turn into an oven. Any certified air conditioning service provider such as Minuteman Heating and Air Mansfield, TX, would recommend the following ways to get the best from your air conditioning:

Vacuum Your Vents and Clear Them of Any Obstruction

Indoor vents work best if they are cleaned of any debris and dust. This guarantees an appropriate airflow from your air conditioning service system.

Furthermore, ensure there are no obstructions near these vents. Furniture and any other items should be kept clear of the vents. If the vents are blocked, the air conditioning efficiency is reduced significantly since the conditioner is forced to overwork in trying to keep your room temperature bearable. Overworking the air conditioner may even cause mechanical damages in your system. If you want the vents to deliver cool air flawlessly into your rooms, then you have to clean then accordingly. It is always good to reach out to an air conditioning service technician to help you with such.

Keep Heat Producing Appliances Away from Your Thermostat

Ensure that any heat-producing appliance such as lamps is kept way off from the thermostat. The thermostat reacts to the surrounding temperatures to adjust your room’s temperatures accordingly. If you place a heat-producing appliance near it, it might send a deceiving message, and your thermostat will react and adjust the temperatures even when there is no need. Such prompts your air conditioning system to run even when it is not supposed to. Consequently, you might find your energy bills rising unexpectedly.

Always Keep Your Curtains and Blinds Closed During Hot Days

When it is summertime, the days might be scorching in Mansfield, TX. As such, it is always wise to keep your curtains down, and your blinds closed in a bid to keep off external heat. If your windows’ curtains are drawn, the external heat may find its way into your house and alter your air-conditioned internal atmosphere. Such reduces the efficiency of your system, which may be even forced to needlessly step up its operation to cover for the extra heat.

Insulate Exposed Ductwork

Specialists recommend that you get a qualified air conditioning service technician to insulate any of your ductwork that may be running in unconditioned spaces. This will ensure it does not leak your conditioned air when not needed. However, if you have the technical capability, you can use a UL 181-rated specialized duct-sealing tape to insulate your ductwork accordingly. While this drill might seem insignificant, it improves the efficiency of your conditioning system significantly. It is even highly recommended that during your maintenance checks that you have your air conditioning service specialist inspect your ductwork.

Keep Your Dryers and Oven Off on Hot Days

On a hot summer day in Mansfield, TX, it wise to try by all means to avoid using your dryer or oven. Dryers will cause warm air in your rooms while ovens release the same in High quantities. The extra warmth released by these appliances will offset the atmosphere set by your air conditioning service system. Consequently, your system is forced to work harder to restore normal conditions. Overworking the system significantly reduces its efficiency.

Clean Up Your Air Conditioning Drain Line

You should regularly clean up your air conditioning drain line to do way with any trapped dirt. Flushing a cup of an appropriate breach and rinsing it with a gallon of water will clean it correctly. A blocked drain will cause leakages that may cause pools of water in your basement.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

The efficiency of your outdoor condenser unit is highly compromised by debris and other forms of dirt. As such, you should regularly clean up its environs. Dispose of any gathered up leaves or undergrowth’s that might be near it. If already your unit is working inefficiently, you might need to reach out to an ac service technician to clean it up for you.

Regular Tune-Ups

Components of your air conditioning system need to be inspected regularly and replacements made if need be. Should you notice that any part is not working at the expected level, it is only wise to seek the professional help of your air conditioning service provider. If an element is not working well, it affects the working of other parts and the whole system as a whole. Other components, such as the wiring may be loose and may need tune-ups and reconnections to restore the system’s efficiency. If you are located in Mansfield, TX, you should consider reaching out to Minuteman Heating and Air to get your system optimized accordingly.

Adding Fans to Your Air Conditioning System

Fans can contribute immensely to your room’s ventilation and cooling system. They ensure that your air conditioner does not do all the conditioning work in your home. Consequently, less work means that your air conditioner will operate more efficiently.

Preventive Maintenance

During summer, your air conditioning system may run non-stop for a long time in the bid to create a bearable internal atmosphere in your home. As such break downs and malfunctions should be expected due to wears and tears. It is imperative to have regular preventive maintenance to detect possible issues before they alter the efficiency of your system. A good air conditioning service technician may come in handy for such a task.


If you want your air conditioning to be effective and dependable in the heat of summer, then the above-recommended drills should be in your to-do list. Some of them do not require sophisticated technical know-how, but those that do, contact Minuteman Heating and Air, a certified air conditioning service provider that offer such excellent services at affordable rates.