How You Can Repair Your Air Conditioner Yourself in Arlington and Fort Worth Area

How You Can Repair Your Air Conditioner Yourself in Arlington and Fort Worth Area

It’s definitely an understatement that people cannot survive without air conditioning in the hot weathers of Texas, because here, nobody can even think of surviving without an AC or at least a ceiling fan. Every household that can afford an air conditioner will be cooling themselves down during the summers and trying to stay indoors in order to avoid the unbearable heat from the sunrays.

Has your air conditioner recently gone bad?

Has it stopped cooling?

Have you been looking for easy ways to repair your air conditioner yourself without the hassle and extra burden of more expenses?

Well, you will find some of most helpful and simple hacks on air conditioner repair in Arlington and Fort Worth area right here.

How To Check Whether Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Or Turning On Completely

There are a few things you need to make sure of if your air conditioner isn’t cooling at all or if it isn’t even working. You need to make sure, first of all, that the air conditioner is even getting any power from the electrical panel. You can try resetting all the switches to see if it helps restart the air conditioner after it has been turned off and on again. You should also check the settings on the thermostat to make sure it’s not been meddled with, and lastly, make sure to check the condensate overflow switch as well.

If your air conditioner is turning on but it’s not cooling, you can try turning the power on and off. You should also regularly clean and change your air conditioners filter which gathers a lot of dust and dirt which also blocks cooling. Sometimes ice forms inside the coils and also blocks cooling, and in order to melt the ice, you will have to turn on the fan to let it melt out. You should also clean out the condensate drain and the outdoor compressor for cooling to begin. These are just a few things that will help you determine why your air conditioner is not cooling or not working properly and how you can fix them.


Simple Hacks on How to Repair Your Air Conditioner Yourself at Home

  1. Make Sure You Check Your Electrical Panel: By checking the electrical panel, you will figure out whether your air conditioner has a blown out fuse or a tripped breaker. If that seems to be the case, you can try by resetting the breaker by turning it off and on again or try replacing the fuse with a new one. If your new breaker also trips again, you will probably have to call in a professional electrician to help you out.
  2. Cool Thermostat: You can also make sure that your thermostat is on a cool setting such as a temperature of at least 3 degrees below your current room temperature.
  3. Turn The Power On: You need to make sure the switch inside the furnace or the outdoor condenser is on and that the compressor, which is usually inside metal box, isn’t turned off, and if so, should be turned on immediately.
  4. Get Rid Of The Cover On The Thermostat: First make sure you turn off the air conditioner’s power before removing the thermostats cover. Take off the body of the thermostat by pulling it out and then replace the batteries if required. Make sure to check that all the wires are attached and are not being pressed down by the cover of the thermostat. Replace the cover with a new one and wait for a couple of minutes before turning on the air conditioner again.
  5. Another Option If the Above Doesn’t Work: Open up your thermostat to unscrew and take out the wire from terminal Y and then put on the power once again. You need to be holding the wire in such a way that the open end of the wire reaches the terminal R and keep it held there for a few minutes. If your compressor automatically turns on, that means that there is something technically wrong with the thermostat and should be replaced. If the compressor doesn’t turn on, try turning the power off and on again or call a professional technician to check it out.


Warning Signs

Air conditioner repair in Arlington and Fort Worth area is completely affordable and reasonable in price and is a very common and everyday problem that people face. Sometimes you never realize your air conditioner is broken or is not working properly until one day it just dies out completely and you are left with no cooling in your home. It can become very unpleasant and uncomfortable especially during the summer time when the sun is at its peak. Here are some warning signs that may help you better understand when and why your air conditioning may have stopped working or cooling.

  • Warning 1 – your air conditioner isn’t turning on: Your air conditioner not turning on is warning sign that either your thermostat isn’t set properly or there isn’t enough power reaching the air conditioning unit, causing it to fail.
  • Warning 2 – Comfort level is dropping: Comfort comes hand in hand with the air conditioning air flow. If your AC isn’t cooling because there is a blockage in the airflow, you will automatically be in discomfort from the heat.
  • Warning 3 – High utility bills: If your utility bills have become increasingly higher than what they initially were, it’s probably because the filter in the air conditioner is dirty and is being clogged by condensing coil, which often gathers up dirt and dust.

So, here were some simple hacks on air conditioner repair in Arlington and Fort Worth area, and the warning signs, which tell you that your air conditioning needs to be fixed. Sometimes the problem can become bigger than what you’d expect, and calling in a professional electrician or technician is probably the best thing to do in times of need.