Indicators That Your Ducts Need Air Duct Cleaning Service | Grand Prairie, TX

Indicators That Your Ducts Need Air Duct Cleaning Service | Grand Prairie, TX

Most homeowners use HVAC systems for enhanced indoor air quality and thermal comfort. Dirty air ducts can prevent you from enjoying a peaceful and relaxing time in your house because of the musty, dusty, moldy, or congested indoor air.

You might notice traces of dust, insect droppings, and animal dander, which evoke adverse health allergies.

The reason behind the filthy air quality could be unclean ductwork. Most homeowners understand the importance of keeping the ducts clean.

But, they might not know when to call for an air duct cleaning service. Below are some signs that your air ducts need immediate cleanup to prevent adverse health issues and enhance comfort.

Clogged Air Filters

The ducts, which include supply and return air ducts, distribute warm or cool-conditioned air in your house. Incoming air flows through the supply air ducts and then to the return ducts through the air filter to your heater or cooling unit.

The filter removes all the contaminants that come with the conditioned air from the air ducts, allowing it to get to the heating and cooling system.

If the ducts are unclean and filled with debris, dirt, molds, and pet dander, the air filter is responsible for filtering them out. So, one way to know that your supply and return ducts require servicing and maintenance is by checking the filters.

Once you note your air filters get clogged after a few days of serving your cooling and heating needs, you should hire an HVAC contractor for air duct cleaning service. The technician should clean the air ducts and filters frequently to ensure you enjoy clean and healthy indoor air quality.

Visible Dust on the Surface of the Ductwork

HVAC ductwork is a completely sealed system using duct tape to stop air leakage, which increases utility bills. The sealing makes it almost impossible for homeowners in Grand Prairie, TX to know if they are dirty and need maintenance.

Air conditioner contractors can tell the ducts are full of dirt after inspecting them during the tune-up process. But, if you are the keen type, you might be lucky to notice dirt on the air ducts, especially at the joints. The dusty outer parts of the ductwork are a visible indicator of dirty ducts that require prompt air duct cleaning service.

Moldy or Musty Smell

An additional telltale sign that your air ducts are unclean and filthy is an unpleasant musty odor from the ductwork unit. The stale or earthy smell can permeate your house because the air from the air conditioner circulates everywhere within rooms.

Your children and workers might complain of headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, or nasal irritation once they inhale the musty smell. The odors and health effects should compel you to call for an air duct cleaning service to thoroughly clean and disinfect the ventilation system.

Poor Airflow

A cooling, heating, and ventilating system at its peak provides sufficient air that circulates adequately in your space for comfort. If you start noticing inadequate airflow that creates hot and cold spots in your house, it signifies a grave issue with your HVAC system. Most people suspect air filters as the culprit behind restricted air circulation, which is accurate.

But, you might notice the problem persisting after an expert cleans or replaces the air filters, indicating that the ducts are dirty. Filthy ductworks are another cause of the limited airflow in your home.

Calling for an air duct cleaning service is the solution to the airflow restriction issue. The experts start by removing all vent covers and washing them, vacuuming the air ducts to eliminate all forms of dirt and debris, changing air filters, and replacing the vent covers to restore the optimal efficiency of the system for better air quality.

Higher Cooling and Heating Bills

Homeowners in Grand Prairie, TX who observe and note their HVAC energy consumption cannot miss noticing a dramatic spike in their monthly utility bills. Many aspects lead to higher energy bills, but most people link it to HVAC equipment working harder to provide comfort.

One of the reasons why an air conditioner or heater struggles to operate and makes power expenses surge is having clogged air ducts. The filthy ducts can clog air filters and restrict airflow, which makes the air conditioner or heater use more power to provide thermal comfort in winter or summer.

In such a case, the high electricity bills indicate ductwork issues that need air duct cleaning service from a reliable and reputable HVAC company within the city.

Unusual Sounds from the Ducts

Air supply and return ducts are prone to produce weird noises due to closed dampers in the HVAC unit, disjointed ducts, poor installation, clogged air filters, and accumulated pressure. Each issue has different types of sound, as dirty filters can generate rattling, flapping, or bussing sounds as the air in the ducts tries to create a way through the debris.

The unexpected noises are indicators that your ventilation system is in dire need of tune-ups that include cleansing. It can be easier if you already have a maintenance plan with a renowned HVAC company that provides air duct cleaning service, saving you from the headache and time of looking for a certified technician.

Poor Air Quality

Last but not least, you can tell your ducts are unclean and need urgent cleaning by the dirty indoor air quality. The source of the air pollution in your house could stem from dirty air filters or vents, increasing the danger of allergic health issues.

Getting an air duct cleaning service professional to thoroughly clean the ductwork and the other parts of your HVAC unit is the best step to take to reduce the risk of illnesses and promote health.

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Since most people prefer to spend most of their time indoors during unbearable summer and winter seasons for thermal comfort, ensuring their heating, cooling, and ventilation units are at peak performance is imperative.

Air ducts can be a source of discomfort in your house if they are full of dust, mold, dirt, debris, and other indoor air pollutants. If you want an air duct cleaning service professional, contact Minuteman Heating & Air. We are an HVAC company that offers air conditioner, heater, and ductwork repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance services in Grand Prairie, TX, and surrounding areas. Buzz us today!

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