Keep Your Cool with Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

Keep Your Cool with Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

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During these scorching hot Texas summers, make sure your home and office are getting their air circulation needs adequately met. What you need is a contractor for comprehensive air conditioning service in Arlington, TX. These guys can ensure that your business and home are cool during the hottest season of the year.

After last year’s extreme cold front, this blazing hot sun has been a severe shock, to say the least. The chances are that your air conditioner was ignored all winter, and now you can’t help but make it your best friend. But it’s just not in the mood. Who would be, if they were ignored for several months a year?

They’ve stopped working, and you need help from a reliable air conditioning service in Arlington, TX. Has your AC unit been giving you trouble? Of course, you might need to get a new AC system installed. No problem! AC repair and replacement technicians can do all that and a lot more.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to keep your Texas home cool during the summers:

System Maintenance is Important

Last summer, you thought, “We’ll get it done next summer.” Well, if you don’t want your family to be left without air-conditioning on a 103-degree day, the time is NOW! Even if your AC unit is relatively new and well-running, it still needs regular maintenance every year.

Your AC unit is exactly like a car in that it can last for ages if it gets preventative maintenance to keep it running. Your kids can inherit it too!

And that’s why, it is essential to have an excellent air conditioning service in Arlington, TX at your side. Your AC technician will turn down the thermostat to check the unit’s default temperature. This should be some 20 degrees colder than the house. They’ll check the blower amps, speed and static. They’ll make sure the drain line and filter are clean, and if required, replace these.

Your AC technician will carry out a thorough inspection of the unit, clean it up, tune it out, and get it ready for the summertime. It is important to remember that this checkup will not guarantee that nothing will go wrong. As mentioned earlier, it is just preemptive maintenance to deal with any potential problems that may turn up during the summer. And air conditioning service in Arlington, TX can do that for you.

ACs Aren’t Built To Last

Texas heat doesn’t let air conditioners last longer than 12 to 15 years. The outside units are manufactured to work optimally at up to 96 degrees. With every additional degree of heat, the strain builds on your AC. So even if your AC has lasted a lot longer than average, it has probably become inefficient.

Also, just a tip, when you replace the AC, you’ll also have to get a new heat pump or furnace. Everything should match. Carry out an energy audit with the right air conditioning service in Arlington, TX. They can also help you improve the ductwork, add insulation, and carry out weather stripping.

Change the Filter

This summer, make it your life’s aim to check the filter every month.

If your AC has a 1-inch filter, it needs to be replaced every month. A 2-inch filter will give you three months max. A 4-inch filter will last six months at most. Make sure you know which one is right for your system and have your AC tech confirm it. The higher the MERV rating, the less air gets through so it should be less than 7.

Wash the Drain Line

An AC that’s working fulltime in Texas summers is removing up to 10 gallons on water, i.e. humidity from the air. If that water doesn’t have an outlet, it will back up and eventually flood within the house. Your air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, can clean the drain line at least four times a year. Yes, you may do it yourself as well. But professional AC technicians go always do one better by flushing the drain line using a bleach solution to remove any calcium and gunk build up from the drain line.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Just like the filter, you also have to let the outdoor unit freshen up once in a while. An air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, can keep the condenser coils clean to prevent the capacitor from exceeding limits, and getting too hot. If this happens, you will have to get the capacitor repaired or replaced.

The outer should be washed with water from the top of the hail guard to the bottom, do this at least four times a year, or at least in the summers. Before getting air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, make sure that the outdoor unit is kept away from grass, plants, shrubs and you can spray insect repellent around it to keep ants and other insects away.

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