Keeping Cool: Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

Keeping Cool: Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

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Air conditioner installation is never something you should attempt on your own. The dangers of trying to install your own unit or system are far too many and the risks outweigh the benefits. If your unit happens to be one that is installed inside a window sill, the chances are great that you may end up injured as the result of a DIY experiment in attempting installation. For those who reside in Mansfield, TX or other surrounding areas, there is a solution, and that solution happens to be Minuteman Heating and Air.

With those imminent Texas summers sweeping in to bring the residents a healthy blast of heat, good air conditioner installation is a must for the people of Mansfield and beyond. Air conditioners have three primary components that work together to give you the best in quality cooling: an evaporator, a condenser, and a compressor. Each has a specific function designed for the proper operation of your AC unit, and when one fails, the whole system goes.

The compressor is responsible for pumping the refrigerant into the condenser, which then converts it into a gas. The gas enters the evaporator and turns to liquid form again, and is then disbursed to cool the area that needs to be cooled. The entire process keeps on repeating until the unit is shut off or it stops working altogether.

There are four different causes of air conditioner breakdowns, one of which is that your AC’s filter may be dirty or heavily polluted. Clogged or dirty air filters greatly reduce the air flow needed, and having them replaced should be part of your preventive upkeep so that you won’t have to spend too much money right away on brand-new air conditioner installation.

A vast accumulation of excess dirt and grime can occur on your AC’s fans. In fact, when dirt collects on the fan blades it can impede their ability to work properly. In fact, your fans may stop working altogether. Instead of replacing them, it may be time to upgrade to a new system. Air conditioner installation may become necessary if this happens or your fans happen to be breaking down due to age, wear or tear.

Dirty coils may lead to an eventual breakdown of your AC unit, thus necessitating the need to have brand new air conditioner installation services for those living in Mansfield, TX. Dirty condenser coils, in fact, can get so clogged that they end up trapping the air inside your unit and causing it to overheat, thus resulting in a smoky odor indicative of a unit breakdown. When this happens, there is only one option: new air conditioner installation.

Excess water or moisture that pools around your air conditioner is a sign of possible breakdown due to age. The liquid that leaks out of the motor could actually be the refrigerant coming out of it. Your thermostat could also be working overtime to try to get the air conditioner to cool your home or your room continuously, and your monthly energy expenses will increase drastically as a result. Too much warm air coming out of your air conditioner and not enough cooling during the hot Texas summers could invite a recipe for disaster as you fight to stay cool inside.

Weak airflow that could result from a clogged filter or dirty fans has an impact on the ability of TX residents to remain cool in spite of the increasing heat of summer. For ductwork systems, something could be clogging your ducts, and it could be anything such as garbage, tree branches, dust or dirt that collects in the duct work over time.

Also, your AC system or unit may suddenly emit strange or bizarre noises from within. These could happen due to impending motor failure or general system failure. Age can be a contributing factor, as the AC’s motor gradually declines over time with too much wear and tear from overuse. Buzzing noises may be the result of loose parts that need to be replaced right away, but if the unit whistles or grinds, odds are a much more serious problem is at hand. The sound is not going to get any better but will only worsen over the course of time, and that’s when you need to call on a professional for new air conditioner installation services.

Older units that constantly turn on and off are going through a process known as rapid cycling. This is when it shuts on and off constantly as the AC constantly struggles to provide you with quality cooling but can’t. Sometimes, all you need is a simple tune up on an old system, but there may be times when too many tune ups or repairs appear to be occurring at a much more frequent rate than is normal for your unit.

The professional team at Minuteman knows just how stressful losing your air conditioning can be. You can only imagine the stress and headache of turning on your unit only to have warm air flowing out in spite of the fact that the hot sun is glaring at you through the window and spreading its massive heat. Inefficiency is a common issue with older systems, which only means that it’s time to call a licensed professional to assess your need for air conditioner installation.

New air conditioning systems have so many perks to offer, and once installed, you may find that you can rediscover your overall livelihood during the summer months. In fact, having a new air conditioning system installed gives you the satisfaction that costly repairs may become a thing of the past. Plus, most of the newer systems come with the Energy Star and use refrigerants that are chemically designed to be less toxic to the environment.

New air conditioner installation provides you with the type of quiet cool your home needs just for your relaxation and enjoyment. No more loud, cranky motors, no more foul or funny odors and and end to refrigerant leaks are all the more reason to call a professional at Minuteman Heating and Air today.