Keeping Your Cool: Knowing When You Need AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

Keeping Your Cool: Knowing When You Need AC Repair | Mansfield, TX

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With the summer heating up, those living in Mansfield, TX have come to rely on their air conditioners to bring them the indoor cool needed to keep the heat out. Consistent indoor cooling is key, and when the AC goes out, residents know it’s time to call on a professional for good, quality AC repair service.

Your AC has unique ways of letting you know when it’s on the brink, and when it is, nothing can catch you more unaware than the unpleasant feel of hot air coming out of your unit when you turn it on. Strange, clanging noises, funny odors, and the AC turning on and off at will are the worst signs of trouble and comprise the need for AC repair service.

Being outdoors in the Texas summer is a good thing, and knowing that the comforting cool awaits you at home is just the reward you need for working and playing in the outdoors. Thankfully, Minuteman Heating and Air offers the best in AC repair and maintenance service, and services include ac repair, new unit installation, and routine maintenance. These services and more are part of what the professionals at Minuteman are trained to do.

Refrigerant leaks, frozen evaporator coils, blocked condensers, and leaking ducts are just a handful of the types of problems that homeowners in Mansfield, TX will experience when owning and using an AC unit. Good AC repair encompasses all these services and more, and with the expertise of a qualified contractor, these problems can be readily addressed in the nick of time.

Refrigerant leaks impact the working order of your AC unit. In fact, they affect how the heat energy in your unit is processed. When a leak happens, the coils become frozen and ineffective to the point where they are no longer functional. Your AC may burn out due to the stress of not having enough refrigerant available to keep your area cool, which may result in a burnt, smoky smell and the need to have your unit replaced.

If your unit’s evaporator coil freezes as the result of a refrigerant leak, then the air flow of your air conditioner will be greatly impacted. In fact, you may get very little to almost no cool air coming from your unit, and that can be a headache during those long, hot summer months. Other causes of frozen evaporator could be dirty air filters or air return grilles with a restricted air flow due to the grille being too close to a wall or furniture.

When this happens, the best advice is to leave your AC off until you call a contractor. After the contractor looks at it, you can determine the problem so the repair process can begin.

With a blocked condenser, your best bet is to keep it free of grass and other debris, as they can exaggerate the problem before you are able to get it fixed. In fact, keeping any debris or object at a minimum distance of three feet will help keep the air flowing more consistently without interruption.

Joint seals should be inspected within your ducts as part of your annual AC repair service. If anything, joint seals have the tendency to loosen up over time, as they can easily break through wear and tear. During the inspection, the contractor can reseal or replace these joint seals so that your air conditioner can continue to provide the quality cooling your home needs in the midst of summer.

Poor dehumidifying, inconsistent cooling, and increased energy bills may be telling you its time to bury your old ac unit and consider investing in a brand new one. When your unit gets so creaky that it suddenly puts out more moisture than actual cooling, then its time to put it to rest and replace it with a newer one. Minuteman can replace old units and install brand new ones as part of your AC repair service, which means that you can enjoy more cooling and save more money on your monthly energy bills.

When the total amount of your repair bills exceeds the value of your current unit, having it replaced can be the best investment ever. The advantages of a new AC unit are many: you can enjoy better solvency in terms of the unit’s overall sustainability, which means that you can enjoy hours of the freshest possible cooling without the hassle of breakdown and the high cost of AC repair.

The good news about newer systems goes well beyond the environmental sustainability factor in that a newer and more improved refrigerant is used. With this new type of cooling liquid, repairing your system may become less of a hassle, and these liquids are not as toxic as their older counterparts. Plus, they provide hours of effective cooling without interruption.

With newer units comes far less noise and clanging. In fact, hours of quiet cool are now the norm for residents as they sit to relax in the comfort of their own homes after a day of being out in the summer heat. When it comes to the joy and peace of silent comfort, there is none higher. And with the added enjoyment of a greater lifespan, who could ask for more?

New or no, keeping up with your air conditioner is vital to the long term health of your system. In fact, regular maintenance is highly recommended for the life of any air conditioner so that its vitality may remain intact for as long as possible. It is highly recommended that you have your unit inspected twice a year to check for any problems that may happen without notice. Having the refrigerant levels checked, making sure your coils and condenser are in good, quality working order, plus inspecting the motor and fan are all a vital part of a strong operating system that provides hours of cooling comfort for your home.

AC repair and maintenance are essential for the comfort of your home. Knowing when to repair or replace your unit is something that must be determined by a professional. You can call or visit Minuteman Heating and Air online for an appointment today.