Learn All About Heat Pumps With Your Reliable Air Conditioner Installation Technician | Mansfield, TX

Learn All About Heat Pumps With Your Reliable Air Conditioner Installation Technician | Mansfield, TX

The comfort of your house is highly dependent on the temperature and the ambiance in the home. Therefore, if you live in an area such as Mansfield, TX, where temperatures fluctuate from hot to cold, you will need an air conditioner installation technician to incorporate a heat pump to help you achieve the comfort you seek. A heat pump has a technology that will provide comfort and reliability throughout the year. When professionally installed by a certified technician, the operation of a heat pump is like a refrigerator. It moves the hot air from a cool room to a warm room. Therefore, the heat pump transfers heat from the freezing outdoors to your home during winter. On the other hand, during summer, it transfers heat from your house to the warm summer outdoors.

Operation of a Heat Pump

Before you have an air conditioner installation technician install a heat pump, you should know how it works. A heat pump system has two coils made of a compressor and copper tubing. One loop of the system is located inside the house, while the other stays outside. The outdoor and indoor loops are covered with an aluminum fin to enhance heat transfer. During the heating mode, the outer coils pull heat from the environment, which is then converted to gas. Consequently, the indoor coils release the refrigerant heat and condense the extracted gas into a liquid. Close to the compressor is a reversing valve that changes the condensed liquid’s direction to enhance the defrosting and cooling of the outdoor coils in winter.

How Much Energy Do Heat Pumps Save?

It is important to note that, unlike a furnace that converts electricity or fuel into heat energy, a heat pump only transfers heat from one place to the next. The heat pump uses a principle that allows the air conditioning system to transfer heat from the outside to inside your house or vice versa. Notably, the heat transfer by heat pumps is done in any direction. Although the heat pump does not convert heat, it can reduce the heating cost of your Mansfield, TX home by 60% compared to a new furnace when installed by a qualified air conditioner installation technician.

The highly efficient heat pumps also perform the function of dehumidifying, which is better than regular air conditioners, thus meaning less energy usage for your home during summer. Therefore, besides good energy ratings, you should consider purchasing a heat pump with demand-defrost control. A technician must install the system to enjoy less energy consumption.

However, the heat pump will offer limited efficiency if there is a considerable temperature difference between the evaporator and the condenser. Therefore, it may be less efficient in extreme winters and summers.

Advances Responsible for Increased Efficiency of Modern Heat Pumps

Some modern heat pumps reduce electricity usage by about 50% and are very efficient when installed by a qualified air conditioner installation professional. Some of the advances contributing to the increased efficiency include;

  1. Thermostatic expansion valves.
  2. Copper tubing.
  3. Enhances coil design.
  4. Two-speed compressor designs and a modernized electric motor.
  5. Variable speed blowers.

Types of Heat Pumps

When looking for a heat pump, it is essential to consult an air conditioner installation technician before buying one. With their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, an AC repair and installation technician is best suited to advise you on the type of heat pump that will satisfactorily suit your needs. Although there are only three types of heat pumps in the market, each type has varying advantages and disadvantages. In addition, even with the input of your air conditioner installation technician, you need to understand what each model offers before committing to one.

Air-Source Heat Pump

The Air-Source heat pump is well known for its efficient heating and cooling capabilities. When installed correctly by a reliable air conditioner installation professional, it can also help you save up to three times your energy heating needs. Although this type has been used all over the country, it has only recently started being used in regions with sub-freezing temperatures. According to research, an air-source heat pump can save up to 6200 kWh compared to oil systems and 3000 kWh compared to electric resistance heaters. This savings translates to about 300 dollars annually.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

The geothermal heat pump is also known as geo-exchange, ground-source, or earth-coupled. This heat pump uses the earth’s temperature for heat exchange instead of the environment’s temperature. This is because the temperature a few meters below the ground, underground temperature, is always constant regardless of the current season. Therefore, during winter, the ground is warmer compared to the air. Some of the significant advantages of the geothermal heat pump are that they last longer, require minimal maintenance compared to the air-source heat pump, and are quieter. Some models have variable fans and two-speed compressors for increased energy saving. A qualified air conditioner installation technician will effectively install the geo heat pump in your Mansfield, TX home and offer you all the advantages.

Ductless, Mini-Split-System

You should have an air conditioner installation technician set up these systems if your house doesn’t have air ducts. It is also ideal when you are doing an extension of your home without extending the HVAC ducts. The ductless mini-split units have two systems, the indoor handling unity and the outdoor compressor, like the regular heat pumps. Unlike the standard heat pumps, they have a conduit that houses the power cables, condensing drain, refrigerant tubing, and suction tubing. The conduit also connects the outdoor and indoor units.

Heating pumps are essential to navigating the rapidly changing climate and temperature seasons. Not only will they give you the necessary temperature in your home at a lower price, but they will also incorporate advantages such as dehumidifying your home. Contact us at Minuteman Heating & Air today for guidance on the best-suited type for your home.

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