Mini-Split Heat Pump | Heating and AC in Arlington, TX

Mini-Split Heat Pump | Heating and AC in Arlington, TX

If you are considering upgrading your heating and AC in Arlington, TX for a higher energy efficiency model, consider a mini-split heat pump for zone control system. A zone control system provides you with the ability to heat and cool the rooms you want to, rather than the entire home. With a mini-split heat pump you can obtain zone control, without the need for ducts.

How it Works

Each temperature zone or room, has its own separate thermostat to regulate the temperature in the area. This means that you can set different temperatures in different rooms with a mini-split heating and AC in Arlington, TX.

Not everyone is comfortable at the same temperature With a mini-split heat pump you can ensure everyone is comfortable, and save money. If you are not paying to heat
and cool the entire home to the same temperature, you may be able to reduce the cost of heating and cooling. A ductless mini-split heat pump also saves you money by eliminating energy loss through leaky ducts, and eliminates the expense of installing ductwork where none exists. Besides being an energy efficient heat pump, the mini-split enables you to heat and cool only the rooms you choose, resulting in a reduced energy bill.


Mini-split heat pump systems are easier to install than other types of heating and air conditioning systems. For example, the labor and expense of ducts is eliminated, and the mini-split only requires a three-inch hole through a wall for the conduit to connect the outdoor condenser to the indoor air handler. If you have been using window units, a mini-split system will eliminate the risk of an intruder through a window with an AC in it.

Other Uses

A mini-split heat pump is an excellent option for homes and room additions lacking ducts for central heating and air conditioning,  In addition to providing a comfortable home and energy efficiency, a mini-split heat pump can also improve air quality. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC for answers to your questions, and/or to schedule installation of heating and AC in Arlington, TX.

Mini split heat pump system consists of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handling unit.  Each room or zone has its own air handler, and thermostat. The air handler provides the conditioned air. The connection between the condensing unit and air handler only requires a three inch hole.

Each air handler uses a remote control for easy operation, and control of the temperature. Each area with an air handler can be set with its own temperature, independent of other rooms or areas. You can compare it to each room having its own heating and air conditioning.  Custom temperatures are unique to the mini-split heat pump. It is an ideal solution for those with unused rooms that do not require heat or air conditioning all of the time. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC to schedule installation of heating and AC in Arlington, TX.

It is There When You Need it, Where You Need it

The mini-split heat pump offers an energy efficient alternative for central HVAC systems. Many homeowner’s and property managers find them to be a solution for room additions, garages and workshops, basements, attics, guest houses, apartments and vacation homes. Contact our NATE certified technicians today to schedule installation of a mini-split heat pump or other heating and AC in Arlington, TX.

Energy Efficient

Central heating and air conditioning systems often lose energy via the duct work. In fact, up to 30% of the conditioned air can be lost to ducts in need of repair or resealing.  Ductless mini-split heat pump systems do not have ducts to lose conditioned air,  delivering the full effect of the energy you pay for. Furthermore, the mini-split is a heat pump, producing 4 units of energy for every unit it consumes. If you are concerned with energy efficiency, the mini-split heat pump is an option for a number of homes heating and AC in Arlington, TX.

Improved Air Quality

The central HVAC system pulls air into the air handler, across the evaporator coil and through an air filter. The mini-split heat pump improves air quality by providing an air handler in each room or zone, with its own air filter for cleaner air. In addition, there is less dust in circulation because the mini-split does not use ducts. Furthermore, bacteria and viruses may not be as readily circulated throughout the home. The mini split helps to provide a healthier home, and a healthier you. It is especially beneficial to persons with allergies, asthma and chronic respiratory conditions.

Quieter Operation

The mini-split heat pump operates quietly, without disturbing your sleep, or your neighbors.

Year Round Comfort

The mini-split heat pump  provides both heating and air conditioning for your year round comfort. It also offers energy efficiency while providing individualized temperatures for each room or zone. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC today to schedule the installation of mini-split heating and AC in Arlington, TX.

For answers to your questions, to receive an estimate, or to schedule installation of a  mini split heat pump or other heating and AC in Arlington, TX for your home, contact Minuteman Heating & AC today. Our NATE certified technicians will provide the professional expertise that meets and/or exceeds the industry standards for service you can trust.  We offer a broad range of professional services for your home, including installation, maintenance, repair, and air quality solutions. Minuteman Heating & AC  offers superior service in Arlington, Mansfield and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.