Minuteman Heating & Air Specializing In Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

Minuteman Heating & Air Specializing In Air Conditioning Repair | Mansfield, TX

The good people of Mansfield, TX know that during the summer months the average temperature is around 95 degrees or higher. If you want to be comfortable during May, June, July, August, and September then making certain your air conditioner is in good condition is key to that comfort. Otherwise, it is like bathing in hot bathwater, or arid, dry heat that leaves you exhausted and thirsty.

The heat is not just uncomfortable. It can be dangerous for people who have pulmonary conditions like asthma or chronic bronchitis. There are hundreds of sunstroke cases every year. It is necessary to have a refuge from the heat and that is why air conditioning repair is in high demand throughout Texas, and the United States.

The Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

An expert HVAC team member from Minuteman Heating and Air will thoroughly inspect your air conditioning system and complete any air conditioning repair that is required.

They will review all of the following parts:

Investigate System Components

Investigating each of the system’s components reviews the machine to ensure it does not need an air conditioning repair. Check to ensure that the machine is going through a proper cycle and the safe operation for any heating, vent, and air conditioning system. It’s important to regularly review the components of your machine to make sure they start, operate, and shut off without any issues.

Lubricate Mobile Components

Lubricating the parts of any air conditioner is a simple way to avoid an expensive air conditioning repair. Doing so ensures that no unnecessary damage is impacting moving components when met with friction. When there is not enough lubrication it makes each part deteriorate quicker which means more parts and more frequent visits for air conditioning repair.

Secure Every Electrical Connection

It is tantamount to your safety to secure every electrical connection in the air conditioner. Regular maintenance will ensure the electrical components are safely working. By tightening and checking the electrical network it protects the integrity of your air conditioner requiring fewer callouts for an air conditioner repair.

Check Thermostat Health & Settings

Checking the accuracy of a thermostat and settings is part of any good, professional air conditioning repair service. The thermostat needs to be installed by an expert where it is a safe distance from any heating sources like light bulbs, appliances that produce heat, or solar power cells

Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance Tasks Completed by Minuteman Heating & Air During A Routine Service.

  1. Measure the amperage and the voltage for proper operation of the blower and motor.
  2. Calibrate and measure the thermostat.
  3. Replace the air filter
  4. Investigate bearings for wear and lubricate them if in decent shape. Replace if not.
  5. Review outdoor coil
  6. Flush and clean the condenser with an anti-algae cleanser.
  7. Monitor the operation of the refrigerant.
  8. Ensure all safety devices are operating at peak efficiency.
  9. Inspect the electrical box when disconnected. Make sure it has a good rating and is installed professionally.
  10. Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring and connections
  11. Look for burned, damaged contacts and replace them or fix them with an air conditioning repair
  12. Investigate for exposed electrical wires that may be a fire hazard.
  13. Test capacitors, fan blades, condenser coils and remove dirt and debris from each part.
  14. And many other tasks to make sure you do not need an expensive air conditioner repair this summer!

Air Conditioning Repair in Mansfield, TX

Air conditioners are crucial to comfortable living in most places throughout Texas. Minuteman Heating and Air are proud to serve Mansfield, TX. We pick the best and brightest heating and air conditioning technicians in the region. Minuteman offers competitive pay, benefits, and a supportive team where advancement is always open to our team members.

We ask a lot in return for being a great place to work. Potential employees must pass a thorough background check into their criminal and credit history. We protect our customers by trusting who we hire. We do not hire anyone we would not invite to our homes for a party.

Minuteman Heating and Air employees are also required to submit to regular (surprise) drug and alcohol tests. We offer the opportunity for our technicians to sharpen their skills every year with resources to learn more about their craft. We also provide a living wage while keeping our services affordable to everyone in the area.

Customer Feedback

Minuteman Heating & Air really saved our bacon back in January. Our old boiler finally stopped working and we were left freezing at night. Minuteman showed up the very next day and gave us a free estimate on the spot. We hired him immediately and within an hour and a half, we had a new boiler installed and working like a dream. We have been very warm since then. Thank you Minuteman Heating and Air.”

Winston Shroder, Dallas, TX

“I knew there would be a problem with our air conditioner because last summer it would turn off on its own accord and sometimes take a really long time to cool the house. I called around and found that Minuteman Heating and Air was the most affordable and highly rated HVAC company in greater Dallas, Texas. They helped me through the entire process, from choosing the right appliance to installation, and maintenance. They truly made it easy to replace the unit and I was worried about it too because I was not sure if I would have to hire a separate company to install the unit. Luckily, Minuteman Heating and Air carried out the whole project seamlessly. Fantastic job, Guys!”

Jon Ingers, Dallas, TX

“The very best heating and air conditioning company in greater Dallas! If you need care for your boiler, furnace, vents, or air conditioner go straight to Minuteman Heating and Air! You will be grateful you did, and your bank balance will see savings too! It is the best value in greater Dallas to keep comfortable all throughout the year!

Sam Jones, Dallas, TX

For any of your heating and air needs give Minuteman Heating & Air a call today!

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