Minuteman Heating And Air – The Best AC Repair Services | Arlington, TX

Minuteman Heating And Air – The Best AC Repair Services | Arlington, TX

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Your air conditioning is designed to provide a cool and comfortable environment in your living space, and when it fails, you might be in for a long, hot summer. However, you can prevent home comfort dilemmas by seeking a replacement, maintenance, or AC repair services from an HVAC professional.

At Minuteman Heating and Air, we can repair your air conditioning system and ensure it operates at optimal capacity. We have industry-best, certified technicians who won’t rest until your system is safe and efficient.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

As temperatures start to rise in Arlington, TX, it’s clear that summer is around the corner. You’ll want to ensure that your AC is in perfect shape to keep your interior cool.

But how can you tell your AC needs a little care? Here are the most common warning signs that call for an AC repair service:

  • The AC doesn’t turn on– Your AC can overheat and turn itself off, or the problem might be caused by a tripped breaker or faulty wiring.


  • Refrigerant leak– A leaking refrigerant is characterized by a hissing sound. The leak is not only harmful to the environment, but also reduces the system’s efficiency.


  • Hot air- A broken compressor or a refrigerant leak can make the AC to blow hot air.


  • Low airflow– You may feel cool air when you place your hand close to the vent. However, if the air isn’t blowing adequately, it may be a problem with your fan or motor.


  • Unusual sounds- An air conditioner that works well should run almost quietly, and only the motor should produce sound when running. Unusual sounds such as grating, squealing, grinding, and any other loud noises mean that you need AC repair ASAP.


  • Unusual smells– Strong, unpleasant odor coming from the HVAC system signifies that the wire insulation is burned and should be replaced. Besides, molds can produce a musty smell and compromise the health of your family members.


  • Frequent cycles– Your AC is supposed to go through regular cooling cycles regardless of the weather. It shouldn’t cycle off and on frequently, although you can expect it to turn on more often if the weather is too hot.


  • Uneven cooling- If you notice that some areas of your home are warm and others extremely cold, it could be a problem with insulation.


  • Frozen AC coil– A refrigerant leak or dirty air filters can freeze the AC coil.


  • Unusually high power bills– Even though utility bills fluctuate a little from month to month, a considerable increase in your energy bills indicates your system isn’t working correctly.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

The AC system relies on several components to function effectively. You can trust the professional team at Minuteman Heating and Air to provide unsurpassed AC repair services. These services include and are not limited to;

Circuit board repair

The circuit board is tiny yet essential for the proper functioning of electrical appliances. When the circuit board fails, remote or wall-mounted controllers may not respond as expected.

Typically, finding the fault in a circuit board is an uphill task. Circuit board repair requires extra precision as the chances of blunder are pretty high. Our AC repair professionals understand the contact points and have the expertise to repair broken circuit boards. When you seek the services of our Arlington, TX technician, you can rest assured that we’ll find the faults in your circuit board and repair the problem quickly, so you can continue enjoying a cool, fresh environment.

Thermostat repair

Thermostat malfunctions interfere with the smooth running of the cooling system. Your air conditioner may run almost nonstop or have short cycles due to a defective thermostat. This problem is evident when your living space starts to feel warmer than the temperature you wanted.

Our AC repair experts will help determine your thermostat problem and solve it using state of the art technology. We will also advise if your HVAC model is outdated and needs an upgrade.

Motor repair

An AC motor might fail due to overheating or the presence of dirt inside the AC cabinet. The motor breakdown can go unnoticed for some time and put a lot of stress on the compressor, reducing the HVAC system’s lifespan. The AC can also fail completely in unlikely occurrences.

The fan motor is among the most hardworking components of an AC, making it susceptible to wear and tear. It’s essential to have your AC frequently checked by our AC repair expert to ensure it continues to blow cold air on hot days. We’ll be happy to repair the damaged parts of the HVAC system and have your motor rotating as usual.

Air duct system repair

Your air duct’s role of moving cold and hot air in your home makes it a fundamental part of the HVAC system. A broken air duct system significantly lowers the HVAC system’s energy efficiency. A lot of energy is lost if there is a damaged, leaking, or torn duct. In essence, you end up incurring more costs in one season than it would have cost you to repair the air duct system.

Minuteman Heating and Air specialists can help you avoid wasting money and energy by inspecting your air duct system to identify problems. We’ll then explain to you the possible solutions and fix the issue ASAP. In no time, you will have the comfort that you desire in your home.

Need AC Repair Services? Let’s Talk Serious Business!

At Minuteman Heating and Air, we are available around the clock to repair and service all HVAC systems brands. We offer top-notch and dependable services at competitive prices to all residents of and the nearby cities. Our technicians are rigorously trained, insured, and licensed to solve any Air Conditioning problem. We don’t leave any stone unturned until you’re 100% satisfied.

Whenever you need AC repair services, contact us, or schedule an appointment with us today!