Minuteman is the Best Heating and AC Repair in Arlington, TX

Minuteman is the Best Heating and AC Repair in Arlington, TX

The fluctuation of temperatures around the year can be pretty sudden. One day you can be sitting pretty with just a T-shirt on, watching TV, and the next thing you know, you can be flabbergasted with a gust of cold wind or a sudden chill that you didn’t anticipate. The reverse can happen as well when you feel sweaty inside your socks or inside your three layers of shirts as winter nears spring.

Man has learned to make a little corner of the world for himself in these situations. Heating units and Air Conditioning units installed all over the world are a testament to this. They are hyper localized climates that can be manipulated at will. The heating and ac repair in Arlington, TX that truly understands this is Minuteman Heating and AC.


Minuteman prides itself on its professionalism and décor. They appreciate how valuable your time is and set on time appointments that can work around your schedule. This includes evening and weekend appointments that ensure you’re not missing anything important while they work.

Minuteman, true to their word, will always honor the appointment in question and arrive at the exact time that is designated.

Quality Services

Minuteman’s heating and ac repair in Arlington, TX employs trained professional technicians. Our certified technicians know their craft up, down and sideways. If you have an AC on the fritz or a heating unit that is all burned out, they know exactly what to do. The job can entail anything from faulty wiring, replacing worn out parts, repairing compressors, refilling coolants or even reinstalling and replacing entire units.

Minuteman has trucks stocked to the brim with supplies and materials for any emergency or repairs. This helps them be punctual and finish the job on time. As soon as you make a call, the technician is ready and hops into the truck to do his/her job. This makes heating and ac repair in Arlington, TX a breeze.

New Units

Minuteman knows that new installation of AC’s and heating units are necessary every few years. For this reason, it has several options you can avail. Each house is different and each individual is different. The weather and location of a residence or office and the temperament of the people within it can vary vastly. This is why it’s important to have so many options on hand to decide what fits best.

Minuteman’s licensed professionals will take you through a large catalogue of options and explain the benefits and differences between each choice. They will explain to you the intricacies of certain areas that are beyond your knowledge so that you have the largest amount of knowledge to make an informed choice.

Air Conditioners

It used to be a luxury for most people, but now it’s one of the most common appliances in any middle-class household. Air Conditioners exist in most homes because most of the population of the world lives near the Equator, which is the warmest region on Earth. Hence, it makes sense to install an AC there to brave the summer months.

Minuteman’s heating and ac repair in Arlington, TX is well aware of this fact. An AC doesn’t just cool the inside of a home by blowing cool air into it, it also filters that air and rids it of moisture to prevent buildup of mold and mildew as well as dust. This provides excellent ventilation for the home.

The reduction of moisture also means that the amount people sweat during the summers is also reduced. This is best achieved through a residential AC installation in Arlington, TX. A single air conditioner simply cools one room and doesn’t get the job done for the whole house.

This is an overall healthier solution in heating and ac repair in Arlington, TX. Residential air conditioning allows for most rooms to be at an equivalent temperature, therefore not subjecting an individual’s body to rapidly fluctuating temperatures every time they leave a room.

Indoor Air Quality

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) refers to the quality of air in a room or a house. It pertains to how healthy that air is to breathe and whether it can cause breathing problems, respiratory failure or long-term health risks. It is one of the chief concerns of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Their research on this has been widely corroborated by the American Lung Association.

Since the 1970s, more and more American homes have been built more tightly, in order to conserve energy and to reduce electric bills, this has made more homes susceptible to bacteria and dust buildup because these things can’t escape the home easily once they’re inside.

Heating and ac repair in Arlington, TX needs to accommodate this fact to make citizens safe. At Minuteman, they have taken this fact into account and have optimized their heating and ac repair in Arlington, TX.


Minuteman’s heating and ac repair in Arlington, TX makes quick work of your heating unit. Whether it has become inoperable due to old age or has simply run into trouble due to improper cleaning or the lack thereof, Minuteman has you covered.

In general, the lifespan of a furnace isn’t beyond 12 years, but with the proper maintenance and service, this can be stretched even further. At Minuteman, the team of licensed professionals treats each heating unit with the care and practicality it deserves.

Minuteman is simply the best at heating and ac repair in Arlington, TX. They’re waiting for your call; so call them right now.