Our Air Conditioning Repair Team Can Help You Catch Up On Maintenance Along With Repairs | Arlington, TX

Our Air Conditioning Repair Team Can Help You Catch Up On Maintenance Along With Repairs | Arlington, TX

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It’s hard to stay on top of all the maintenance a house requires. Air conditioning units are often trusted to operate reliably until the day they don’t. At Minuteman Heating and Air, when we get a call for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX and the surrounding communities, we understand that the failure may involve a lack of maintenance. Working with the customer, we’ll talk about how to make the unit functional again, and what maintenance items are critical for keeping it that way, what other services would be a good idea, and what the future holds for the unit. When the customer is informed, and cool air is on the way, our team is earning its reputation for excellent customer service.

Air Conditioning Compressor Unit Maintenance and Repair

Your cooling unit that sits outside takes a beating from the weather, stray sports equipment, lawn clippings, and brush blown up against it to name a few things. Inside, it’s working hard with mechanical components such as the compressor and fan motors operating much of the hot summer and compressor fins trying to exchange heat to meet your needs, even if they’re covered in dirt and bent from damage. The refrigerant in the coils also may leak out, reducing efficiency as well. Our air conditioning repair technicians can replace worn motors and maintain them, so they last longer, but if the rest of the unit isn’t in good shape, the new devices will be working extra hard to keep you cool. Our team of air conditioning repair experts can recommend the best maintenance items to start with if you’re catching up and getting your unit cleaned up. They will return later for further maintenance work until your system is running well and saving you money due to the gain in efficiency.

Indoor Equipment Care Including Evaporators and Air Handling Equipment

The other side of your air conditioning system is indoors, where the evaporator, fans, and ducting work together to bring you cool air throughout your home. Our air conditioning repair team has lots of maintenance work to do in most homes to keep this side efficient as well. The evaporator unit needs cleanup and sometimes repair, motors need care and sometimes replacement, and filters need changing. Without this work, your system won’t be able to take good advantage of the cooling work that the outdoor unit is performing.

Duct Cleaning Service Can Help with Both Health and Cooling Efficiency

The metal ducts that carry your cool air around the house from the evaporator can look more like felt pads when they go uncleaned for years. We recommend regular duct cleaning so those pads of accumulated dirt, dust, hair, and other materials don’t grow mold, carry allergens and bacteria that get released back into the air, and also so they don’t slow down the flow of cool air and make your system work harder to keep you cool. Remember, your thermostat sets a goal for your system to reach, and if it has to work hard to reach it, it will. Or at least, it will try, if too many maintenance issues are holding it back, you may have a system that works just too hard, and air conditioning repairs will be needed. Maintenance is the key to avoiding repairs as well as paying more for the extra energy an inefficient system uses.

Upgraded Thermostats Help Your System Take Breaks When It’s Not Needed

Another way to save on energy costs and keep your system from working too hard is upgrading your thermostat. Traditional ones simply turn on the cooling when your home is above the temperature set, and turn it off when the desired temperature is reached. Modern thermostats start with models that use a timer to change the temperature goal so you’re not cooling your home all the way down when you’re away all day at work. A more moderate temperature goal saves energy and wear and tear on your system, and the air conditioning can kick in and bring your temperature down in the evening just before you get home with a timer-based thermostat. More advanced units try to learn your habits more precisely, adjusting to your weekday and weekend habits, for example. If you’re exploring smart thermostats, there are even more options for energy savings as the thermostats take into account more factors to adjust the system’s operation all day long. It’s amazing stuff compared to the original on or off thermostats.

For the Future: Dividing Your Home Into Zones

Especially if you have a larger home, having our air conditioning repair team modify the ductwork so that your air conditioning system controls several different areas of your home with separate goals in mind can provide significant efficiency. This allows you to direct cooling to the area where the bedrooms are, for example, only when you’re about to sleep or sleeping. The rest of the house can be adjusted according to your use, such as living room activities and basement recreation. You’ll need less air conditioning repair thanks to this change, most likely, because the increased efficiency comes from having to turn on the cooling unit less, and that means less wear and tear on your compressor and other components.

Prioritizing Your Home HVAC System Work

Let our team help you figure out what’s critical to get your system repaired and working more efficiently, and make a plan for the future. We’re here to keep you cool, and to help you live well.

Your Courteous Air Conditioning Repair Experts Serving Arlington, TX

To get friendly, courteous help with your heating and cooling systems, reach out to Minuteman Heating & Air, serving the Arlington, TX area. Our team of customer service professionals and technicians will listen, look for solutions to your heating and cooling problems, and take good care of you. Give us a call for air conditioning repair and maintenance the way it should be done.