Our Air Duct Cleaning Service Keeps Your Warm Or Cool Air Clean And Flowing Freely | Mansfield, TX

Our Air Duct Cleaning Service Keeps Your Warm Or Cool Air Clean And Flowing Freely | Mansfield, TX

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With all the complex heating and cooling equipment, your home has to keep you comfortable, it all comes down to whether the air reaches you where you need it. That’s the job of your duct system, and keeping your ducts clean provides for better, cleaner airflow and comfort. A regular air duct cleaning service from Minuteman Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX is a simple operation, self-contained so it doesn’t release dirt into your home, that’s usually performed every couple of years. It keeps material from accumulating in the ducts and constricting them, reducing airflow, allowing bacteria to grow, and releasing allergens in your circulating air. Along with filter replacement, it’s also one of the HVAC maintenance needs that homeowners don’t tend to, and the results can be amazing. Just a quick look online and you can see: filters with layers of dust and dirt that block airflow and look like a lost wig, while photos of the insides of ducts left for decades show them at half their original internal capacity, the rest occupied by a thick layer of felt.

Taking Advantage of Better Airflow By Freeing Your Vents

With ducts nicely cleaned by our air duct cleaning service, you’ll have better airflow and probably want to make sure it heats and cools your room efficiently. One way to ensure this is to check where your vents are and make sure there’s nothing blocking airflow, either directly in front of them or nearby. Placing a chair over a vent or covering one with another piece of furniture can redirect the airflow in unexpected ways. With our air duct cleaning service giving you nice, clean air, you also don’t want to place a tall piece of furniture near a high vent so that it blows the dust off the top of some shelving, for example.

Keeping Your Temperature Balanced by Managing Airflow

When our air duct cleaning service provides more room for your system to blow heated and cooled air, you may find that you also have to consider where the airflow creates warm and cool spots or blasts of air that land on people sitting and relaxing. Homes that have multiple duct zones with thermostat control can balance the heating and cooling effects so that one part of the house doesn’t receive a consistent blast of air directly from your HVAC unit that eventually spreads to the rest of the house. Zones allow each part of the house to be moderated for best effect, with gentle boosts to the heating and cooling that cost less in energy and also work your system less hard, since you’ll probably set the temperature of each zone differently. Air duct cleaning service for multiple zones is about the same as one large duct system, too. Time and smart thermostats take it even further, allowing you to suspend heating and cooling in unused areas until they’re occupied again. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, there are some exciting new features such as multi-speed compressors that allow further balancing of the energy used to cool your air so that it just stays in the range you require.

Air Quality Features for Your HVAC System

Humidity, filter changes, and even the number of pets you have can affect how often you need an air duct cleaning service. Humidity affects the adherence of particles to the insides of your ducts, and clean filters help to reduce the number of particles coming through and potentially sticking along the way. HEPA filtration units further reduce the size of particles passing through, which can be helpful in reducing the allergens and biological material that cling and that our air duct cleaning service removes for you. Whole-house HEPA units perform the same kind of filtration that many people with sensitive respiratory systems use to keep the air clean in a single room with small portable units. By implementing this filtration throughout your home, you can reduce the number and types of HEPA filters to just the one on your HVAC unit.

New Homeowners and HVAC Maintenance

If you’ve purchased a new home, our experts can inspect your heating and cooling systems to ensure that they’re in good shape. They’ll perform important tasks for energy efficiency and longevity such as cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils and getting you started with a new air filter. It’s also a good time to have an initial air duct cleaning service to make sure you’re starting with clean airflow spaces. Many new homeowners find that these services are necessary to get the home’s HVAC system running at its best, and is a known state of repair. Our team can also advise you if you have a single-zone duct system and would like to convert to multiple zones, or if your duct system needs repairs and maintenance as well as an air duct cleaning service. If you have an older system and are planning to wait to replace it, these services can also help it last longer by making the compressor work less hard, and allowing free airflow through the system to keep your coils from freezing and your fan motors and belts from wearing out prematurely.

Turn to Minuteman Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX for HVAC Advice and Services

From getting the best airflow to increasing your heating and cooling efficiency, our HVAC experts are ready to help our customers in Mansfield, TX stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When you schedule annual maintenance between peak seasons, our team’s preventive maintenance and repairs will give your system of any age an advantage in running trouble-free when you need it most. When it’s time to upgrade your AC or heater and improve your system, we have excellent opportunities for you to install systems that will serve you well for many years to come. Give our expert HVAC team at Minuteman Heating & Air a call today.