Positive Effects of an Air Conditioner on Health | Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

Positive Effects of an Air Conditioner on Health | Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

Air conditioning systems area reality of contemporary commercial and residential settings. Amid rising average temperature of the planet and contracting building architectures, the importance of air conditioning system for any interior has increased manifold.

In Arlington, Texas, one can’t get around the shenanigans of summer without getting a fully working air conditioner unit in residential and commercial establishments. Apart from providing temperature comfort in the indoors, an AC unit serviced and maintained by any reputable air conditioning service in Arlington, TX also entail some positive effects on health.

Yes, it’s true. A modern air conditioning system provides several health benefits as well. There are many people who unnecessarily crucify air conditioner for its perils for human health without any sound basis.

In this article, we will try to clear this misconstruction by discussing all the health benefits that an HVAC system taken care of by a seasoned air conditioning service in Arlington, TX can provide.

Air Conditioner and Respiratory Conditions

The multiple waves of the industrial revolution have resulted in technological progress. But on the flipside, it has inflicted some irreparable damages to our planet as well. For instance, the air we breathe today is not as healthy or clean as it was 100 hundred years ago.

The more frightening thing is that the effects of pollution are not just confined to outdoor air. The indoor air is equally contaminated with pollutants. Adding insult to injury, the contemporary construction blueprints do not care much about ventilation.

As a result, we humans are presently suffering from more respiratory issues than ever before. Allergies and breathing issues have become so commonplace that many people don’t even consider them diseases anymore. It’s a sad reality that we have miserably failed in stopping the growth of environmental pollution. Even the eco-friendly and preservation measures that many governments are taking in the present day will start bearing results after some years.

Nonetheless, we can improve the quality of indoor air with the help of an air conditioner.  Air conditioners are fitted with filters that ensure that many airborne pollutants can’t pass on to the interior of a house.

To ensure that your air conditioning is taking care of the majority of airborne contaminants, consult any seasoned air conditioning service in Arlington, TX and install good quality air filters with your HVAC system. For instance, HEPA filters are considered the best to trap the maximum numbers of airborne pollution particles.

Also, clean and change the air filters on time.  Some expert air conditioning services in Arlington, TX recommend homeowners to replace air filters of a working HVAC systemafter 3-4 months. By keeping this simple thing on your schedule, you can decrease the instances of respiratory issues in the house.


Air Conditioner and Humidity

Summers in any region can be either arid or humid.  In Texas, we experience the latter type. During peak summers, the humidity levels in Arlington often exceed 70%.  This is considered acutely high humidity and has many unwanted repercussions for our wellbeing. A hot and humid weather condition instigates the process of profuse sweating, which can lead to many unhealthy conditions.

  • It instigates the process of dehydration that can lead to fainting if not timely addressed.
  • One can also experience muscle cramps even after moderate physical activity during hot and humid weather.
  • Headaches and upset stomach are also the undesirable health outcomes of highly humid and hot weather.

An optimally working air conditioner doesn’t just remove the heat from the indoor air, but it also pulls outits moisture content through the condensation activity of its evaporator coil. The dehumidification effect of air conditioner tones down the effects of high temperatures that rules out all the aforementioned unhealthy conditions.

In addition, a dehumidified environment deters the growth of mold and spores inside the house, which is one of the leading reasons behind respiratory allergies. However, it is important to mention here that this will only happen if you take care of your unit through the regular tune-ups from any good air conditioning service in Arlington, TX.

You can also get a stand alone dehumidifier with your air conditioner for better results against high humidity levels. However, it would be better if you consult any reputable air conditioning service in Arlington, TX beforehand.

Air Conditioner and Metabolism

Some people might find this heading quite bizarre, but it’s true that an HVAC system maintained by any trustworthy air conditioning service in Arlington, TX can improve metabolic rates. This happens when it negates the harming effects of warm weather.

It has been studied that high temperatures upset our natural metabolic rates. In other words, the hot effect of temperature slows down metabolism which is not a healthy thing.  From obesity to hypertension, poor metabolic rate is considered the underlying reason formany ailments.

A working air conditioned that receive constant care from any good air conditioning service in Arlington, TX can help you in minimizing the effects of warmer weather, which will also help you in improving your metabolic rate.

Air Conditioner and Body Temperature

Body temperature is a vital indicator of our well-being. A minor change in body temperature points out some major underlying physiological change. Similarly, even slight body temperature instability can make us sick. Therefore, during extreme weather conditions, whether its summer or winter, it becomes really important to protect the body temperature from outside temperatures.

In Texas, where summers are more severe than winters, it becomes imperative to neutralize the effects of high outside temperature on the body through a working air conditioner. Make sure that any good air conditioning service in Arlington, TX tunes your system in a way that it can maintain steady indoor temperatures that remain in sync with the body temperature.

All things considered, a working air condition only has positive effects on our health.  To ensure that your air conditioner continues to provide all the health benefits that we have discussed here, have it regularly inspected and serviced from any reputable air conditioning service in Arlington, TX.

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