Potential Cause For Flame Rollout In A Furnace Revealed By A Heating And AC Repair Expert | Mansfield, TX

Potential Cause For Flame Rollout In A Furnace Revealed By A Heating And AC Repair Expert | Mansfield, TX

A furnace features many safety mechanisms to protect it from failure and your home from fires. One of these safety features is the flame rollout sensor or switch. The flame rollout switch ensures that the flame doesn’t “roll out” from the combustion chamber in search of oxygen. Hence, it protects your home from the dangerous effects of a furnace fire. Remember, a furnace is nothing but a contained fire.

Unfortunately, the switch may trip because of various issues. However, no matter the cause, you should not try to repair the problem by yourself. Rather, have a heating and AC repair technician come over for an inspection and subsequent repair. A tripped flame rollout switch isn’t normal, meaning that your furnace has a problem that needs the attention of a heating and AC repair technician. If the problem is not addressed by a professional early, it could prove lethal. In this article, you will learn what a flame rollout switch is, the causes of the tripping of the flame rollout switch, and what to do if the switch is tripping.

What Is a Furnace Flame Rollout Switch?

A flame rollout switch is used to detect hot exhaust gases or a fire within your furnace burner compartment. It is usually installed in the burner compartment or on its top. Most flame rollout switches resemble a little metallic circle with two wires protruding from the back. When the furnace runs normally, the flame from the furnace burner will be sucked to by the heat exchanger.

If the suction to the heat exchanger is low, the flames start to roll out from the furnace heat exchanger. Whenever this happens, the flames from your unit’s burners start moving backward and burning all the parts inside the furnace. This can cause many different problems that require the attention of a heating and AC repair technician. Fortunately, a flame rollout switch is used for detecting and averting this. In most instances, a standard furnace will have about three or two flame rollout switches. For instance, some furnaces feature a rollout switch on either side of their burner compartment.

What Should You Do If the Furnace Rollout Switch Keeps Tripping?

Does your flame rollout switch continue tripping? Then you should turn off the furnace and immediately reach out to a heating and AC repair company in Mansfield, TX. The flame rollout sensor will only trip if the furnace has an underlying problem. Ensure that you don’t opt to keep resetting the switch and keeping the furnace running.

Why Does the Flame Rollout Switch Trip?

Clogged Exhaust Vent

A clogged exhaust vent can cause flame rollout in a furnace. The exhaust vent, also known as the flue, is a pipe that carries harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, produced by the furnace out of the home. If the exhaust vent becomes clogged, it can prevent these gases from being properly vented out of your Mansfield, TX home. As a result, the gases can build up in the furnace, causing the flame to “roll out” of the burners and into the furnace’s combustion chamber. This can create a dangerous situation, as the flame can ignite any flammable materials in the combustion chamber, potentially causing a fire. Hence, it should be inspected by a heating and AC repair technician immediately.

Inspecting and cleaning the vent regularly is important to prevent a clogged exhaust vent from causing a flame rollout. This can help to ensure that it is free of any obstructions, such as leaves or debris, that could cause a blockage. Additionally, having a heating and AC repair professional regularly inspect and service the furnace can help to identify and address any potential issues before they become a problem. By taking these steps, homeowners can help to prevent a clogged exhaust vent from causing flame rollout and keep their furnaces operating safely.

Clogged Heat Exchanger

A clogged heat exchanger is another reason for flame rollout in your furnace. The heat exchanger is a component of the furnace that is responsible for transferring heat from the burning fuel to the air that is circulated throughout the home. An accumulation of soot and corrosion can clog this component. When the heat exchanger is clogged, it can restrict air flow, causing the furnace’s burners to produce more heat than the exchanger can handle.

This can cause the flames to “roll out” of the burners and come into contact with other parts of the furnace, such as the outer casing or the control panel. If this happens, it can cause the furnace to overheat, potentially leading to a fire. It can also cause the furnace to shut down, leaving the home without heat. Hence, if you notice that your flame rollout switch is constantly tripping, you want to have it inspected by a heating and AC repair technician and subsequently repaired.

Low Gas Pressure

The other main reason there may be flame rollout in your furnace is low gas pressure. If the gas pressure in your furnace is relatively low, then there is a high chance that the flame will roll out rather than be sucked back into the heat exchanger. But what causes loss of gas pressure? In most instances, this is because of dirty burners. Whenever the burner orifices are clogged, there will be a drop in gas pressure as it cannot flow as seamlessly as possible. This results in the flames rolling out of the burner compartment, a particularly dangerous thing. Hence, you must ensure that a heating and AC repair technician comes to your home for maintenance, such as cleaning the burners and gas orifices.

Have you noticed that the flame rollout switch in your furnace is constantly tripping? You should have it checked by a heating and AC repair technician. Contact us at Minuteman Heating & Air, your reliable HVAC repair company in Mansfield, TX for any air conditioning service.

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