Quality Air Conditioning Service | Arlington, TX

Quality Air Conditioning Service | Arlington, TX

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Minuteman Heating and Air is a family-run business and has been serving the city of Arlington, TX. for many years. We know that during a typical summer, temperatures will often rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

These can be dangerous times especially if you have underlying health problems or are very young and elderly. Should the air conditioner fail then there is an increased chance of people suffering from dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke?

A poorly maintained air conditioner will not stop dust, pollen, and other allergenic substances from entering your home, causing trouble for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.

Minuteman Heating and Air understand just how important it is to have dependable air conditioning, during a hot Texas summer. We are committed to your safety and will offer the very best air conditioning service to the people of Arlington, TX. Whatever your problem is you can rely on us to help you out.

Signs That You Need an Air Conditioning Service

Minuteman Heating and Air would highly recommend that you have an annual air conditioning service from one of our skilled technicians.

Without regular air conditioning servicing, you will increase the risk of needing an expensive repair. If you see any of these warning signs you should call us for an air conditioning appointment straight away:

  • The AC will not turn on.
  • Reduced airflow from the Air Conditioner Unit.
  • Weak or no cold air from the unit
  • Strange Smells coming from the unit.
  • Higher than expected energy bills.
  • Strange noises coming from the unit.
  • The pooling of water around the unit

What Is the Cause of These Problems?

Many things could go wrong in an AC unit, and these include but aren’t limited to other issues.

The AC Will Not Turn on

The could be due to something as straightforward as a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. You will have to reset the circuit breaker or replace the blown use.

Faulty or loose wiring could also be the cause of the problem. If you have reset the circuit breaker and the air conditioner still does not work, then call Minuteman Heating and Air and we can send one of our highly trained technicians around to help.

Open Windows and Doors

The best way to cool your home with the air conditioner on is to keep your windows and doors closed. Open windows and doors will create different temperature zones throughout the home. When the windows are shut, cool air will circulate evenly across the rooms in your house.

If a thermostat is near an open window this area of the home will remain warm, if it is hot outside, as the outdoor heat constantly flows over the thermostat. The other rooms in your home will become much colder as the air conditioner works harder trying to cool the hot room. This will mean larger energy bills for you.

Coolant Is Leaking

The coolant in an AC unit removes the excess heat and humidity from the air, and each AC unit requires an optimum level of coolant within it. Low levels of coolant will mean less heat and humidity can be removed from the air. This will lead to less cold air coming from the unit and even cause the evaporator coil to freeze over.

The AC unit will have to work harder to maintain the room temperature and cause the components to overwork and maybe burn out. Your energy bills will be larger due to the extra work. If you spot a leak, you should call Minuteman Heating and Air to arrange an air conditioning service and repair. The longer you wait the more damage will be caused, and the larger the repair bill.

Frozen Evaporator Coils Will Mean Warmer Rooms

Reduced airflow across the evaporator coil is another reason why it can freeze. If the evaporator coil has frozen, you should turn off the AC unit immediately and wait until it defrosts before you turn it back on again.

Dirty air filters, and a blocked air return grill, will reduce airflow over the evaporator coil, and these need to be regularly replaced and cleaned. Paradoxically a frozen evaporator coil will mean less cold air is produced.

Over time dirt will accumulate on the evaporator coil. This layer of dirt will act as an insulating layer and will reduce the transfer of heat from the warm air to the coolant inside the coil and can also lead to it freezing. The evaporator coil will also need to be cleaned regularly.

Failure to do so will cause the AC unit to overwork adding to the wear and tear on the unit and increasing your energy bills. Regular servicing from one of our many highly trained technicians will help to prevent these problems.

Dirty Condenser

As your condenser is usually located outside and will be covered with dirt or grime. This is a problem that is worst in an area with high air pollution. Because the condenser and cooling fins transfer the excess heat from your home to the outside air, this dirt layer will act as an insulator and reduce this transfer of heat.

It is important to keep the condenser and cooling fins clean. Failure to do so will cause the condenser to work harder and maybe burn out. This cleaning is something you can do yourself or as part of an air conditioning service from Minuteman.

Blocked AC Drain Line

Any moisture removed by your air conditioner should go through a drain line into a pan and then is channeled outside into a drain. Mold and mildew could grow inside the drain line and cause a blockage. The pan could overflow, and the water will back up and cause water damage to your AC system and your home. You may notice an increase in humidity levels and even a musty smell.

The AC drain could also be blocked by leaves and dirt outside, it could even freeze on a very cold day. All of these could cause problems. Cleaning the AC drain line is a job you can do yourself, but it can be done as part of an air conditioning service from Minuteman.

Leaking Air Ducts

Air ducts need to be routinely inspected to ensure that the joint seals or the ducts themselves are not broken or damaged. Any gaps will mean that cool air will escape into the crawlway. Any escaping cold air will mean that your AC unit will have to work harder leading to increased energy bills.

It may be a good idea to have your air duct inspected and cleaned when you have an air conditioning appointment. There are great advantages to cleaning your air ducts. There will be fewer pollen and allergens in your air, this is a great benefit for those with asthma or other breathing problems. Your air will be cleaner and fresher. As the AC unit is not working as hard this will increase the working life of the unit and will also reduce the likelihood of requiring repairs.

Thermostat Problems

A badly calibrated thermostat will cause you to have higher energy bills. So will a poorly placed one. If the thermostat is placed under direct sunlight or near an open window, it will believe the temperature to be greater than it is. This will cause the AC unit to work harder, with the result that your rooms will be colder than they need to be. During an air conditioning appointment, you could replace older-style thermostats with a digital thermostat that is more accurate and does not lose its calibration.

Fan Problems

One fan in your AC system will blow warm indoor air over the evaporator coil to cool it and another will blow outdoor air over the condenser to remove the excess heat. A problem with the fan will reduce the airflow and may cause the evaporator coil to freeze or the condenser to overheat.

If you hear a clunking sound, it could mean a loose or bent blade hitting the inner parts of your unit or that it is blocked by debris. A loud screeching sound could man a worn-out fan belt or deteriorating bearings in the motor. A regular air conditioning servicing from Minuteman will help you avoid an expensive repair.

Strange Smells

If the coolant starts to leak you could start to smell a sweet, chloroform scent, and you need to call one of our expert technicians to quickly locate and repair any leaks. As the refrigerant can be toxic and flammable, you should do this straight away.

Burnt-out fuses can cause strange smells to come from your AC unit. Restricted airflow can lead to parts overheating also giving off a burnt smell. A burning smell may be caused by debris in the air ducts or inside the AC unit.

One of the many checks carried out during a regular air conditioning servicing, will clean the inside of the AC unit, and look for any loose electrical connections.

Inadequate Maintenance

Allowing air filters, evaporator coils, and condensers to become dirty, means that the air conditioner will not work properly. A poorly maintained system will not run efficiently putting extra strain on other components. This will reduce the working life of the AC unit and increase the risk of any repairs. A regular air conditioning service from Minuteman Heating and Air will prevent a lot of the problems listed earlier.

The Age of Your AC Unit

Even a well-maintained AC unit will need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Just as time waits for nobody the same is true for the AC unit. But there are many benefits to having it replaced.

  • More Energy-Efficient – A newer model will be more energy-efficient and save you money in the long term.


  • Peace of Mind – a newer model will be less likely to break down.


  • Warranty – Many manufactures will provide 10 years of warranty for any part failures.


  • Better Air Quality – new improvements have been made with installation methods, leading to better sealing of the system which means fewer impurities entering your airspace.


  • More Environmentally Friendly – older models will have ozone-depleting chemicals such as Freon (R22) as the coolant. It will get more difficult and expensive to find R22 in the future.


  • Quieter Unit – A new air conditioning installation will provide a quieter home environment.


  • Correctly Sized System – If you have made improvements to your home such as new windows, you may need a smaller AC unit. Any improvements to insulating your home will have reduced the rate at which cool or warm air will escape.

Upgrading or replacing your unit will allow you to redesign your AC system. A more modern Zoning AC System will allow you to provide different air conditioning for each room or living space. For instance, a room that has more direct sunlight on it will need changing amounts of air conditioning during the day or night.

There are a bewildering number of AC systems on the market. You may need help to decide what unit is best for you. Selecting an underpowered unit will cause you endless frustration when it cannot deliver all the cold air you require. Let Minuteman help you with your choice, we install only the best quality units at affordable prices.

Minuteman Heating & Air a Reliable Air Conditioning Service Company

Minuteman Heating & Air is a family-run business proudly serving the city of Arlington, TX. for many years. We understand how unbearable and dangerous life can become for families when an air conditioner breaks down on a very hot day.

In these circumstances, your family’s safety is our top priority. We will always have somebody available 24/7 to deal quickly with your emergency call. The work will be carried out to the highest standards and to your total satisfaction.

Whether you need an air conditioning service, repair or installation please call Minuteman without delay, like our forebears we are ready at a minute’s notice to help you.