Reasons To Call For AC Repair And The Additional Benefits | Arlington, TX

Reasons To Call For AC Repair And The Additional Benefits | Arlington, TX

Minuteman Heating & Air, serving Arlington, TX, knows about the threats that you face during a hot Texan summer if your air conditioner stops working. As temperatures climb to sky-high levels, living without an air conditioner becomes unpleasant and potentially dangerous. Arlington, TX residents who don’t have functioning air conditioning risk developing heat exhaustion, dehydration, or heat stroke. The air quality will deteriorate affecting individuals with chronic breathing problems like Asthma.

If you need a trustworthy AC repair company, with specialized technicians available 24/7 that is available throughout the holidays and you want quality work within your budget then we have you covered.

How to Prevent an Air Conditioner Repair

How to reduce the chance of needing a costly AC repair? The prudent thing to do for your air conditioner is to have it routinely maintained. Minuteman Heating & Air suggests to each of our clients that routine maintenance is key to protecting your air conditioner and other HVAC amenities.

A big benefit of regular care is that your energy bills will cost less. As energy costs rise it has become imperative to be cautious about how you use energy. Routine maintenance ensures each of the components works efficiently. Have you seen frost or ice forming on the AC evaporator coils, this reduces the coils’ ability to function.

Other components like the compressor are forced to work harder to maintain the chosen temperature and humidity levels. A harder working unit uses more energy spiking your energy costs. Any part working too hard will probably overheat, burn out, or need replacing during an AC repair.

Minimize the risk of AC repairs The many checks performed during routine care minimize the risk of an AC repair for your home or business. The service reviews each component to make certain they are working within the manufacturer’s specifications. The inside of your unit is scrubbed clean and every one of the electrical circuits is checked for loose connections or other hazards.

Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

a regularly serviced air conditioner will extend the life of your air conditioner and can reduce the need for repeated AC repairs. A routinely serviced air conditioner has an average lifespan of ten to fifteen years.

Regular service ensures that most warranties remain valid. Replacing the defective parts can be costly/ We suggest you read your warranty and pay careful attention to the terms and conditions. Routine service is not just good for your health and bank balance, it is also good for the planet.

You help to save the planet when consuming less energy. Using less energy automatically reduces your carbon footprint. Take note, if an older air conditioner is using Freon as a coolant (which damages the Ozone layer) it will be more expensive to repair and refuel because Freon is no longer manufactured in the United States.

When to Call a Professional for an AC Repair

Regular service is not a guarantee your AC won’t break down or mean you will never need an AC repair. However, paying attention to the following warning signs may reduce the cost of an air conditioning repair.

Higher Energy Bills

If your energy costs are higher than usual, it might be an issue with your AC. On average less efficient units gobble up more energy and cost more to run.


If the compressor switches itself off and on more frequently, it might be something called short cycling. An ordinary air conditioner has a 20-minute cooling cycle of about twenty minutes when the compressor is on for 10 minutes and off for 10 minutes. Short-cycling is caused by many variables from low levels of coolant and dirty air filters. Don’t ignore this problem because it can break the compressor and you’ll need a new unit.

Frost and Ice on the Evaporator Coils

A running air conditioner needs heat from inside your home to keep frost from forming on the evaporator coils. Without routine maintenance, the evaporator coils will freeze, and your air conditioner will break.

This won’t be fun on a hot, humid day or sticky night in Arlington, TX. You may have to wait up to 24-hours for the coils to thaw before it’s safe to use your AC again. If the coils start to freeze the AC won’t make it cool enough in your home or business.

There are many possibilities why frost forms on the evaporator coils including dirty air filters, low coolant levels, or inefficient fans. Even the ice layer itself creates its own problems. As anyone who has built an igloo will tell you, ice is a very good insulator of heat. Its presence will reduce the rate at which heat is removed from the warm air to the coolant inside the coils. This further increases the build-up of frost and ice on the coils.

Tepid Air Conditioner Flow

A problem with any part of your air conditioner will cause less cool air to leave your unit. When you start to notice any reduction of cool air you should call Minuteman Heating & Air before you need an emergency AC repair.

A Trusted and Specialized Air Conditioning Repair Company in Arlington

We have been serving the good people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area for many years, and we know how crucial it is to provide a quick and efficient air conditioning repair service. If your air conditioner stops working, do not put off calling Minuteman Heating & Air.

The sooner you repair your air conditioning unit the better off you will be. Please give us a call straight away if you recognize any of the red flags we mentioned or if you are experiencing a problem we have not addressed. We will respond quickly and even provide you with a free estimate. We can also advise you on the best unit for your space. Minuteman Heating & Air will have your unit back up and running before you get hot!

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