Reliable and Affordable Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Reliable and Affordable Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

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Many people do not understand the importance of the air pathways that flow throughout your home. The air quality in your home is directly related to these routes. Your homes’ pathways must be clean and unobstructed. The easiest way to achieve this is with a professional duct cleaning service.

The ventilation system in your home is a perfect spot for debris (like dirt or hair) to collect. The air that is recirculating throughout your house is passing through from the register, ductwork, to the boiler and the air conditioner.

Protecting Yourself from Fire and Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

A reliable duct cleaning service will ensure your home is a comfortable and safe place to live. Cleaning the boilers, furnaces, dryer vents, ducts, A-coils, air conditioners, and water heaters can prevent fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, dirty and malfunctioning water heaters are the primary cause of all carbon monoxide poisoning.

Most climate control manufacturers suggest appliances be cleaned every year. Maintaining efficient utilities means you will spend less money when paying your electric bill. We specialize in many different types of services. Minuteman Heating and Air offer affordable packages for routine maintenance packages.

Why You Should Schedule a Duct Cleaning Service Today

  • Clean registers, vents, and ductwork mean there is less material to catch fire throughout your home.
  • The airflow in your home will be cleaner with fewer allergens and pollutants present in the air in your home or office.
  • Optimally functioning and clean HVAC appliances will save you money on your electric bill.
  • Prevents lint build-up.
  • Clean, well-maintained boilers reduce natural gas costs.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance tasks on your water heater to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Professional, Exceptional Duct Cleaning Service

Prevent fire, monoxide poisonings, and save money on your gas and electricity bills by investing in proper appliance maintenance and a thorough duct cleaning service. Don’t wait until there is a problem before attending to your ventilation system because it could end up costing you more money.

Trust a heating and air company that ensures all technicians are insured and NATE-Certified when conducting a duct cleaning service or any repair. Your investment in keeping clean air flowing in your home is safe with Minuteman Heating and Air. If you’re unhappy for any reason, don’t delay in giving us a call because we will fix it!

Keep Vents Clean

Being a human comes with living with dust. We can’t help shedding dead skin cells and hair. It is part of our natural biology. However, as any homeowner with hardwood floors will tell you it doesn’t take long before you have got little clouds of hair and dust collecting in the corners. Even the most ardent cleaner can’t reach every dust bunny.

As air flows throughout the home with the HVAC appliances running these unseen dust bunnies are drawn to the registers and vents. More often than not, these dust bunnies stay stuck inside the vents.

A healthy ventilation system is important for every home, but residents with allergies or respiratory illnesses will benefit from regularly cleaned vents. Cleaning these vents thoroughly will require a professional who has the tools to safely reach and clean all of the air pathways in your home.


“This spring has been hard on my family. All of my three children, my husband, and myself have all had terrible hayfever. Red eyes, itchy noses, lots of mucus. I thought it was the honeysuckle that grows in abundance in the backyard but after my husband cut it down nothing changed. We were all just as miserable as before we chopped down the beautiful plants.

Our doctor suggested we deep clean the ventilation system in our home. We changed the air vents and did our best to clean the ductwork but it’s hard to really get in there without professional tools. Still, our states didn’t improve. I called Minuteman and got an estimate for household ventilation cleansing and it was surprisingly affordable and straight-forward.

My family and I have experienced fewer hayfever symptoms and it smells better in the house. If you’ve got itchy eyes to give Minuteman Heating and Air a call. They will sort you out!”

Andy Stackhouse, Mansfield, TX, April 2019

“We recently moved from San Francisco and I’m a bit of a neat freak. In California, I had the vent system cleaned every three months because we lived in a beautiful neighborhood but it was SO dusty! I figured Mansfield, TX would be worse because of the more arid climate. I called Minuteman while we were still in San Francisco and they performed the entire job without a hitch. We arrived in a pristinely clean home and made the transition that much easier. Thank you Minuteman Heating and Air. You will be seeing us every few months.”

Sophia Kelly, Mansfield, TX, October 2019

Who Needs a Professional Duct Cleaning Service?

Depending on the placement of your ductwork and vents can determine how frequently you will do a duct cleaning service. Every home should have a deep clean of the ventilation system each year.

Some spots get dirty a lot faster than others because vents located on the floor or are lowly placed on the wall are the worst locations when it comes to collecting dust.

In contrast, vents located further from the floor don’t attract the same amount of dirt that floor vents collect. If you have a choice in the design of your home, be mindful that vents placed a mere half of a foot higher slow the clogging of the ventilation system.

Another element that contributes to dust collection is your clothes dryer. The movement of the machine easily attracts lint particles which can create a fire hazard. Protect your home and your loved ones by scheduling a professional duct cleaning service by Minuteman Heating and Air.

We promise to provide you with transparent, affordable, and convenient care. We are the most trusted HVAC company in Tarrant, Ellis, and Johnson Counties. All of our work is insured and bonded. We guarantee your satisfaction or we will make it right. Please call us today for a free estimate and consultation!