Reliable Comfort For Those Who Really Need It Thanks To Our Expert AC Repair And Maintenance | Arlington, TX

Reliable Comfort For Those Who Really Need It Thanks To Our Expert AC Repair And Maintenance | Arlington, TX

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Everyone enjoys predictable comfort during the summer from a well-performing air conditioning system, but for some people managing the air temperature and quality is particularly important. At Minuteman Heating and Air, our AC repair team is ready to help residents of Arlington, TX and the surrounding area keep their system up to date with maintenance, inspections, and repairs that anticipate trouble, rather than reacting to it. That way, homeowners and their families can breathe easily during the summer, knowing AC repairs and downtime are less likely. Our expert technicians respond quickly when you need them, in vehicles stocked with the right parts for many common repairs on all types of air conditioning systems. While a fan motor or belt, air filter or thermostat can prevent your system from keeping you cool, we can often solve the problem with a quick AC repair and ensure that everyone gets the cool, clean air they need to breathe well.

Even When Your AC System Is Working Fine, We Can Improve Your Indoor Air Further

Have you noticed that your home air is not as easy to breathe as that at the mall or in a commercial building, even though it’s at a similar temperature? Many building management companies invest in additional indoor air quality features to adjust the air that circulates. One that any homeowner can order is a thorough duct cleaning, removing old dust, animal dander, and other airborne particles and the microbes that grow on them and providing a clear, clean path for your air to circulate. In the course of cleaning your ducts, our team also inspects for damage and leaks and can perform AC repairs to improve air circulation and improve your system’s efficiency. Often, there are devices that control airflow via small doors that fail over time and may have shut off or reduced airflow significantly. These are sometimes located in places that would otherwise remain unexplored, such as duct runs in your attic. Once our AC repair team restores the mechanism, your AC system can manage airflow for best results once again. There are also features that we can add to your system to make noticeable improvements in air quality in addition to airflow and temperature.

Indoor Air Quality Features for Your AC System

Our AC repair team can add humidification and dehumidification features to your HVAC system, allowing you to manage your humidity at a comfortable level year-round. Adding a humidity control to your thermostat lets you set the percentage you prefer, or you can have your smart home system manage it. We also offer air filters with significantly better filtration, including HEPA filters that you may already use on a room-by-room basis for people who need better air to breathe. Why not just filter the air for your whole house? Ask about air purification equipment as well. Another way that our team can help provide better air is by installing a UV light system that helps reduce the growth of airborne pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. This technology has been in use in doctor’s offices, food service establishments, and other pathogen-sensitive locations for a long time.

Maintenance of Your AC Unit, the Key to Reliable and Efficient Operation

If the residents of your home rely heavily on AC to get through the summer, it’s even more important to have our AC repair team perform thorough maintenance checks and needed repairs before the hot weather arrives. We can often uncover refrigerant, compressor, and evaporator or condenser coil problems that would cause failures or limit effective operation once the system is working hard through the summer. It’s also important to clean out the outdoor AC unit and remove any nests or blown-in plant material or trash that have found their way into the inner workings. We check the operation of electrical components so you don’t face increasing indoor heat simply because a relay or capacitor needs replacing. We can also check the motor condition and replace those that are showing signs of excessive wear so they don’t fail during the summer simply because they are already nearing the end of their life.

Our AC repair team makes sure that your refrigerant connections into your home are undamaged and well protected and insulated. Inside, we check air handling equipment, any add-on units, and fan motors and belts, and clean your coils and condensate drains so you don’t get spills or algae growth and foul odors. By the way, if you’ve ever had ice buildup on your indoor coils, do you know what one of the most common causes is? It’s a simple fix you can do yourself, replacing a clogged air filter. These should be replaced monthly, and are designed to be affordable and easily swapped out. When the airflow is limited by a clogged filter, warm air no longer passes freely through your system’s cooling coils, and they continue to draw moisture out of and cool the nearby air, then turn the moisture into ice. In addition to making sure you replace the air filter, make sure you call us for deicing, since the coils are delicate and easily damaged, and many methods for removing ice will cause harm.

Replacing Your AC System Can Be a Wise Choice

Efficiency gains from newer models, especially dual-level cooing, can make updating your AC system well worth it in addition to the reliability gains. Our team can help you select the right AC unit.

Your Expert AC Repair Team in Arlington, TX

If your family relies on air conditioning for family members who need cool, clean air to breathe well during the summer, rely on our experts at Minuteman Heating & Air. We’ll make sure that your Arlington, TX home has a well-serviced and reliable system, or help you update it to a new energy efficient one when the time comes. Give us a call and we’ll take care of you!