Save Money And Still Keep Your Home Efficiently Cooled With Our Professional Air Conditioning Service’s Aid | Mansfield, TX

Save Money And Still Keep Your Home Efficiently Cooled With Our Professional Air Conditioning Service’s Aid | Mansfield, TX

The bills can skyrocket in the summer especially when you’re using the air conditioner every day. Thankfully, there are other ways to cool your home so that you won’t have to keep using the AC. Read for tips on how to efficiently cool your home, make your AC more efficient, and save money. If you need air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX today, contact Minuteman Heating & Air.

How to cool your home:

Cover the Windows During the Day

Are you aware that 40% percent of the heat in your home comes from the windows? If your windows are not energy-efficient, they can let in the heat and this can significantly increase your home’s temperature. Use black-out curtains to block off the heat from entering your home. Reflective coatings on windows also minimize heat transfer. The temperature is usually lower in the evening so it’s best to open the windows to let the cool air in.

Contact a professional if you’re thinking about replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows. Another option to keep your home cooler is to get air conditioning service. But make sure to not strain the AC or it’s going to work hard to keep you comfortable. It can reduce its lifespan or lead to a sudden malfunction eventually. For AC service installation, hire a licensed technician only.

Close Doors of Unused Rooms

If you already have air conditioning service, You can save more energy by closing the doors of the unused rooms in your home. Otherwise, your AC will only work harder and this can strain the system. It will only lead to costly AC repairs or replacements.

Create a Cross Breeze

If you have windows installed on opposite sides, consider opening the window with the most shade and opening the other window on the opposite side to create a cross breeze. Creating a cross breeze prevents hot air from building up inside your home. Another option to keep your home cooler is to get air conditioning service and only hire a licensed technician in Mansfield, TX, for installation.

Improve Your Home’s Ventilation

Good ventilation can remove stale air in your home and also prevents hot air from building inside the house. Consider running attic ventilation fans or installing exhaust fans. You can also get air conditioning service if you want a cooler home. Only work with a licensed technician in Mansfield, TX, to ensure the proper installation of your new unit.

Turn the Fan Counterclockwise

When summer comes, turn the ceiling fan counterclockwise to push the air down. You can better cool your home this way and it also helps you save energy. If you have air conditioning service, there is no need to lower the temperature if the ceiling fan is helping you cool down.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

The higher the humidity, the hotter your home will be. A dehumidifier removes excess humidity in your living spaces and makes you more comfortable and also healthier. Humidity can be a breeding ground for mold, which is why it’s important to control it. Combine this with good ventilation to ensure your home stays cooler. Another way to lower down the humidity in your home is to contact a licensed technician in Mansfield, TX, to get air conditioning service.

Get Rid of Incandescent Light Bulbs

Want to save more money? Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs because they emit less heat and also last longer. They are also brighter compared to incandescent light bulbs.

Unplug Unused Electronics

The television, computer, and gaming console can release heat and this can build up in your room. Turn them off if not in use. Try not to use heat-producing appliances such as the oven to save energy. Get an air conditioning service to better cool your home.

Install a Whole-House Fan

If you want to save money, install a whole-house fan. You can use the air conditioning service on some days and the whole-house fan when the temperature isn’t too high.

Make sure to also add weatherstripping to your windows and doors or the cooled air can escape in those areas. Work with a professional if you need assistance.

Do you need air conditioning service today? Please reach out to us anytime and we are more than happy to help you install your new unit.

How to Reduce AC Expenses

If you already have air conditioning service, use the tips below to help you save money on your unit. For further questions, contact us anytime.

Install a smart thermostat – This device can minimize energy usage by learning the pattern of your home. It also helps optimize air conditioning in your rooms. For installation, please make sure to only hire a licensed technician in Mansfield, TX.

Shade the AC – Don’t place the AC in direct sunlight or it’s going to reduce its lifespan. Install shade around your air conditioner to protect the unit and to make it more efficient. For air conditioning service installation, contact Minuteman Heating & Air.

Should You Get Attic Ventilation Fans?

An attic fan is a device used for pulling air out of the space. It can help remove hot air from your home and create a vacuum effect to keep your home a little cooler. Attic fans are effective at removing stale air that breeds molds and eliminates allergens. They can also help make your HVAC system more efficient.

The good thing about having an attic fan is that it can also help circulate the cooled air throughout your home, giving your living space an even temperature. Your AC unit will not have to work harder if you have an attic fan installed.

Pros and Cons of Attic Ventilation Fans

Can’t decide whether you should or shouldn’t get attic fans for your home. Here are the pros and cons:


Improves energy efficiency – Attic fans are efficient at removing hot air from your home and circulating the cooled air. As a result, your HVAC system will not have to work harder. It prevents costly air conditioning service repairs and replacements.

Prevent mold – You don’t want mold in your home as they don’t only damage your home’s structure but also creates health problems. Definitely not ideal especially if you have children or household members with allergies and other respiratory symptoms. If you decide to install an air conditioning service, make sure to also regularly clean your unit to prevent other issues.

Lowers humidity – Getting an air conditioning service can help lower the humidity in your home.

Supports your system – As mentioned, you won’t strain your AC if you have an attic ventilation fan installed in your home. This can translate to lower utility bills and increased AC lifespan.

Prolongs the lifespan of roofs – Are you aware that heat building up in the attic can reduce your roof’s lifespan? It can eventually damage your roof, leading to more costly repairs and replacements.


Not a good replacement for the AC – While an attic ventilation fan can remove hot air building up in your home, it’s not meant to replace the AC. If you want your home to be a little cooler, contact a technician for an air conditioning service installation.

Poor insulation doesn’t help – Attic ventilation fans are meant for homes with good insulation. If your home doesn’t have good insulation, we suggest contacting a professional to help fix the insulation problem for your attic ventilation fan to become even more efficient.

Carbon monoxide risk – Installing attic ventilation fans isn’t ideal if you have gas-powered appliances in your home because they can quickly spread dangerous gas. Should you decide to install the ventilation fan, make sure that you have a carbon monoxide detector installed so you are alerted when there’s a gas leak.

Can be expensive – They can be expensive to install. Speak with a professional to help you determine if having an attic ventilation fan installed would be more beneficial for you.

Entry points for water and pests – If you’re adding vents, make sure they are correctly installed. Otherwise, they only create entry points for pests and water into your home.

Attic ventilation fans are generally beneficial but some homes may not need them. We suggest talking to a technician to help you know your options. Perhaps having an air conditioning service would just suffice.

How Shade Helps the Air Conditioner

Air conditioner shade doesn’t only improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system but it can also increase the lifespan of your unit. The AC’s compressor will run at optimum performance when it’s located in a shaded location that has plenty of space for airflow. Direct sunlight can strain your system and will affect its efficiency.

How can you save money when your AC is in the shade? Imagine this: When the sun beats down on your air conditioner all day, the unit will only work harder to keep you comfortable at home. When it works harder, it means the unit is consuming more energy. It can only lead to costly air conditioning service repairs.

How to shade the air conditioner:

The north side of your home gets the most shade all day even when it’s summer, so when you’re thinking about calling a technician in Mansfield, TX, for an AC installation, ensure you place the unit on the north side.

Plant shrubs and trees – Trees and shrubs don’t only provide shade to your air conditioner but also enhance the property. When your AC is installed on the south side of your home, plant shrubs that can survive when placed in the sun all day.

Install an awning over the AC – If your air conditioner is already installed on the south side of your home, add an awning over the window to protect the air conditioner from direct sunlight. The awning can block off the sun’s heat from beating down on the air conditioner but also from entering your home. Just make sure that the awning doesn’t block the intake and the exhaust functions of your AC.

Keep it away from vegetation – When planting trees or shrubs, make sure they aren’t very close to the AC unit as that can block the free movement of air around the AC. Falling leaves and debris may also clog the AC, making it less efficient.

Don’t restrict airflow – To ensure that your AC stays efficient, ensure that you maintain at least two feet of open space around the AC unit. The awning must also be at least 5 feet above it. When the shade blocks the outflow, the hot air will only stagnate around the AC and that can reduce its efficiency.

How to improve the AC’s efficiency:

Clean the indoor and outdoor coils – Regularly cleaning the coils prevents dust from building up that may affect operation.

Keep the curtains and blinds closed – As mentioned earlier, too much heat will make your AC work harder and this can cost you more money.

Repair air leaks – Check the windows, doors, and roofs for any leaks or drafts. The cooled air can escape to those places. If possible, consider investing in energy-efficient windows and roofs to save money.

Don’t ignore issues – When there’s a refrigerant leak, your AC will not be able to fully cool your home. When this happens, please make sure to contact a technician immediately for an inspection. Our team can thoroughly inspect the unit, give you a proper diagnosis and provide you with the best solutions.

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